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Declas Brings It All Down

The [Deep State] is reacting out of fear. They stormed Trump’s home to cover their tracks. The cover-up always gets you. Now they are scrambling so they will be left with one option: To create chaos when Trump releases the declassified information. The plan has been prepped and warmed. Red October is coming and the red wave is going to hit. Showtime. More from the X22 Report.

America is waking up! Our rights come from God, and the government cannot take them away. So says Harriet Hageman, who walloped Liz Cheney in Tuesday’s primary election in Wyoming. Will we see 10 days of darkness? The scare tactics of the Democrats and their fake news allies are failing. Future proves past. Enjoy the show. More from And We Know.

Revenge Of The Kraken

Millie Weaver, who released the Shadow Gate documentary over the summer, returns with a new look at how Shadow Gate and military intelligence software was used to steal the 2020 Presidential election and to deceive the American public of the results.  She says the AFL-CIO and Communist-leaning union leadership are behind the coup attempt. They even sent union members to work election polls, trying to exert their control to rig the results. This is a fascinating doc, running just shy of an hour.

All Is Well

Thomas Wictor is convinced President Donald Trump will be returning for a second term. Why? Wictor believes the US military intercepted the electronic vote count data going overseas to Frankfort, Germany, to be counted by Scytl for the 2020 Presidential election. If Trump can show that he received far more votes than Biden in the six battleground states — Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — and carried them all, the Democrats will lose. Even better if Trump can show he carried a few other states, whether New Mexico and Virginia, or Minnesota and New Hampshire.

One sign Trump is staying: The new realignment of services in the US military and the establishment of a new branch under Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

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Rudy Guiliani, Sidney Powell and other members of President Donald Trump’s legal team conducted a press conference Thursday and revealed a bit more of their evidence showing widespread voter fraud. Apparently, in all of the battleground states, Trump led by comfortable margins on election day, but those margins vanished overnight when new piles of votes emerged for Joe Biden. Interesting enough, the Biden vote surges all followed the same algorithms. In other words, it’s highly unlikely they were actually cast. More likely they were manipulated and manufactured electronically. More from The Salty Cracker.

Here, Next News Network provides direct coverage of that press conference. Only Fox News and Newsmax covered it, the other networks did not. The Trump team dropped bombshell evidence showing that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged.


Roger Stone said back before the 2016 presidential election that these voting machines can easily be hacked. Here, we see evidence of the lack of security and hear from authorities about the problem of vote tampering and election fraud. More from The Liberty Hound.

We close with John Solomon appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business News. Solomon discusses the widespread corruption seen in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, and cites a data scientist who believes at least 100,000 fraudulent votes were cast in Pennsylvania, possibly as many as 600,000. It’s good to see a few of the mainstream media outlets addressing this issue, while so many are remaining silent and acting as if what happened in the 2020 election was normal. The fact of the matter remains: Widespread corruption is not normal, and should never be tolerated.

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We’ve Already Won!

Let’s take a look at the election interference led by two foreign companies — Dominion Voting Systems from Canada and Scytl from Spain. A little-covered executive order, issued two years ago, lays out protections against such foreign meddling in our elections. More from Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.

Russ Ramsford of the Allied Security Operations Group says there was a stunning level of fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential Election in Michigan. Ramsford appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business News and says the irregularities seemed centered in four counties and involved somewhere between 225,000 and 400,000 votes. Ramsford is now heading to Pennsylvania and Georgia to conduct similar appraisals that will be presented to the courts by President Donald Trump’s election team.

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Tim Pool and guests talk about the hand recount in Georgia and what it might mean for the election as a whole. Already, some 2,600 votes for President Donald Trump have been found in one county. This won’t be enough, but the question looms: Why are votes always being discovered for Trump? How many of his votes weren’t counted by the machines? Was this simply another glitch or a deliberate attempt to steal away our election?

Engaging a foreign intelligence agency in election tampering is a treasonous act. We will document this long pattern and practice of the Democratic National Committee for the Court, and we will outline specific examples in Michigan in 2020. George Webb documented DNC operative Warren Flood’s interface with Russian FBI Informant operatives Krylova and Bogacheva in the 2016 election with the help of State Department recruiter Paul Whelan. George Webb showed how a DNC FBI Operative named Yershov used the Microsoft professional services organization to arrange visas for these operatives for entry of Krylova and Bogacheva’s cohorts to enter the United States from Russia.

Webb again outlined Warren Flood’s close association with the 2020 election in Michigan through his Microsoft professional services position in Detroit, and through the activities of his wife, Alice McAlexander who runs an election consulting company by the name of CIVIS. Here, Webb turns his focus on Dominion Voting Systems, newly installed in Georgia, and its corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger.

