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Netflix Spreads The Truth

It is from Netflix and called Inside Job. I don’t have Netflix. I don’t even have television so I don’t have to avoid this kind of garbage but this was brought to my attention so here it is. An interesting thing to find out there in fake TV land. Make of it what you will. More from Jim Crenshaw.


Can He Build A Deck?

A former Netflix Employee tries to get a job. More from Ryan Long.


Symbolism Behind Squid Game

Revelation of the method. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Why You Should Turn Off Netflix

From Sigmund Freud to Edward Bernays to Marc Bernays Randolph, the anti-human propaganda agenda continues on in the modern era. Marc Bernys Randolph was the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Freud was Randolph’s great grand-uncle, as was Bernys, the pioneer in the field of propaganda. More from Banned.Video in a video called The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix.



Pedophile Network Exposed

Mouthy Buddha exposes a massive pedophile network. Learn how the controversial Netflix film Cuties relates to this network. We’ll give you a clue. Many of the raunchy images can be found on a web portal called “The Cutie Garden.”

Yes, it seems the term “cutie” is favored by pedophiles to describe young girls who slather pedo fantasies. The young girls might be pictured doing everyday tasks, but the pedophiles see them differently, using quite sick, if imaginative words. Also, Mouthy Buddha recounts some improvements in how the Russian search engine deals with pedophiles.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring the pedophiles and the children? Join a conversation with MelDigs on the CirstenW Channel.

Total Massacre At Netflix

We destroyed Netflix over its Cuties trash. Subscribers continue to flee. Cancellations are up 800 percent over the past month. The stock price is imploding. More from The Salty Cracker.

Thirteen Vs. Cuties

Since everyone is talking about Cuties (French: Mignonnes) directed by French-Senegalese Maïmouna Doucouré, I thought I’d give my two cents as I work in the movie industry as well and have been a longtime lover of films, especially the artistic, metaphoric ones, full of cinematography & depth. I approached the topic from this point of view at first but ultimately, I found way too many faults with the directing & camera work to count this as “a European movie Americans just don’t get”. I understand the message but in the end, it got too lost in all the extra stuff people behind the camera were doing.More from Barbara4U2C.

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In  an episode of her video series “Under the Hood” called Pedoflix, Natly Denise explores this growing expanse of child pornography. Who is behind it? How far does it reach? What are the connections between filmmakers, producers, distributors or viewing platforms like Netflix and festivals like Sundance?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has censored and removed this episode of Natly Denise’s podcast. In its absence, we present her earlier work from August on Sexualized Toys).

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Cuties And Useful Idiots

The Cabal of Global Oligarchs is losing control of the narrative they’ve kept under wraps for so long and the cover-upperers have gone berzerk in their effort to hide what they are doing. In this video, I look at the latest anti-anti-human trafficking pieces from the media, as well as the reaction to a new, revolting Netflix film. More from Amazing Polly.

Netflix Cancellations Up 800%

The first reports are in, and they are devastating to Netflix. The firm has seen its cancellations rise by 800 percent since it released the documentary Cuties. This comes as the evidence mounts: Cuties might bill itself as a documentary, but the appeal of the film lies strictly with pedophiles and porn fanatics. More from The Quartering.

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Netflix Loses 9 Billion Dollars!

Was it worth it Netflix? 9 Billion Dollars in a single day to do what exactly? That’s One Expensive “Documentary!” Netflix is at #1 and they’ve specially discounted to $2.59 a month on the 2 Years subscription + 3 months FREE. This could get worse before it gets better for Netflix. No, they are not protecting free expression, just serving as a pimp for pedophiles. More from The Quartering.

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