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Who Is This Man? 2

Today we explore a man who identifies as an alien. More from JoeyBToonz.


You’ve heard of SIMs. Now we have SIMPs. Those are Suckas Idolizing Mediocre Pussy. With so many SIMPs around, we now have a dumpster fire representing Western masculinity. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Barbasol Shave: Smokin’

Watch Barbasol’s commercial for its shaving cream. We have used Barbasol for several years now and have always found it far superior to Gillette. Now, we’re even more sold on Barbasol. We not only plan to use it the rest of our lives. We’ll be singing its praise — in public.

Gillette, as far as we’re concerned, is dead — forever. We don’t plan to buy it again or support Procter & Gamble after the snide comments of its CEO David S. Taylor. Screw the pooch, you arrogant jackass!

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On Louder with Crowder, WWE’s A.J. Styles debunks the notion of “toxic masculinity” presented in the Gillette commercial. The wrestling legend gets real about manhood, how Gillette’s ad completely misunderstood men, and the best way to handle bullies.

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The NPCs support Gillette’s fight to outlaw toxic masculinity, but how will they respond when they get their own rude comeuppance?

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Hunter Avallone has some fun lampooning the commercial. When a company misses the mark as widely as Gillette, it deserves an avalanche of criticism.

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Mr. Reagan created a parody of the Gillette ad, incorporating the Leftist propaganda generated by Native drummer Nathan Phillips and his foaming-at-the-mouth Black Hebrew Israelite allies.  Where do Leftists find these groups?

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Finally, Ezra Levant of The reports: After their advertisement attacking masculinity, I’ve decided to stop buying Gillette razors. He says, “I honestly haven’t thought about what kind of razor I used in decades. Not since the last century. But then I saw that now infamous ad by Gillette pop up on Twitter. It’s less than two minutes long, but that’s still very long for an ad, in an era of 30-second or even 5-second ads.

“This ad (or “short film,” as Gillette calls it) was directed by a young feminist woman named Kim Gehrig. Imagine having a middle aged male direct an ad for tampons. Why would you do that? Unless you were doing that for a very special reason, on purpose — and the purpose wasn’t to sell razors…”

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