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Rand Paul Rips Fauci

Lovely Warren, a Democratic mayor from Rochester, New York, was arrested on gun and drugs charges. Rand Paul destroys Fauci during testimony, Hungary responds to Soros’ hit piece and another Trump associate gets indicted. More from RedPill78.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, grills Dr. Anthony Fauci — to a crisp. More from Jordan Sather in a new episode of Destroying the Illusion.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is spending $13.5 million, in grant money from the Rockefeller Foundation, to censor what Murthy calls “health misinformation.” Can you imagine if this creep, or the bigger creeps behind him, spent as much time or money fighting child trafficking?

Meanwhile, lawsuits are announced to sue Twitter, Google/YouTube, Twitter and other Big Tech outlets joining this campaign to strip away our Bill of Rights and our freedoms safeguarded by the U.S. Constitution. In announcing the lawsuits, attorney Thomas Renz said there have been at least 45,000 deaths resulting from coronavirus vaccine injections within the United States. More from And We Know.


Move Slowly, and Carefully

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has just been exposed. The idea that there is no such thing as election fraud and that the election systems are secure has just been debunked. Georgia held a hearing and now the Georgia lawmakers are looking into the ballots. The entire election scam is falling apart and those who [knowingly] participated are feeling the heat. Tick tock. Time is running out. More from the X22 Report.

The Obama Admin was funding Al Qaeda. Josh Hawley announces his intention to block the Electoral vote, just like the Dems did in 2016. Pence cancels his trip to Israel on the 6th. Nancy Pelosi and Republican traitor Mitch McConnell are working together to STOP the electoral objection. More from RedPill78.

In Pursuit of Truth does another one of his celebrated Two Minutes of Truth. This 2MoT introduces a printing plant from Rochester, New York, that just burnt to the ground. The only trouble: Where did all the printing equipment go? Inquiring minds are waiting.

Minnesota Voters Are Livid

An 11th-hour, politically motivated maneuver from Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz and Attorney General Keith Ellison turned a prospective monster Trump rally in Rochester into what could of been mistaken as a typical Biden-Harris event. With a crowd estimated at 30,000 stranded outside the venue, Waltz limited the rally to 250 people, citing COVID-19 concerns. Acknowledging the huge crowd as American patriots, President Trump admonished Waltz and Ellison as radical Democrats.

Journalist Raymond Arroyo, a frequent contributor to Fox News, spoke with livid voters who were shut out of the event and the mood was understandably testy. Said one female voter from Minneapolis, “It’s classic. Gov. Waltz is trying to shut down Trump, he’s trying to shut down America and he has shut down Minnesota. So why let something be successful and let people have freedom.” Another was terse in his response: “Let’s get rid of him,” he said of Waltz. “We want our state back.” Here’s more of Arroyo’s interaction with the crowd.

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Mayor Faces Election Charges

Rochester, N.Y., Mayor Lovely Warren is facing grand jury charges involving campaign finance violations. Warren reacted angrily to the charges. More from Kip Simpson.

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A Democratic mayoral candidate faked her own kidnapping to gain sympathy on Facebook live. She is Sabrina Belcher of Sumter, South Carolina. More from Sinatra Says.

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China Stifles, Silences Its Critics

Chinese professor, Xu Zhangrun wrote “Viral Alarm: When Fury Overcomes Fear,” an essay critique of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Xi Jingping. In it he writes about the failures of communism and promotes freedom and a true Republic of China in response to the Coronavirus disaster. All of Xu Zhangrun’s social media accounts have been shut down and since publishing his essay he has not been heard from. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says the death toll for coronavirus has now reached almost 1,800. And that’s just in the official totals: We know the virus totals have not been accurately reported by the Chinese. Concerns are growing. Does the medical establishment have enough text kits? How will doctors and nurses endure if their case loads double or triple, and if they are working under the stress of treating such an infectious virus?

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Good updates on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic (aka covid-19) are becoming harder to obtain as governments tighten their grip on news sources. The data being shared, particularly by the Chinese, are increasingly hard to believe, as they don’t match the massive response the government is undertaking. Likewise, outside of China, reported cases remain lower than we would expect given the powerful R0 (i.e., infectiousness) of the virus, as well as its long asymptomatic incubation period.

`Are we being intentionally kept in the dark? Quite possibly. Chris Martenson walks through the possible reasons why, and points to the stock markets as a prime example of disinformation. They’re currently being used to send an “everything is fine” signal, while in reality, the global economy is taking multiple gut punches from the disruption of the many supply chains dependent on China’s (currently quarantined) workers.

Is this current period of puzzling silence from officials the calm before the storm?

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Here, US Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, outlines his position that the coronavirus did not originate at a seafood market, but rather at the Chinese virology lab in Wuhan. He says China’s attempts to delay and bury information about the virus has compounded its severity, resulting in far greater loss of lives and lack of clarity.  Cotton discusses these bombshell revelations Sunday on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News.

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Jason Bermas discusses a possible breakout of coronavirus in upstate New York, in the vicinity of Buffalo and Rochester. Has the virus already begun its march across the United States? Will we see the same kinds of rampages that have occurred in China, including quarantines, military checkpoints, curfews and regional breakouts of the virus? Will the media lie about the impact or give us the truth?

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