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Pain Comes In Many Forms

The [Deep State] is struggling. They do not have the leverage and the patriots are baiting them to expend ammunition. The [Deep State] players are feeling pain every step of the way.

Remember the Sun Tzu saying: Appear weak when you are strong. Trump is baiting the enemy in. He wants them to make all the moves. He wants the world to see their moves. He wants the people to see the [Deep State]. He wants the people to see how evil they truly are. Sometime you must show the people: Pain comes in many different forms. Full control. More from the X22 Report.

Fake News Liars Exposed

The Deep State panics as the fake news liars are exposed. News outlets now admit Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, but none of them — not the New York Timers, Washington Post or any of the TV networks — cover the laptop ahead of the 2020 election. Is this the biggest coverup in history? Will these fake news outlets ever start honestly reporting the news again or will they forever remain presstitudes for the Liberals? More from JustInformed Talk.

Fifth Column [Deeply] Exposed

Massive turn of events leaves the [Deep State] exposed! Putin, Ukraine, coverups, money, evil and death! Lara Logan talks with brutal honesty about the conflict. More from And We Know.

By now, it should be obvious that a concerted and bipartisan effort is underway in Washington to escalate U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war. This effort has been ongoing since Russia entered Ukraine three weeks ago. Today, we enter into a new and dangerous phase, as US politicians send $13.6 billion in aid and $800 million in weapons to Ukraine—one of the most corrupt governments in Europe. This will have an incredible effect on skyrocketing prices in the US and put the world on the edge of nuclear war. More from Lori Colley.

2022: Here’s To An Upset

Computing Forever opens 2022 with a message of hope in the struggle against the globalist Cabal. This will not be the year we take down the New World Order, but it should be the year we sharpen our knives for the long fight to bring down the World Economic Forum and all of its minions. Much of this vision revolved around Robert Malone and his recent appearances with Joe Rogan and on InfoWars.

We’re dealing with globalist psychopaths. W@rs, p@ndemics, coverups as people work together and wake up! Are indictments imminent? Pray! More from And We Know.

Confirmed: It’s A Coverup

This report explains the truth you’re not hearing in the news about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and verdict. More from We Are Change.

The conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell is a big win for anons, who pressed for the federal government to finally begin to prosecute the rich scum who have been trafficking and preying upon children. But if Maxwell is the only one put behind bars, then it’s more of a coverup than a prelude to justice. More from TRUreporting.


Armageddon! China Threatening

Armageddon! The Chinese Communists are now threatening the West, just as Russia is circling Ukraine. Are these nations testing our resolve after seeing just how weak and incompetent our alleged president, Joe Biden, actually is?

The [Deep State] wants to take us down with them.

Meanwhile, tremendous earthquakes are being reported around the globe. Are Deep Underground Missile Bases being demolished? Also, what is up with the Omicron variant? More from And We Know.

On this episode, we discuss a mysterious fire that broke out at Fox News, APPLE’s secret $275 Billion deal with the ChiComs, RFK JR. reveals who he believes really shot his father and alludes to a CIA coverup. More from JustInformed Talk.


Vaccine Injuries Coverup

Shocking coverup of severe vaccine reactions and fraudulent clinical trials exposed by whistleblowers. This is a massive cover-up and you & your children could be in danger. More from Amazing Polly.

Massive anti-vaccine protests are occurring across the world. Here’s a look at the first massive New Zealand protests.  A large contingent of motorcycles blocked Willis Street in Wellington behind those protesting restrictions and Covid vaccine mandates.

Criminal Coverup In Arizona

Freedom fighter Liz Harris joins me to discuss the audit and the obfuscation of the audit in Arizona. More from the SGTReport.

Pentagon Disclosure

Dr. Steven Greer joins with Sarah Westall to discuss the U.S. government’s slow disclosure. Most of us do not trust the government and their motives after seeing so many coverups and lies for decades. So, what should we expect this time?

Dr. Greer arranged the first disclosure movement, which reached over 1 billion people worldwide. Because of its success, Greer believes that the real disclosure has already happened. What’s left is for the governments to come clean and admit it.

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