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Censorship Out Of Control

Left-leaning Big Tech and major corporations are now at full force in their censorship of conservatives. The latest round of suppression was a shocker, when Deutsche Bank, the largest lender in the world, dropped President Trump. From here on out, any Trump-related company is prohibited from doing business with Germany’s largest bank. They join Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Go Daddy, Shopify and other companies announcing an end to all relations/business transactions with Trump.

And the censorship is not ending there. Twitter has suspended 70,000 so-called QAnon accounts, which is more than likely a ruse for any conservative who supports Trump. Facebook followed suit by suspending the account of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul for violating unspecified violations of community standards. Meanwhile, the mainstream media also got into the act when ABC News Political Director Rick Klein reminded viewers that Trump will be gone soon, but “cleansing” the conservative movement that supports him will be the difficult part.

Is this really happening in the United States of America, the greatest country the world has ever known? The Lefties have completely gone mad. The movement is nothing less than a synchronized departure from sanity, a full-throttled desecration of the Constitution and our sacred 1st Amendment rights, and a beeline to fascism.

But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. An Idaho internet provider, Your T1 WIFI, has tossed a curveball into the madness, turning the tables and blocking Facebook and Twitter over censorship. The company says that because they are a private entity, they can say who is on their platform and who is not. So guess what Facebook and Twitter are doing? Just like the companies they shutdown, they are suing. Here’s more analysis with Glenn Beck on Blaze TV.

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China Censored Virus Narrative

Sourcing a New York Times expose, China Uncensored is reporting how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) purposely issued censorship directives for the coronavirus pandemic. The Times, who published the article in a joint effort with ProPublica, obtained 32,000 directives and 1,800 memos from a group of hackers known as CCP Unmasked, revealing how the Chinese regime wrote a false narrative around the coronavirus, shaping public opinion both domestically and internationally.

The directives and memos reveal how the CCP especially targeted the internet, downplaying the danger of the coronavirus with paid online commentators, who worked for the state, and controlled the narrative using state-of-the-art technology. Chris Chappell and Shelley Zhang bring us more details.

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New World Next Year 2021

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

  • Media Monarchy’s 2020 Story: The Maskerade Is Weaponized By the Scamdemic
  • Corbett Report’s 2020 Story: The End of the Internet (as we knew it)
  • Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction for 2021: Scamdemic Paves the Way for Smart Gridification
  • Corbett Report’s Trend Prediction for 2021: The People’s Reset

Biden Plans Mass Censorship

Joe Biden reveals his plan to CENSOR THE INTERNET with an online ‘task force’ that will bring more censorship and bias on the internet. Meanwhile the Biden campaign announces plans to reverse Trump’s Executive Orders. The future looks bleak. More from Mr. Obvious.

Steven Crowder looks at the deterioration of Fox News and the network’s massive failures in covering the 2020 presidential race. He then assesses the latest calls for civility from the Left and contrasts this with their past statements. More from Louder with Crowder.

A clear-cut victory for the Silent Majority!


Then They Came For The Books

We have seen how the Big Tech companies — Google, Facebook and Twitter, chief among them — are now pushing online censorship and trying to hide or squirrel away knowledge. What will happen next? Will the Globalist elite begin to come for the books? More from Truthstream Media.

Mark Dice offers a review of how the Internet has enhanced communications worldwide, leading to ever-mounting efforts to impose censorship and silence all of us.

China’s Dark Turn

“I’m more anti-China than you!” That’s one theme of this Presidential election. But not long ago, American presidents were excited about China. The Communist dictators had began to allow private property and the economy boomed. But sadly, political repression, spearhead by the China Communist Party, may have gotten worse and the country has taken a dark turn. 

The Worldwide Web is not worldwide in China. Most major Western Internet sites are blocked. A few computer nerds evade the ban, but by and large, China effectively controls its Internet. Even harmless jokes are banned. People who post forbidden things online may have their lives restricted.

China’s minorities have it even worse. The government wages cultural genocide against the Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking minority, and it’s cracked down on Hong Kong, too, where protesters demanding freedom waved American flags.

When all is said and done, China’s repression reminds us how critical liberty is. Here’s more with John Stossel.

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History Is Being Erased

Now that Leftists are pushing so hard to change the United States, they are also moving to erase historical traces of what the country used to be like. This is not just a matter of pulling down a few statues. They are also actively working to remove historical accounts from the Internet. Mr. Reagan explains the processes at work. Really sinister stuff!

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Trump Eyes TikTok Ban

The Trump administration says that people may be ceding their personal information to Chinese Communists.

India already banned the app along with many others over spying concerns and it led to addicted people becoming depressed. The same may happen here as young people become addicted to social media.

Conflict with China seems to be ever more likely and this may be just another step in a dangerous direction.

Will Democrats or Republicans be better suited for that crisis if it ever comes? More from Tim Pool.

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Justice Compromised By Epstein

Why is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts so often casting decisive votes against the Trump administration? Roberts was appointed by a Republican — President George W. Bush — so you would think he would support a Republican administration.

But what if Roberts is compromised? What if he has committed some dark, secretive crimes that are being used by the Globalists to blackmail him and keep him in line? Here, McAllister TV explores that issue in a report detailing Roberts’ connections with the deceased and notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The [DS]/MSM has now been trapped. They have been set up and they don’t even know it. Everything the patriots are doing is preparing for the eventual arrests. The [DS] believes they are playing in the position of power but they are playing in a position of weakness. The patriots know the playbook. Back channels are important. The clock is ticking down. Expect fireworks. More from the X22 Report.

Author Wayne Jett returns to SGT Report to discuss the war being waged against the United States by the globalist cabal, and its domestic terror allies. If it isn’t stopped in its tracks, it could all lead to America’s own Bolshevik revolution.

Knowledge of the [Deep State] fear tactics is on the rise.  We are becoming awake and aware of their corruption. They are trying to censor us now, and shut down open communications and discussion on the Internet. This will not work, just as their efforts to subvert and pervert the 2020 election will be resisted. Remember, we can bend, we an change. But we will not allow them to break us or destroy our country. More from And We Know.


Mass Censorship Hits Internet

Twitch said that Trump’s 2016 speech and recent Tulsa rally violated their rules. So they have suspended Trump’s campaign account as a wave of mass censorship sweeps across the Internet, banning pro-Trump voices.

Now, over 2,000 different subreddits including The Donald have been banned. The Donald is one of the most prominent if not the most prominent hub for Trump supporters. Strangely, however, they moved off Reddit 4 months ago and yet Reddit still banned them

This means that Reddit is retroactively enforcing rules, meaning no one has a chance to actually follow the rules.

Meanwhile, mail-in voter fraud is a real issue. Even I received a mail in ballot at my house for someone who doesn’t live here. All the stops are being pulled out to stop Trump. More from Tim Pool.

All I can say is that this was all very clearly coordinated and we haven’t seen the end of it. Please support alt-tech. More from The Quartering.

Meanwhile, there has been yet another round of YouTube bannings. Their purging has gotten so bad they are now banning content creators like Stefan Molyneux, who is more of a philosopher and pundit than an incisive or hardened political analyst. Last we saw his channel, he was setting up tadpole tanks with his daughter.

We are not sure why YouTube has turned so Nazi-like, but it’s all the rage among the Leftists out in San Jose. They are not only doctrinaire. They are sinister and evil. They have spent far too much time hanging around with their Communist Chinese overlords. More from Computing Forever.

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