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Election Day Censorship

Steven Crowder talked about how Youtube is implementing massive changes again to help swing the election and they are doing it on all fronts. More from The Quartering.

Tim Pool and Lydia Foster host guests Jack Posobiec (@Jack Posobiec on Twitter, YouTube) and Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen, Pseudo-Intellectual on YouTube) discuss Glenn Greenwald’s resignation and the abject lack of morals from the mainstream media.

Ohio School District Screws Up

Just how communistic have our school districts become? For the latest example of a district way out of control in pushing the Leftist line, take a look at Little Miami in Ohio.

A couple of students got suspended because they took a stand supporting police and firefighters. Later, after the suspensions upset the community, the school board apparently reversed the punishment that the school administrators had ordered.

We agree with Styxhexenhammer666. The administrators responsible should be fired.

They have every right to be Leftists, if that’s how they choose to roll. But they have no right whatsoever to censor students’ voices or to try to impose their own Leftist views on the community. Let them go fishing for new jobs in Vladivostock!

Is Wikipedia Reliable?

This week on Questions For Corbett, Jon asks if Wikipedia is part of the problem. Long-time listeners will already know the answer is yes, and James Corbett goes through some of the reasons why we know this to be true. But as part of the open source data collection that The Corbett Report provides as a public service, James asks Corbett Report members to log in to and leave links to specific instances of Wikipedia being caught out.

Assange: Key To DNC Hack

The [Deep State] doesn’t know which way to turn. All they can do is keep their fake agenda’s moving forward so it takes the spotlight off of their crimes. This is failing and all the pieces are being moved into place to counter all of it. It’s like a vice grip slowly closing. As it gets tighter, it exerts more and more pressure. Julian Assange is the source of the DNC hack. Soon, Assange will have his day. The [Deep State] are now getting ready to push Russia narrative again during the 2020 elections. The swamp is deep and wide. Remove/replace operation ongoing. Traitors everywhere. Moves and counter moves. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth put out a new video called Feddlin’ that deals specifically with the Democrats’ fiddling and meddling — feddlin’. That covers a wide gamut of vote manipulations and election subversions, as well as the suspicious death of the wife of Dr. Robert Epstein, the social scientist who testified before Congress last summer about Google practicing deceptive techniques to increase Democratic voter results. In what is not at all surprising, YouTube — a subsidiary of Google — quickly struck down that video.

We categorically oppose Google and YouTube subverting the US constitution, as well as feddlin’ with our voting processes and trampling our freedoms. This is an evil company that needs to be subjected to anti-trust scrutiny and broken up into smaller, hopefully more responsible companies. Google is not only unmanageable because of its monopolistic size. It is a politically biased outfit that needs to be spanked — and we mean spanked really hard!

From following Q, we know the Deep State is evil and corrupt. But exactly how deep does the Deep State go? Are the people awake their biggest fear? More from JustInformed Talk.

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MoarNewQ!!! MoarVoterFraud!!! D Con Exposed!!! Truth Will BTold!!! More from McAllister TV. She asks the immortal question: Does Michelle Obama still have a wang!!! Dang, Doodle!!!


Wikipedia Founder Now Critic

In this exclusive interview with The New American‘s Alex Newman, Wikipedia Founder Larry Sanger explained why he is now a critic of the online encyclopedia he helped to create. Sanger, who serves as executive director of the Knowledge Standards Foundation, blasted the liberal bias of Wikipedia, as well as the lack of public participation.

He says the Big Tech companies have centralized the Internet, and that must be reversed. And finally, he talks about the pedophilia scandals involving elites from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, government, and beyond, saying humanity must understand how the world really works.

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Orange Man Still Bad

Want to know why CNN and the rest of the mainstream media, including social media, are bleeding credibility? Pure and simple, it has to do with biased reporting More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas returns with Part 3 of its CNN series. This one’s kind of funny.

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Are Polls Bullsh*t? Yessirree!

Polls show that 100% of people love #PropagandaWatch and the vast majority of the viewing public thinks this is an excellent episode of the series. A recent survey found that everyone you know subscribes to The Corbett Report (and so should you!). What, you’re not one of those non-Corbett Report loving weirdos, are you?! More from James Corbett as he explains how polls show people aren’t buying establishment bullshit any more.

Aaron Calvin: Journalistic Hack

Want a prime example of an arrogant Liberal journalist? Meet Aaron Calvin of the Des Moines Register. This “journalist” went out of his way to attack a dude — Carson King of Iowa State University — who raised $1 million for charity. Calvin dug up “racist” tweets that King had made eight years ago and published them to discredit the philanthropist.

What’s the kicker? Turns out that the journalist Calvin had made far worst tweets about “niggas” and “bitches,” and how dudes should never talk to gay men. But as soon as Calvin’s offensive Twitter account got revealed, he locked everything up, and made all his Tweets private.

Good to see this Leftist buffoon revealed for not being as “woke” as he made himself out to be. More from Tim Pool.

Don’t Worry About the Polls

Several polls have been released over the past few weeks showing President Donald Trump trailing various Democratic challengers — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, even some others within the Rat Pack. Dick Morris says relax. It’s much too early in the campaign to worry about any polls. And those coming out now are not only heavily tilted toward Democrats, but include individuals who are not at all likely to vote. So, before losing any sleep, wait for results from more meaningful polls to be issued in the months ahead.

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Google. Busted.

Google is finally facing long overdue scrutiny from the DOJ, hopefully the blatant censorship and tortious interference by Google and You Tube against content creators around the world, will be brought to a quick end. More from the SGTReport.

Google isn’t the only one in trouble. Congress has opened an anti-trust probe of the Tech giants. They have overplayed their hand with their moves to censor conservatives, especially seeing how countries all over the world — from Australia to Great Britain, from Brazil to India — are electing conservative governments. Those tech giants opposing pushing censorship whether it’s Google or Twitter, Apple or Facebook — need to be curtailed and heavily fined. More from Bill Still.

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George Orwell’s fictionalized world where Big Brother reigns supreme is no longer a figment of the imagination, but a prophetic vision of present-day threats. Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, explains how and why Big Tech is making Orwell’s 1984 a 21st century reality. More from PragerU.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants calls this a massive effort by the Trump administration to end High Tech censorship. The leverage: Antitrust legislation. The desired result: Hopefully, Tech bias coming to an end.

Of course, some folks, mainly Leftists, celebrate corporate censorship. Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who issued a newspeaky Tweet that applauded censorship. Which planet is that bitch from? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

News of these Big Tech probes sparked a selloff in the stocks of companies like Facebook, Alphabet and Amazon. Let the selling continue. These shareholders should pay a steep price for trying to silence so many people all over the world. We’re really had enough of Liberals!

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