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Texas Irks Hollywood Crybabies

The Hollywood Leftist crybabies are upset again. Are they worried about pedophiles raping children? Of course not.

It’s Texas that gets their goat. And all of the other states, including Idaho and Alabama, now chucking the wuflu nonsense. How dare these states declare their residents no longer need masks.

For more than a year, we’ve allowed states to mandate we wear masks and hide in our basements. Now a lot of people and the states where they live have had enough.

If the Hollywood Leftists are dribbling over that, let them wear triple face masks! More from The Salty Cracker.

Huge Wins For Patriots

Patriots continue to celebrate huge wins across the country, ranging from the elimination of mask mandates in several states to proposed state laws protecting women and children.

Perhaps the most unusual victory comes from South Carolina, where the Legislature is adding death by firing squad as an option to the death penalty. The previous choices were death by lethal injection or the electric chair. But for some crazed reason, the injection is off the table because it has expired! So naturally, those inmates scheduled to be executed are opting for injection. Crazy! Says Riss Flex, “They’re adding the firing squad as an option to the execution method, because they can’t afford to buy more lethal injections. It makes sense, because both (the chair and firing squad) are cheap!”

Tune in as Flex also examines Arizona’s proposed House bill proposing strict punishment for child sex offenders and the Alabama Senate’s ban of treatment for transgenders, among other big wins.

Fight Until The Bitter End

A U.S. Senator-elect, Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville, says he will challenge Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory on grounds that the election was stolen and Biden’s wins are based on fraud. Meanwhile, evidence mounts indicating that America’s nuclear weapons facilities have been hacked. Could this be Armageddon? More from Mr. Obvious.

Tuberville made the announcement while speaking in Georgia. Election chaos continues as Georgia now has announced it will conduct a statewide audit of signatures to see if those on file match the signatures on absentee ballots. If not, ballots could be tossed out, meaning President Donald Trump could still take Georgia’s 16 electoral votes. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

We close with a report from up north in Michigan. Here, Newsmax talks with election security expert Russell Ramsland about how Dominion Voting Systems machine results in Antrim County were flipped from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Ramsland addresses whether this could have occurred in other counties using Dominion machines, and where this line might lead. More from The Salty Cracker.

GOP Faithful: We’ll Fight!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might be pushing a surrender to Joe Biden, but most GOP voters are not at all so inclined. Frankly, we’re angry to see an election that was blatantly fraudulent and deceitful.

Biden did not win the popular vote. He won by massive cheating and ballot stuffing in four cities: Philadelphia. Detroit, Atlanta and Milwaukee. The fake and phony votes from those cities turned four states — Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin — that President Donald Trump actually won.

Instead of kissing the Democrats’ butts, McConnell should be raising holy Hell. We’re not sure why he’s backing down, but we’re glad to see new rising forces in the Republican Party that are preparing to fight and continue to expose the vast corruption and flagrant cheating that marked this so-called “election.”

Here, Steve Turley discusses the efforts of Mo Brooks of Alabama, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky to take a stand on behalf of election integrity. They merit our support. As for you, Mitch, how would you like a rotten banana?

There’s certainly a growing body of evidence to support the notion that President Donald Trump actually won the election. Now, Maria Bartiromo, among the best of the anchors on Fox Business News, cites unnamed intelligence sources who have told her “Trump did, in fact, win the election.” Here, Tim Pool reports on Bartiromo’s comments while also touching upon Rand Paul’s assertions that the election was stolen.

Primaries Show Trump Surge

Never mind the naysaying polls being run by CNN, MSNBC or the rest of the tainted Leftist mainstream media.  We’ve known this bunch to be a baldfaced pack of liars for many years. So why would they turn over a new leaf and start reporting the truth nowadays?

In point of fact, the latest primaries — in Texas, Alabama and Maine — all showed a huge surge of support for President Donald Trump. This is the same as we’ve been seeing through the entire primary season, so look for Trump to romp over the smarmy pedophile creep Joe Biden in November.

The bigger question that remains: Will all of the Democrats’ divisions cost them the House? Can we kick the arrogant Nancy Pelosi off her gold-plated throne? More from Steve Turley.


Trump Vs. Jeff Sessions

President Donald Trump continues to badmouth Jeff Sessions. Dumb idea. Any Conservative worth his salt would support Jeff Sessions for re-election as a US senator from Alabama. And especially Jeff Sessions when the alternative is Tommy Tuberville. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants explains.

Of course, there are opposing viewpoints, including this one offered by RazorFist. He says he doesn’t have a horse in the Alabama race, but does have some fun indulging the Ann Coulter Cringe-A-Thon.  Let’s hear it for Mitt “The Drool Pigeon” Romney!

Celebrity Coded Messages

Since the CCPvirus outbreak started, there’s been a lot going on with our infamous Hollywood celebrities? What can we tell from Tom Hanks, Ellen, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears social media? Are celebrities and famous figures using this virus to their own agenda? What are they trying to hide? Or perhaps, what could they be trying to tell each other? And how does Q and the White Rabbit tie everything together? All this and more on today’s Edge of Wonder!