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The Trap Was Set in 2018

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/[Central Bankers] have been set up. Trump set the trap back in 2018 with his Executive Order. Now, the evidence is pouring out. The people will be shown the truth, that their vote was controlled. It will blow peoples’ minds. The social media/Mainstream media who knowingly participated with foreign countries are about to pay the price. How do you bring the entire diseased corrupt temple on top of them? You use the truth and transparency and you show the world. Trump is countering the Mainstream Media with the vaccine, planned from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Over the weekend, Sidney Powell and Louie Gohmert made waves with talk of a Spanish company, Scytl, potentionally being raided by Special Operators. But, what if we got the story wrong and it was actually one of our OWN Intel Agencies that got raided??? We have an update from Jim Jordan on the Durham investigation. Everybody can cool their jets. We’re doing fine. Sidney gives us another beautiful sound byte on the state of the fraud. We learn more from CodeMonkeyZ about the fraud from Dominion and more about Eric Coomer, the Antifa VP at Dominion, and it looks like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Half Whitmer is getting impeached. Let’s keep that train moving and impeach the rest of the Demonrat Governors who tried to kill their states! More from RedPill78.

Kraken surprise! Patriot Democrats and ex-CIA will help save the Republic! More on Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Investigative journalist Maryam Henein joins the SGTReport to blow the whistle on the Deep State and their wholly owned mockingbird corporate mainstream media. If Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are right, a lot of people are going to go to jail for this treason, and many of those folks should include faces you know and regularly see on TV.

Secret Raid In Germany

Did Special Forces secretly raid Scytl headquarters in Germany? Now, we are seeing mounds of evidence suggesting massive and widespread voting fraud occurred across the United States this election cycle. How much more evidence will emerge? Was it the Democratic Party alone committing the fraud or did they have assistance from certain, three-letter federal agencies here at home? More from JustInformed Talk.

Black Conservative Patriot, while based in California, traveled to Washington DC to join the million-strong march in support of President Donald Trump. Ahead of the rally, which began around noon, he created this video also discussing the US Army raid on Scytl, the European company where he says our votes were flipped. How many Trump votes were lost or transferred to Joe Biden? We have seen many estimates, beginning around 2.7 million votes and some estimates placing the figure as high as 6 to 7 million votes. Hopefully, if the Scytl data is now secure, we can discover the actual, unadulterated numbers. Trump joined a caravan that made its way through the rally. He told supporters not to count him out.

Dominion Voting Systems and its voting machines got caught. Amazing details unfold suggesting just how easy it was to hack into these machines as well as to distort  and subvert the tabulation process. More from And We Know.

In his open letter to the President, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano warned President Donald J Trump that the forces aligned against him and the American people are the same forces aligned against humanity at large: They are the children of darkness. And Vigano warned the President that if the children of LIGHT are not victorious in this epic battle, humanity will be plunged into a new dark age of total tyranny. Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to discuss the realty of what we face as the mainstream media tells us Joe Biden is President.

The Officer Tatum says black Americans need to stop voting for the same political party over and over again. If your vote is given away so freely, you will never get what you want. You will only get what you deserve.

Fraud On A Massive Scale

The mainstream media keeps singing “Kumbaya” because those Leftist outlets make no bones about supporting Joe Biden. But apparently, they don’t stand for the United States having a fair and honest election. Jenna Ellis, counsel for President Donald Trump, says as many as 2.7 million votes cast for President Donald Trump were erased or, worse, transferred to Biden.

She says the exact specifics of the fraud will become clear over the next several days as lawsuits are filed by Trump’s attorneys under Rudy Giuliani. Without divulging the details of these suits in advance, Ellis says many will involve the Dominion Voting Systems machines and software employed in some 38 states. Ellis made the charges in an appearance on Eric Metaxas’ Radio Show, out of New York. In his words, this is “rapidly becoming one of the greatest scandals in American history.”

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Democrats accidentally admit they BROKE THE LAW in a group affidavit that shows Democrats claiming they were contacted by election officials BEFORE the election to fix rejected ballots. Meanwhile, a SECOND USPS WHISTLEBLOWER has come out through Project Veritas claiming that U.S. Postal Service stopped shipping Trump ballots and simply junked them. These are serious allegations that should be investigated. #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Trump2020. More from Mr. Obvious.

This is my interview with Melissa Carone, the Dominion Voting Systems employee who came forward to report the fraud she witnessed in the wake of the election. This was Melissa’s first interview after she was initially scheduled to appear on Hannity, however at the last moment they cancelled. Since then she has appeared on Lou Dobbs and this story has gained the attention of the President. More from RedPill78.

George Webb offers a quick update on Scytl and Dominion, the two election companies at the center of controversy over miscalls in the US 2020 Presidential race.

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She’s Releasing The Kraken

Sidney Powell, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, vows to “release the Kraken,” exposing Silicon Valley and the leftwing social media companies that are conspiring to steal the election from President Donald Trump. Powell says her research has shown Trump won by a landslide. His victory has been hidden through subterfuge involving Dominion Voting Systems and its rigged voting machines and software. Based in Toronto, Canada, Powell says Dominion has ties with Venezuela, Cuba, China and other Communist regimes. She appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network.

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Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, has said the American Army has seized servers used by Dominion Voting Systems in Frankfurt, Germany. These servers were apparently used in tabulating, and quite possibly fabricating, results in the 2020 US Presidential election. Lara Logan, a former correspondent for CBS News, now working for Fox Nation, confirmed that these servers, operated by a Spanish firm called Scytl, have been seized. Of special note: It looks as if the CIA was not a part of the raid. Telling detail!

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Release the Kraken! Liam Neeson as Zeus delivers the immortal words from the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans.

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