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J6 Narrative Now Imploding

The [Deep State] narrative for J6 and election rigging is now falling apart. Everything they are doing to Trump will boomerang on them.

Since all the evidence is being released and there is more on the way, the [Deep State] is now using a funeral to keep the people busy.

Scavino released two dog vids. Are there going to be two funerals? Trump has opened the door of all doors. The people are going to see how they overthrew the US government. Game over. More from the X22 Report.

No Escape, No Deals

March was a crazy month. So much was produced and the American people needed to digest it. This is just the start. April showers. The MOAB is coming and events are about to unfold. The [Deep State] has lost the narrative. They cannot control what is coming, no matter how they spin it. All they will be left with is to shut everything down. But the patriots are prepared for this. No escape, no deals. Each step of the way they will feel pain. More from the X22 report.

April showers! Indictments and arrests! Game over! Thanks for playing! Nothing can stop what is coming! More from the Christian Patriot News.

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