The level of corruption is severe. Here, President Donald Trump begins to address the fight against human trafficking against women and children. Here, we get an outline of the horrible games that the World health Organization or WHO has been playing in regards to the spread of the coronavirus. This is a biased and shoddy outfit and should not receive so much US funding given how they disregard the facts and allowed the coronavirus to spread even more rapidly.  In other news, China has lifted its lockdown in Wuhan. More from And We Know.

Dr. Birx confirms anyone who dies with coronavirus, regardless of any underlying health conditions, is being counted as a COVID-19 death. In other words, the CDC is inflating the magnitude of the COVID-19 deaths, presumably to frighten the public and keep people staying at home. Is this all an irrational power grab by the lowly, perpetually lying Democrats? US businesses, meanwhile, are beginning to leave China and some are setting up shop in India. More from McAllister TV.

Is the Hidden Enemy directly beneath us? Have they been lurking in tunnels and underground lairs all across the country? Why are Harvard and Yale under investigation for $375 million in secretive funding from Saudi Arabia and China? So who was selling us out? Our own intellectual elites. What does the Owl represent to certain cults? More from JustInformed Talk.

Craig Mason is coming under attack from YouTube, just as everyone else who engaged in “wrong think” or “harmful content.” Here, he offers a look at the day’s latest news, including an interesting conversation between Alabama’s Senatorial hopeful Jeff Sessions with Maria Bartiromo. How come China sends a media representative to our White House press briefings? Speaking of the White House, we have a new press secretary: Kayleigh McEnany.

Pence Addresses COVID-19 Fears

Judge Jeanine Pirro offers an exclusive interview with Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the federal government’s task force to combat the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic. The interview follows Justice Pirro’s opening statement delving into how the Democrats are complaining about President Donald Trump’s efforts to corral the coronavirus.

These are the same Democrats who complained when he stopped incoming flights from China and who sought to open US borders without checkpoints. Many even voted against legislation pertaining to the coronavirus after they failed at efforts to attach a bunch of superfluous spending proposals to the emergency bill. In other words, as always, the Democrats are flat-out liars and con artists.

On another health matter, Diamond and Silk discuss a new piece of legislation, introduced by Democrats in Alabama, that would require men over the age of 50 to get a vasectomy. Now, they not only want to stop teenage sex, but also sex and procreation in your Golden Years! These Democrats never are satisfied. They will always try to control and patrol the masses!

To Be Blunt

In Pursuit of Truth introduces us to Christoper Sign, an ABC news anchor from Alabama and author of the new book Secret On the Tarmac. This is a book exploring the secret conversation that brought together former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton. No, this was not a chance meeting. And, yes, bribes or at least offers were extended. It was not merely an informal discussion about grand kids or golf, as Lynch has attested. The audio recording likely exists, most likely in the hands of the FBI. As Q notes, “When do birds sing.” Everyone knows the answer: In the spring. So look for a hot spring and summer.

Also here: Alan Dershowitz discusses former President Barack Obama taking orders from George Soros and steering the Democratic Party to the wishes of the former Nazi. So what can you say? The Democrats aren’t Democratic! Of course, when have they ever been!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are pushing new stories to get ahead of what is coming. This will fail. The MSM/[DS] are prepared and ready to spin the truth, but this will fail. Attorney General William Barr needed the correct optics and now we see why. The MSM/[DS] are pushing their list of “officials” who say Barr should resign. This is meaningless. This is for show. It is not a grassroots uprising of officials. The Patriots are now moving in for the kill. The attacks, the stories, the officials, the events are going to increase. It is going to be a long, hot spring and summer.More from the X22 Report.

Remember when Bill Clinton was just hanging around on the tarmac at the airport so he could jump onto Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s government plane to have a friendly conversation about golf, Brexit and their grandchildren? Well, what if I told you that a tape of that conversation exists and it’s about to be made public? Let’s take a closer look…More from RedPill78.

Lori Colley says lots to look at with new Q. Among the items she discusses: How George Soros lorded it over the Democratic Party, even telling former President Barack Obama what to do and who to harass. Sources are saying it was Soros who called upon Obama to engage in illegal eavesdropping and spying upon US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whom Soros feared might be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016. Als, here, Colley offers a summary of WINNING from last week.

Spiro Skouras joins the SGTReport to discuss Covid-19, the viral pandemic which has ground the Chinese economy to a halt and which has the potential to crash the global economy.

Looking Ahead To 2020

The New York Times says 2019 election results “reflected the country’s increasingly contentious politics and widening rural-urban divide.” Pundits clamor to claim what the results in Kentucky, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Alabama portend for President Trump’s reelection hopes. Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott reviews what the 2019 results really mean for Trump 2020.

NOTE: Scott Ott apologizes for his off-the-cuff revisionist history in this episode. Elbridge Gerry was actually a Governor, not a representative, who oversaw the redistricting effort that produced, among other things, a congressional district that one newspaper editor thought looked like a salamander, giving rise to the term “gerrymander”. [Stay tuned for Scott Ott’s forthcoming podcast — Mostly True History — available exclusively for Microsoft Zune.]

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