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Trump Accepts Rogan Debate

Can you imagine a four-hour presidential debate hosted by Joe Rogan? One thing’s certain: Even lasting four hours, it would blow away the audience size for the conventional presidential debates orchestrated by the mainstream media.

Presidential Donald Trump has agreed to take part in just such a debate hosted by Rogan. But, of course, Joe Biden has not accepted, and it’s highly doubtful he ever will.

He’s only going to survive the regular debates if the cheating press leaks him the questions. Undoubtedly, they will, just like they did for the Satanist slut Hillary Clinton. More from Styxhexenhammer666.



Democrats Leaving The Party

A new poll from Gallup has Trump at +1 approval and Emerson has him at +4, giving him the highest aggregate polling numbers of his presidency.

One of the reasons for the massive jump in approval is that Democrats are no longer identifying as Democrats and many are quitting the party. After Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech, we heard many angry callers into C-Span complaining of the Democrats and her behavior. They all said they would quit the party.

Of course, then we see pundits claiming Trump won last night’s Democratic Debate in Nevada. The candidates are just too far left for the average American. This is in line with other trends we have seen and campaigns like the Walk Away campaign. Media is trying to claim it’s just Russians and that it’s fake news but the data doesn’t lie.

Not only are Democrats losing party members over far left policy but many are showing up to Trump rallies in huge numbers. If you don’t believe it’s happening just remember Jeff Van Drew, a Democratic congressman who switched parties and is now a Republican. More from Tim Pool.

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Can Romney Go 3 and 0?

Like the Detroit Tigers sweeping the New York Yankees, can Mitt Romney go 3 and 0 by taking tonight’s foreign policy debate from President Obama? Pundit Dick Morris thinks Romney could well run the table, having gotten inside Obama’s psyche and undermined his confidence in the first two debates.

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