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Who’ll Enter Trump Quicksand?

Fake MAGA exposed! Brilliant move from Trump! Enemy election psyop is here! Amazing show! More from And We Know.

Q Is Baaack!

More than a year and one-half after going silent, and on the evening of the Supreme Court’s historic abortion ruling, Q IS BAAACK! Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that Post 4954 on 8kun, the official Q board, reads: “Shall we play a game once more?”–the first communication from Q since Dec. 8, 2020. CPN shifts into analysis mode on the post, plus two others, and also gives his take on the SCOTUS decision.

America First Is Unstoppable

A winding tale of political intrigue and MAGA overcoming the deep state Democrat machine, even the RINO establishment! America First is taking over! Here, learn of a New Mexico election audit, and see how Marc Elias is thrown to the wolves. More from RedPill78.

Will Durham Go All The Way?

Joe DiGenova joins Sebastian Gorka and breaks down John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State. DiGenova, a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, also gives his thoughts if Durham can get the job done. More from America First with Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka also interviewed Kash Patel, who called the so-called Russia Hoax “the biggest scam in American history.” One of the main players in the fight against the Steele Dossier & Deep State, Patel joined Gorka to discuss John Durham’s process in trying to take down the Deep State.

The Orders They Never Divulge

Panic in DC. The [Deep State] knows that the people are catching on. The people no longer believe their lies. People are not following the mandate. Schiff panics wants Guantanamo prison closed now. He knows what’s coming. Devolution is moving forward. Military compartmentalized. Operators are dialed-in. They divulge the mission. Less than 10 know the plan. Only 3 are non military. Reconcile. The only way forward is the military. More from the X22 Report.

Here, TRUreporting does a deep dive, explaining devolution in its entirety. What is the actual plan and how would it be carried out by the U.S. military or its various arms, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency or DIA? Would former President Donald Trump be involved and could he return into office? What about talk of Chinese spies who have defected to the United States and brought word of the virus leaking from a lab in Wuhan? Youn can find answers to all of these and many other pertinent questions here.

America First In Arizona

America First has taken over the GOP in Arizona and those not on the train are being replaced or are resigning. Says Martin Brodel, “That’s going on all around the country. People are fed up and we are fighting back.”

And just because this stuff is not front and center on mainstream media, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Brodel says President Trump and the White Hats, including our military, are busy behind the scenes and doing a lot of things. Stay tuned for some shocking revelations. Here’s more with Brodel, who also reports that the Biden Administration is taking aim on the suburbs with a flurry of regulations, the Left’s obsession with cancel culture, the changing face of the criminal justice system and border-crossing smugglers openly advertising on Facebook.

Traitors From Within

Beware of the RINOs among us. They’re devious, conniving and traitorous, and these rats are jumping ship. Red Elephants host Vincent James says the America First Movement has warned us about these individuals for a while–smooth talkers such as Dan Crenshaw and his sympathy seeking eyepatch, faux conservative Ben Shapiro, network contributor Charlie Kirk or blogger Matt Walsh, all of them traitors in our midst.

These people, and many like them, have been disguised as Trump supporters, populists and nationalists. Truth is, they have a flawed understanding of what conservatism really is. Says James, “Many people in this country have been convinced to think conservatism is the defense of liberty or this post-enlightenment version of conservatism, or libertarianism, basically classic liberalism.”

Many of these RINOs showed their true colors in 2016 and now that they deem it too costly to support Trumpism, they’re bailing at a record pace. Join James for more commentary in the following video, presented by Free Your Mind.

The Battle of Mount Rushmore

The story of the United States has diverged into two different narratives: the #HeroicNarrative and the #VillainousNarrative. These narratives are important because they are what inspire people to action. Trump is an avid proponent of the Heroic Narrative, where the radical left is convinced of the Villainous Narrative. Only one can prevail. More from Akkad Daily.

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Steve Turley says President Donald Trump set a trap for the Far Left with the Mount Rushmore speech. Of course, they took the bait. Our enemy is not composed of of the brightest bulbs on the Planet!

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How the FBI Framed Flynn

Conservative, political commentator John Solomon reveals the timeline of how the FBI and its Director James Comey used any means necessary to destroy the career of National Security Advisor-nominee Michael Flynn. Appearing on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” radio program, Solomon details how recently released texts and emails show that the FBI’s investigation of Flynn came to a dead-end in January 2017, with a recommendation from the field agent that the case be closed. Enter corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok, who revived the case and the frame-job that led to Flynn’s demise. Solomon elaborates on the juicy details and also opines on the mounting troubles of Democrat presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Time To Save America

The patriots are now putting everything in place of the next phase of the plan. The world is watching. It is time to save America. Patriots will no longer be silent. This is a war with an invisible enemy and we will win. More from the X22 Report.

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Black Conservative Patriot recounts the first successful launch of a satellite by the new US Space Force, an arm of the Air Force. Also in this episode: How did the FBI cover up the contents of Antony Weiner’s laptop? This includes content revealed in newly declassified documents. Also, rumors are growing that Andrew Cuomo will replace Joe Biden at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

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Crrow777 joins SGTReport to discuss the end game. A $2.2 Trillion “stimulus” package on the back of yet another manufactured crisis – will the end game bring us back to a gold backed Dollar or lead us into a one world global currency?

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