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How Satanists Stay In Control

Ex-CIA agent Michael Jaco talks with Nicholas Veniamin about how the Democrats and their Satanist leaders have seized control and remain in power. This is a far-reaching discussion getting into the moonlighting done by the Mockingbird Media as well as Joe Biden’s Satanist roots. Among the many topics discussed: The widespread 2020 election fraud, the nature of the Deep State, President Donald Trump’s plans, vaccines and the shakeup with cryptocurrencies as well as the looming hyperinflation.

The Trap Was Set in 2018

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/[Central Bankers] have been set up. Trump set the trap back in 2018 with his Executive Order. Now, the evidence is pouring out. The people will be shown the truth, that their vote was controlled. It will blow peoples’ minds. The social media/Mainstream media who knowingly participated with foreign countries are about to pay the price. How do you bring the entire diseased corrupt temple on top of them? You use the truth and transparency and you show the world. Trump is countering the Mainstream Media with the vaccine, planned from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Over the weekend, Sidney Powell and Louie Gohmert made waves with talk of a Spanish company, Scytl, potentionally being raided by Special Operators. But, what if we got the story wrong and it was actually one of our OWN Intel Agencies that got raided??? We have an update from Jim Jordan on the Durham investigation. Everybody can cool their jets. We’re doing fine. Sidney gives us another beautiful sound byte on the state of the fraud. We learn more from CodeMonkeyZ about the fraud from Dominion and more about Eric Coomer, the Antifa VP at Dominion, and it looks like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Half Whitmer is getting impeached. Let’s keep that train moving and impeach the rest of the Demonrat Governors who tried to kill their states! More from RedPill78.

Kraken surprise! Patriot Democrats and ex-CIA will help save the Republic! More on Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Investigative journalist Maryam Henein joins the SGTReport to blow the whistle on the Deep State and their wholly owned mockingbird corporate mainstream media. If Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are right, a lot of people are going to go to jail for this treason, and many of those folks should include faces you know and regularly see on TV.

LaCorte Runs Afoul Of Facebook

First, Facebook temporarily banned us for reporting the name of the “whistleblower” who kicked off the impeachment probe. We censored ourselves there yet two days later, they completely wiped out our pages, which had 3.4 million followers, our personal accounts and Instagram page.

This censorship isn’t about “safety” … it’s about politics. Join us in the fight to express ourselves freely and now has launched

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Meanwhile, Amazing Polly had her last video banned by YouTube. She says, “The Storm seems like it is here!! DEEP STATE and the mockingbirds are in FULL PANIC from where I am sitting. In this video the new dig starts at about 10 minutes in but I also go over the fact that my last video was very sneakily taken down!”

The Choice To Know Is Yours

SerialBrain2 discusses how the CIA and its corporate arm — the mockingbird mass media — have attempted to infiltrate and pervert America’s democracy. Who orchestrated the CIA’s latest boondoggle — the Democrats’ bogus impeachment campaign? In what ways have Barack Obama and the double-dealing members of his administration attempted to retain power and drag down President Donald Trump through crookery and fiat?  Get your popcorn ready for a video SerialBrain2 is calling: “The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower.” We’d use that as our headline, too, except it’s too long given our space limits.

A controversy has emerged over whether the anonymous “whistleblower”—whose complaint about the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky led to the impeachment inquiry—should be identified and appear as a live witness or anonymously answer written questions submitted by Trump’s lawyers. We’ve seen this movie before. More from Gina Shakespeare on the Declassified channel of The Epoch Times.

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The [Deep State] impeachment plan is a big failure. The leaked transcripts are now showing the opposite, but the plan was to keep this going. Evidence is now in favor of the patriots. The whistleblower lawyer’s past is now starting to catch up with him. Many arrested for child pornography. Trump mentions that he caught the swamp. The message received, the swamp is going down. More from the X22 Report.


The Deep State Business Model

Dr. Dave Janda rejoins Sarah Westall’s program to discuss 911 and how the Mockingbird media has enabled the Deep State to maintain control of the narrative even though it is so obvious to most that 911 was a lie. Here the discussion focuses on how they hide the truth.

There are two installments, each roughly 30 minutes. You don’t need to watch them both, but if you’re so inclined, you will enjoy a deeper dive.


The Mouse Is In The House

President Donald Trump is 100 percent correct. Now that Disney has acquired Fox News, the channel just ain’t the same.

The man said it perfectly: “I don’t want to Win for myself, I only want to Win for the people. The New @FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

In #LionelNation there’s only truth. Verity. Bold, brash and naked. There are no political parties, no predetermined direction or cause. Just truth. We’re not conspiracy theorists; we’re conspiracy analysts, borrowing from Gore Vidal.

If this is exposed, CNN and MSNBC will cease to exist. America’s darkest secret revealed. What’s that? These mockingbird media are under the banner of the CIA. More from Lisa Haven.

Why Stocks Are Going Up

Want to know the real reason stocks have been rising in price all this month? The Money GPS spells out the facts.

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Here’s another report with a strong economic focus. Bill Holter joins SGTReport to discuss the coming global economic reset, precious metals, and the latest high crimes and misdemeanors of the mockingbird media and deep state criminals who are aligned against President Donald J. Trump.

Hussein Hates America

McAllisterTV offers a critical look at Barack Obama, how Hussein hated America and took aim at Americans. We expect much more to become available soon, even if the social media giants of the Internet continue to try to exert their censorship and hide or disguise the truth. Otherwise, in this episode, are also Q Crumbs and Q Proofs. Enjoy.

P.A. Perry, a McAllister subscriber, created “The Storm Song/Video” for educational purposes only. It was created as a newsworthy account to document the historic phenomenon of the patriotic Q-Anon movement in America to fight globalism, the Deep State 4th Branch, and counter the Mockingbird Media with truth. The Storm Song/Video and the message herein in no way promotes violence of any kind.

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Those Who Know Cannot Sleep

412anon, Grand Torino and Dragon return to SGTReport to discuss the very latest news regarding the Great Awakening, Q and President Trump VS. the Deep State and pedophile cover-upper mockingbird media. And Dragon makes a bold prediction.

Lionel Meets the President

Our frequent contributor, Lionel Nation, was invited to meet President Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. Lionel writes of the experience, “‘Awesome’ is defined as extremely impressive or daunting. inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. And meeting POTUS 45 in the Oval Office in the White House was all of the above.

The White House residence, the behind the scenes splendor reminded me that it’s a palatial prison. This man gave up a billionaire’s freedom and an immane manse to serve us. My commitment to him, the cause, liberty and our country and you has been forged now to an extent I never thought possible. #MAGA #WWG1WGA

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Alt-media and Q analyst Lionel meets President Trump in the Oval office, the Mockingbird mainstream media continues to LIE about the fake dossier and cover up for crooked Hillary, and the Deep State, personified by former CIA Director and traitor John Brennan, roils. More from SGTReport.

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