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Flex: Missing Children Story BS!

Riss Flex says the chilling mystery of nearly 30 children gone missing from the Cleveland area is bullshit!

Flex says the story broke on Friday, revealing that parents reported 27 children missing in the Cleveland area between May 2-16, though not one Amber Alert was triggered. But that didn’t prevent the frenzied mainstream media from going nuts on the coverage.

That led Flex to crunch the numbers of missing children in Ohio and what she found was fake news! “This story is below average. The entire nation got tricked,” Flex says. “They just want you to be scared. That’s what the media is there for. They want to keep you in a constant state of terror.” She explains further.

End Of The U.S. Empire?

Lee Camp reports the ruling elites are giving up, coming out and proclaiming we are rapidly nearing the end of the U.S. empire.

While Camp admits some of the info is genuine in what the elites believe, a good portion of their gibberish is nonsense and pure propaganda, especially when you consider sources, such as Deep State minions Henry Kissinger and Fiona Hill. Here’s his report.

You’ll Love How This Flick Ends

The [Deep State] is now struggling. The American people are not going along with their agenda. Companies are losing profits and the people are rejecting them. They are trying to get the narrative back but this is going to fail.

Treason doesn’t pay well in the end and Hunter Biden is now in the hot seat. They will be going through his financials and the laptop is in play. The people are learning who and what the invisible enemy is and they are learning how to fight back. The people are going to love how this movie ends. More from the X22 Report.

Old Guard In Free Fall!

The Old Guard continues to fall! Human trafficking exposed. Immoral insanity. They don’t want you asking questions. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

The Collapse Of Babylon

Are we witnessing the collapse of Babylon? How else explain the drastic moves by the Deep State and its fake news allies to bolt the hatches and tighten the decks? They are preparing for a total breakdown of their phony narrative. Now, they are working hard to construct a new story line and stop any more bleeding. Doubtful it will work, but they’ve got no choice but to try.

Here’s And We Know to discuss their embarrassing predicament. Maybe they should try telling the truth for a change. Nah! Doesn’t fit these rotten characters.

Destroyed One Truth At A Time

The [Deep State] empire is now being exposed and destroyed one truth at a time. The evidence is coming out that Biden and the [Deep State] pushed to conceal [Hunter Biden] laptop, which interfered in the elections.

The future is now proving the past. The people are seeing those who tell lies and those who tell the truth.  With the truth continually being released, the only route for the [Deep State] is war to try to cover all of this up. The patriots are counting on this and this is exactly where the [Deep State] is bringing us. More from the X22 Report.

Patriots Dropping The Hammer

The [Deep State] is scrambling now. The evidence that is pouring out is getting worse and worse. The patriots will push an impeachment. Will the [Deep State] react and take Joe Biden out using the 25th Amendment?

The Fauci files were released and most likely this is just the start. The patriots are now dropping the hammer on the [Deep State]. All movies playing at the same time. The people are waking up in droves. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

Where’s Hunter? President Joe Biden’s wayward son, that is. As the scandal heats up around the Bidens and the wads of bills this crime family made from overseas nations, we look toward the Republicans in the U.S. House to help prove the Biden crimes, and hopefully, set the stage for a change in administration.

Also in this edition: Whistleblowers, fake news and future proves past. Pray! More from And We Know.

Informed Public Holds The Keys

An informed public holds all the keys. No longer can we rely on the powers that be to tell us the truth. They lie constantly.

Their public relation campaigns are grounded upon lies. Look at the massive baloney they spewed to convince so many public to take the death-dealing vaccine shots.

We are now in the midst of fighting back, restoring the truth, and bringing to justice the liars and criminals. More from And We Know.

Pentagon Leaker Arrested

Alleged Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira was arrested at his home on suspicion of disclosing classified national security documents.

Is Hunter Biden running country? The President’s son corrects him on more than one occasion on his trip to Ireland.

Former President Donald Trump sues Michael Cohen for $500 million dollars and Cohen responds. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

The Washington Post and New York Times once were considered hallowed examples of America’s free press. Now, these two institutions have morphed into docile service agencies doing investigative work on behalf of Joe Biden and his corrupt leftist administration.  Here, in a video partially labeled “Doing the FBI’s Work For Them,” Glenn Greenwald explores this strange trajectory and what it means for a dystopic future.

The Swamp Is Fighting Back

The [Deep State] did not get what they wanted. They did not get the propaganda show so now they are using the fake indictments to drag it out through the Presidential election. This is called election interference.

All evidence shows that Trump did nothing wrong. Trump needed this to happen so he could inject evidence legally. The swamp will continue to fight. This is their only option. They know they don’t have many moves left. More from the X22 Report.