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Eminem’s Writer

Steven Crowder and Owen Benjamin seek to find the source of Eminem’s rap.

We Live in a Clown World

So Hillary Clinton is falling down in India. But, hey, it doesn’t matter: She’s not the President!

The Truth Factory touches on Hillary’s battle with gravity, as well as rapper Eminem’s NRA fantasies.

Poor Little Eminem

Eminem is not happy that Trump is ignoring him since he’s not important. The rap star just can’t believe Trump isn’t anxiously hanging onto everything Eminem has to say. What a whiner, so fragile. Mark Dice reports.

Eminem: Crooning Like Jailbird

The Truth Factory weighs in on Eminem and his video attacking President Donald Trump. We’ll go further. We understand the FBI is investigating Eminem for consorting with a minor provided to him by Jeffrey Epstein. That’s right. Eminem could be just another celebrity pedophile. So don’t be surprised if soon enough, he’s singing like a jailbird. Regardless, he is vile and a filthy scum.

And, as long as we’re on the subject, here’s Millie Weaver’s rap in response to the Illuminati fat cat.



Hey, Arrogant Celebrities

Tomi Lahren shares her thoughts on the arrogant celebrities going out of their way to offend supporters of President Donald Trump. Yes, we’re talking about clowns like Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers and Eminem. These turkeys couldn’t do a better job offending and pissing off those of us who voted for President Trump. Now, it’s time for all of us to return the favor. Don’t  listen to or buy Eminem’s music, and be sure to turn off the late-night shows of brain-dead scum like Myers and Kimmel. The best way to get even is to boycott the Liberal and Leftwing media.

Left Can’t Stop Losing

So much Liberal lunacy, it’s hard to keep up. Candace Owens offers her thoughts on Harvey Weinstein, Eminem and the Leftists’ latest push for gun control. More from Red Pill Black.


Eminem Has Change of Heart

You cannot stump the Trump. Watch as Eminem bows to his true master, the Donald. Even rap retards occasionally can glean the truth.

Steven Crowder and Owen Benjamin rip Eminem’s viral anti-Trump BET “cypher”.

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