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Biden Achieves Lowest Approval

Joe Biden ACHIEVES Lowest Approval Rating Ever and other exciting breaking news to scare you! More from We Lie To You News with AwakenwithJP.

Woke Backfire

The NBA won’t force basketball players to take the jab but referees and staff must. More from The Salty Cracker.

A Woke Lebron James

Comedian David Chappelle ponders the woke conundrum of what it actually means to be equal in this gut-splitting stroll into the lighter side of life.

Says Chappelle, “Say Lebron James changed his gender. Can he stay in the NBA or, because he’s a woman, does he have to go to the WNBA, where he’ll score 840 points a game?” Tune in, as Chappelle challenges the woke culture and offers a funny anecdote about comedy favorite Louis C.K. Video, courtesy of Avvin a Laff.

Democrats Nuked Themselves

Major League Baseball just pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, complaining about Georgia’s new laws aimed at stopping voting fraud and upholding election integrity. We happen to support Georgia’s voter ID efforts. Elections should not be subject to widespread fraud, and settled based on phony ballots hauled into counting centers after midnight.

2020 was the year America saw our elections turn into full-scale Latin American travesties. Several states where President Donald Trump led — Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, among them — all saw dramatic shifts after post-midnight recounts.

This is how elections in Venezuela and Mexico have been settled for many years. It’s not a system rooted in true democracy, but rather outright vote rigging and fraud.

How does MLB figure into this affair? Tim Pool says the baseball league was looking for any excuse to pull out of Atlanta and go to a new site, Denver, Colorado, where the league can reap higher profits. The baseball executives, including MLB’s head charlatan Rob Manfred, are only suceeding in punishing the poor, mostly black residents, of Atlanta, while rewarding a bunch of rich, white, dope smoking counterparts in Colorado.

You can call that social justice. We call it what it is: Chicanery!

Major League Baseball is experiencing a massive backlash as sports fans reject the crass relocation of the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado. You have to wonder if MLB even represents American interests any longer or whether it’s just another woke front for the Chinese, the same as Hollywood and other pro sports leagues, including the NFL and NBA. Many of us are longtime sports fans, but we have had enough. You suppress our rights and play these dirty games, you deserve a monster backlash! More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Charles Barkley Unleashed

Former NBA star Charles Barkley called out the culture of division in our social justice system during a segment of the Final Four telecast over the weekend. Now a TV analyst for TBS, the Hall of Famer tore into the political establishment for dividing and conquering the public, while they rob us blind. “I truly believe that in my heart,” Barkley says.

InfoWars’ host Alex Jones, who featured the segment in his Sunday podcast says, “Of course it’s true.” He pointed to the Secretary of Defense, who has basically come out since being confirmed and proclaiming that all white people are bad. Same sentiment with the Asian owner of the Los Angeles Times.

Jones expands on his take, plus delivers a stunning  revelation that in the two years before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were researching gain-of-function testing on SARS, COVID and coronavirus in North Carolina. They subsequently moved the research to the infamous lab in Wuhan, China, where the COVID pandemic allegedly originated. Here’s more with Jones.

Shut Up About Politics, Lebron!

The ridiculous era of wokeness has finally caught up with NBA superstar Lebron James, whose getting some pushback from fellow athletes. Swedish soccer legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic tore into the Los Angeles Lakers star’s often woke Leftist rhetoric, basically telling him to shut up about politics! Others have voiced their opinions, too, advising Lebron to stay in his lane and just dribble.

The apparently sensitive James didn’t take kindly to the criticism and shot back, “I am kind of the wrong guy to go at. I speak from an educated mind.” Meanwhile, “big-brained” James is louder than ever on social media, extolling the virtues of Black Lives Matter, dealing a blow to white supremacy and, oh yeah, he’s in the tank with the Chinese Communist Party.  Never mind that he has no interest in helping the impoverished youth in nearby Compton, or voicing his support for black-owned business. He’s basically a fraud, and a lamebrained one at that. Here’s more with Salty Cracker.

Cuban Bans National Anthem

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks National Basketball Association franchise, has banned the playing of the National Anthem at his team’s home games. Guess it’s no longer the “National” Basketball Association. Probably now the “Communist” Basketball Association, seeing as how it’s a Cuban behind the banning! More from Steve Turley.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The NBA apparently was taken aback by Cuban’s announcement and quickly declared that the Dallas Mavericks, along with all other NBA teams, must play the National Anthem before home games.)

NBA Commies Going Broke

The National Basketball Association commies gave us basketball on Christmas Day and, lo and behold, saw their audience share shrink by 21 percent. The moral of the story: NBA, cram your stinking Globalist politics. Get back to work and dribble the ball, or else shut up and learn to code! More from The Salty Cracker.

Stop Paying For Lefty Lectures

The Left has turned our once non-political sources of entertainment into a virtue-signaling nightmare. From Teen Vogue endorsing socialism to Oprah phone-banking for a Democrat voting organization, it seems no one can escape their grasp.

Blaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow argues that you do have a choice: Don’t fund what you don’t believe in. Look no further than the decline of the NBA. The free market can fix this. Here’s more from Wilkow.

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Why Are NBA Ratings Tanking?

NBA basketball finals ratings have hit a record low. Lebron James is a big part of the problem. So are people fed up with all the Black Lives Matter promotions. More from Ramzpaul.

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