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Winter Blackouts Coming

Josh Sigurdson reports that 25 percent of Americans face intermittent winter blackouts, as the energy grid crumbles at the seams, thanks to the Biden Administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies. He also reports on the Cabal’s Great Reset agenda and the early stages of food rationing across the globe. More from World Alternative Media.

False Flag Blackouts Immiment

As we witness the controlled collapse of the supply chain, along with the destruction of the fuel and energy supplies, false flag blackouts can’t be too far behind.

Josh Sigurdson reports that the power grid in the United States, both on the West and East coasts, are facing a potential collapse this summer. Meanwhile, in Europe, several countries are facing a doomsday scenario, as Russian gas runs out and will be cut dry. And, Sigurdson says, this is all meant to scare people into compliance and into a new system. Here’s more.

Energy Blackouts Coming

Technocrats rejoice. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Putin Is Exposing It All

Harley Schlanger is a historian and national spokesman. He has been covering the financial industry since the 80s. You can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization.

Harley begins the conversation talking about how Germany is struggling with an energy crisis and the people might see a blackout. The Ukraine war is not what the media is broadcasting, Putin is in full control.

Putin is exposing it all and the [Deep State] is panicking. The [Deep State] is trapped and the the economic system is being transitioned into a new system. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

The Truth Is Growing

Compliance and silence enables tyrants! Protests grow in Melbourne, Australia, and elsewhere across the globe. Remember that the truth is growing! Huge movements represent a turning point! Pray! More from And We Know.

It’s time to leave big cities, especially metropolitan areas in screwed-up states like California and New York. Not only will there likely be blackouts in some of these cities, but also increasing and rampant crime as the Democrats continue to try to destroy police departments and bring in more illegal aliens to bolster their shrinking poll numbers.

Michael Jaco issues these stern warnings in his latest video. He says those of us who have not taken the jab can no longer rely upon the jabberdodos. Some will begin to get sick. Others will become more paranoid and cannot be trusted, even family members who were formerly close.

The good news? Lawsuits are now hammering those pushing these flimsy and harmful vaccines. Thus, the mandates are failing or, at least, getting stalled. Jaco also discusses a surge in volcanic activity across the globe.

Court cases and legal wrangling dominate the latest Destroying the Illusion video from Jordan Sather. He not only discusses the arrest of former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, but also the outrageous posturing by the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Alex Jones losing a defamation lawsuit over the Sandy Hook false flag and the forthcoming trial of Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

We’ve also seen some ugly back-and-forth involving former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, attacked for his homosexuality by talk show host Stew Peters and Wendy Rogers, the Arizona legislator leading the decertification charge. We’ve run quite a bit from Stew Peters, but frankly, he’s out of line busting Grenell’s chops.

Otherwise, Sather brings us up to date on the latest covid-19 baloney as well as touching upon new wrinkles involving UFOs.


Corruption So Deep And Severe

The [Deep State] is now pushing everything they have. All assets are now deployed. As the [Deep State] pushes their agenda, the people see them encroaching on their rights. They see how they are dictators. Each move the [Deep State] makes will make it worse for them. The system is so corrupt that there is only one way. The storm is approaching and they know it, and they are moving as fast as they can to control the people. They are preparing blackouts, riots, all for the storm. Trump and the patriots have planned this from the beginning. This is war, an information war, and it will not end until the [Deep State] is brought to justice. More from the X22 Report.


Game Over For The Deep State

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is trying everything to stop the audits. They have deployed all assets. Once the information starts to hit the public realm, the [Deep State] will move into overdrive and try to block it all. Most likely we will have a communication blackout. At this point it will be an all-out information war. Once the people have learned that they do not have a voice and that elections were controlled, it is game over for the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Trump takes aim at social media, speaks in present tense and says “Free Speech has been taken away from the President…” Which one is he talking about? Let’s look at the continued Social Media censorship, proof of rigging and the tenacity of a man who will not give up. More from Lori Colley.

Is it possible to wear a BLM shirt and be an impartial Juror in the Chauvin Trial? No, I didn’t think so either. More from RedPill78.

Deep State Preparing Blackout

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing exactly what the patriots want them to do. Everything is coming together. To be blunt, soon we will see game over. Trump put everything into place with the pandemic and now the military is doing exactly what he wants. The [Deep State] is getting ready to cyber attack Russia. This is all about shutting down central communication when the evidence starts to come out. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we take a look at the state of law enforcement in New York City. The people are being asked to stop crime. In Wisconsin, a Democrat official had access to absentee ballots before the election. Bad news for the Bidens. Twitter sues Texas and Wyoming is open for business. More from RedPill78.

Is another major war ahead in the Middle East? Here’s what you need to know about Joe Biden and his cozy relationship with the military industrial complex. More from JustInformed Talk.

Jordan Sather indulges in some pot stirring while addressing clickbait, the British monarchy, new Center for Disease Control guidelines and the latest bizarre BlueAnon conspiracy theories.

The Art Of The Deal

President Donald Trump has now received the answer he needed from the Supreme Court. The plan worked perfectly. The China buildup is now happening. Now, we’re receiving leaks on how China interfered and how government officials received instructions from the Chinese to interfere in the election. The [Deep State] is now pushing the Red1, the removal of Trump’s Twitter account and then we will see a blackout of social media. Be prepared. More from the X22 Report.

Did 50,000 Chinese really get exploded in Maine? How about that F-16? Here’s a fact check from Justin Sather.

Do-Nothing Newsom Under Fire

Another round of devastating forest fires, coupled with rolling blackouts, has Californians calling for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s head–again! The outrage over Newsom’s lack of leadership, including his response to the coronavirus, has stirred another recall effort, and this one looks like it might have a chance.

At least two recall efforts were launched last year, but didn’t receive enough votes to get off the ground, but Recall Newsom 2020 might be the charm. Recall organizer Mike Netter says the latest effort has already surpassed the verification stage, as far as votes gathered, and the movement is gaining steam.

The only other time a California governor was recalled came in 2003, when Gray Davis was removed from office. The reason: massive blackouts throughout the state. Here’s more with One America News’ Pearson Sharp.

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