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Facing The [Deep State] Beast

The [Deep State] is losing everything. Why? Because the people are no longer accepting their false narrative. The [Deep State] pushed the Great Reset so quickly that they exposed the machinations of their backers among the Central Banks. People could see how these government bureaucrats aimed to use the Green New Deal to shut down our economies, and ruin our productivity, forcing all of us to suffer their more diminished and controlled lives. Harley Schlanger from the La Rouche Organization outlines what’s afoot in an X22 Report Spotlight.

A consuming fire is raging! It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

We are facing a [Deep State] beast. It might not even be one Deep State, but an interlocking series of two or three of them.

Will Trump be back? How many villains like Anthony Fauci will be exposed? Hang on tight! And pray! More from And We Know.


We close with today’s X22 Report. The synopsis: The [Deep State] is now panicking. The patriots are moving forward with the audits and it is spreading to other states. Hunter’s laptop points to [Joe Biden]. Fauci is on the hot seat. The protest on Jan 6 is falling apart as more videos emerge. Trump explains the only way forward. The election fraud must be revealed.


The States Will Lead The Charge

The [Deep State] election plan has failed before it even started. The people already believe the election was stolen. When the truth and facts emerge, it will only confirm their belief. At that point, it won’t matter what the [Deep State] media reports. The people will demand that the cheating government be replaced. The people have always had the choice. They just forgot how much power they actually have. The states will lead the charge. More from the X22 Report.

We are in grave danger. The Republic is in great peril at the very moment the attacks against all of us are ramping up. Multiple doctors have warned that experimentally vaxxed people will be dead in 2-3 years. Military veterans are warning the death of our Republic may come even sooner. More from the SGTReport.


People Must See The Difference

The patriots needed to show everyone everything. The people must see the difference between what the [Deep State] is offering and what the US was meant to be. The people are noticing the difference and patriotism is rising. The [Deep State] narrative is failing. The [Deep State] is now pushing back on the audits. They know if they don’t stop them, it’s game over. If one falls, they all fall. Dan Scavino shows the difference between a President that is for the people and a President who takes orders for the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Patriots worldwide are standing up for truth. Election tensions are rising. Pray! More from And We Know.

MEL K returns to SGT Report to discuss the war against humanity and the sad fact that at least half of the population is unable to even recognize that fact that they are under attack.

Waterfall Of Proofs Coming

Big crowds gathering. What happens when too many people don’t buy what they are selling? What happens when too many people wake up? What happens when they lose control of the digital battlefield? The enemy is retreating and now in survival mode. Together we win! Pray! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather is among the invited guests at the For God And Country Patriot Roundup, happening this coming Memorial Day weekend in Dallas, Texas. Scheduled speakers not only include General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood but also alternative media speakers like Sather and the crew from RedPill78. Here, Sather interviews the organizers of the extravaganza and offers insights on what to expect.

Facebook removes Jerusalem Prayer Team page after it becomes a target of antisemitic propaganda. Who’s to blame? Not the haters, according to Facebook. It’s the founder of the Prayer Team! Let’s look at what’s happening in Israel and how Big Tech and Biden are reacting. Welcome to a new era of hate toward Christians and Jews, presided over by Big Tech and their ally in their White House — Joe Biden. More from Lori Colley.

Shadow Diplomacy

Welcome to the shadow presidency of Barack. He’s the president who didn’t retire after serving his two term but instead tried to act like he had been elected president for life. This arrogant Democratic snob, with his effete ruling class supporters, attempted to illegally derail the presidency of Donald Trump. Of course, the leftist mainstream media joined them in this quest. Here, In Pursuit of Truth gets to the bottom of this tacky and sordid affair.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream media event narrative has lost steam. The narrative is falling apart. The people can see the truth. Everything is being exposed: the corruption, treason and the shadow presidency. During Trump’s presidency Obama shadowed him trying to keep all deals intact. This has failed. There is only one way this can end. Those who knowingly committed treason must be held accountable. More from the X22 Report.

Rolling to remember! President Donald Trump pays tributes to veterans on Memorial Day — those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms. More from And We Know News, also offering some perspective on Sleepy Joe Biden and his sinister Democratic cronies.

We are all starting to realize. The leading “newscasters” we see on television are not at all news professionals, but mostly hacks placed in their positions of power by the CIA. These newscasters are not paid to report the news, but to spin the facts, and even embroil us in lies and subterfuge. Here, The Vincent Vendetta Channel examines one such compromised phony — Anderson Cooper of CNN. He’s certainly not alone. There are many others just like him. Not only on television, but also in the realm of the print media.

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How did the Obama administration weaponize surveillance laws to target Trump? Jennifer Mac discusses the pack of crimes that we call ObamaGate. The mainstream media rarely touches upon these crimes because they never will say anything negative about the bilge-water rat Obama.

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The Fallen Soldier

Others have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could be free. Remember them—today, and always. A moving tribute, written and narrated by former Navy SEAL and author Jocko Willink. More from PragerU.

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is showing signs of losing it. She’s stammering. She’s slow-witted. But if you believe the media, she’s most likely a flawless genius who has been victimized by doctored videos, including ones spread by that bum, Donald Trump. The media just can’t get their heads out of the Democrats’ asses! More from Mark Dice.

Pelosi’s bitching is sparking a backlash. Here,  Artie Muller, founder and executive director of Rolling Thunder, thinks the threat of returning en masse as a response to an impeachment could change some minds in D.C. He says Nancy Pelosi’s family should be investigated. The ‘Rolling Thunder’ ride draws more than 500,000 riders, largely military veterans, each Memorial Day. Its mission is to draw attention to claims that foreign governments have covered up the final fates of Americans who were prisoners of war or declared missing in action. More from the Daily Mail.

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God Bless Our Military

We join the masses across America to pay tribute to the men and women, both past and present, who defend the freedoms we all enjoy. May God bless them all. And may God bless America.

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Promises, Promises

“The White House is under fire for wait times at most VA facilities,” says Jodi Miller. “And the administration promised to get help quickly to all our veterans just as soon as they get around to telling the whole truth on Benghazi.” Miller also features Memorial Day, Jay Rockefeller, Al Sharpton and Obamacare in this edition of NewsBusted.

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