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Heat In The Kitchen

Raw chicken, raw beef and still ripe vegetables. That’s what the National Guard are getting served in Washington DC. It’s little wonder so many of them are getting sick and complaining. Now there’s starting to be some heat in the kitchen! More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Big CEOs continue to step down. Accountability is coming. Clock links! Boom! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are confused. They don’t know what the patriots are doing. They believed they could force riots. This failed again. Trump and the patriots are playing the long game. They are not going to attack. They won’t need to. The plan is to have the [Deep State] destroy themselves with their policies. Trump is now setting the stage. The [Deep State] doesn’t know when Trump is going to make his move. Mike Pompeo sends a message. We are fighting for you. More from the X2 Report.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO NANCY PELOSI? Who IS that, on that new “video”? We are watching a show! Patriots are in control. MEGA MEMES expose David Brock and SHARE BLUE! More from McAllister TV.


School Board Mocks Parents

Entire California School Board RESIGNS after they are caught MOCKING parents who want their kids back in school and calling parents lazy stoners who just want their children in daycare. President Lisa Brizendine of the Oakley Union Elementary School District, including Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito and Richie Masadas all resigned. More from Mr. Obvious.

More Exposures, Resignations

Many are waking up! Many more are exposed! Resignations continue. More from And We Know.

Mel K and the SGT Report break bread on some serious subjects: YouTube’s intransigence and evil censorship, the insane Democratic infighting in New York, the pack of lies and half-truths surrounding coronavirus, and how rapacious individuals including George Soros and Michael Bloomberg cite anti-Semitism to excuse some truly pathetic and anti-humanist behavior. And that’s just for openers. Here’s the first part in a two-part interview.


Military Coup In Myanmar

Burmese Military Junta has taken control of the country, demanding “free and fair elections”… Sounds familiar. We check in with some new Biden policies guaranteed to sink the country, Biden’s choice to pick Federal Judges was accused of abusing his kids, Hunter still connected to China and much more from RedPill78.

The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media. In Myanmar, the military decided to take over because of election fraud. Is this projection on election fraud here in the US? Trump and the patriots are ready to inject election fraud, treason, and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming impeachment trial. Panic in DC. They don’t know the plan of the patriots. More from the X22 Report.


It’s an Astra Projection. What’s up with the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine? Why are bomb threats occurring and people dying, the latest outside Cincinnati, Ohio, in Butler County? Here’s 2 Minutes of Truth from In Pursuit of truth.

Is something Biblical about to happen? How long will the public put up with the pedophiles who are running many countries into the ground, at the same time these fiends prey upon children? Here, learn about “Panda Eyes”, the slang term for the blackened rings around the eyes of children who have been raped and sodomized. In January, there was a huge spike in corporate resignations as well as some surprising deaths. More from And We Know.

Why are erections on everybody’s minds these days? Listen as CNN bemoans another “erection” in Washington DC. In this episode of Accordin’ to Jordan, Jordan Sather also gets into: the Myanmar election coup, pedophile controversy with the Lincoln Project, more Fauci fraud and vaccine updates.

It’s Time To Stand Up

Police are resigning en masse across the United States. It’s time their police chiefs, captains, lieutenants stood up for these beleaguered officers. Likewise, time for conservatives and Republicans as a whole to take a stand, and restore America. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Why Are CEOs Resigning?

In the past six months, we have seen scores of big-time CEOs resign form the world’s largest companies. Is there a rhyme or reason behind this mass departure? Are all of these CEOs just trying to sell stock options when the market is at a relative peak? Or are some of these CEOs quitting for more nefarious reasons? There have been hints some are involved in child trafficking, for instance. Here, Jason Bermas spells out what has been happening and does some probing into the likely causes.

Strictly Coincidental

In Pursuit of Truth provides us with an update on the military confrontation between the United States and Iran. It appears that Iran has bombed a few US military bases in Iraq, but those bases had been abandoned, so casualties were nil to slim. Still, the US Air Force mounted a 52-plane exercise over Utah, an event described as “strictly coincidental” but obviously meant to display our firepower. Meanwhile, has there been another attempt or threat against the president at his Mar-A-Largo Resort?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/Iran launched an attack on US bases in Iraq. No targets were hit, no casualties. Was this really a strike? No, Iran notified Iraq and through backchannels the US, this was about starting peace talks. The [DS]/MSM push to start a war has failed. While all of this was occurring a Ukranian airliner allegedly crashed. Coincidence? The patriots are in control. The [DS]/MSM is now panicking. They have lost control of the Russian collusion story, fake impeachment, Syria, Iran and everything else. The patriots are coming for them and they have nowhere to hide. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV will soon begin uploading videos directly to Bitchute to avoid the harsh censorship practiced by the Leftists at YouTube. Here, she discusses what’s happening in Iran, as well as the ongoing corporate resignations that occurred in December. There also were some creepy deaths during the month. Panic!

TruReporting has unearthed a great clip where a 29-year-old Joe Biden talks about corruption and how he must approach the Big donors to run for Senate, even for such a small state as Delaware. Otherwise, many of the current bases are covered here: Iran, the Australian arson fires and the hanging, phony charges against Gen. Michael Flynn.

A war is brewing between Good vs. Evil, Truth vs. Lies. It’s time to pick a side. More from Lori Colley.

Deep State Took The Bait

We are now seeing more executives resign their positions. Tom Fitton gets a response from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lawyer. They do not want to release a memo. Fitton will respond. The Deep State is desperate. They need to impeach. They are pushing impeachment. This is exactly what the patriots want. They want them to push all of this out there and then Trump hits them with the truth and everything falls apart. The DS took the bait. They went for it and now truth and transparency will destroy their narrative. They are the hunted. More from the X22 Report.

Poor Greta Thunberg. We know she’s got lots of problems and lousy parents. But things keep getting worse for her. And speaking of things getting worse, how long before Joe Biden has to leave the Presidential race. The degree of corruption surrounding him and his son Hunter just keeps magnifying. The Democrats will boot him before the Republicans get the chance. Also in this episode: The McCabe memo. More from RedPill78.

Greta Thunberg. KKKlimate Kontrol equals Mindkontrol. The Democrats just keep turning dumber by the day. More from McAllister TV.


Pool Party!

Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman arrested at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, not only was carrying four cell phones and computer equipment, but also some $8,000 in American cash plus a device allowing her to use radio frequency to locate hidden cameras. In other words, she doesn’t exactly look like someone there casually for a pool party! In Pursuit of Truth outlines the case and how Zhang made it past a few Secret Service agents, something that might well have played a role in the president’s firing of Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants says the firing of the Homeland Security secretary and Secret Service director are only a beginning. President Donald Trump is embarked on a quest to get the rampant illegal immigration under control. The longer it continues unabated, the more the economic benefits are lost for native citizens. Here, James explores the role of Trump aide Stephen Miller in shaping the current purge and also projects what might come next.

McAllisterTV reviews some of the resignations over the past two years involving leading politicians and corporate leaders. How many of these instances involved cases of sexual abuse and human rights violations? Did these politicians walk away so they could avoid eventual exposure, jail time and fines? Here, McAllisterTV also interviews one the Resignation Anons. Strange things are happenings.

Sara Carter and John Solomon appear on Mark Levin’s Fox show Life, Liberty and Levin and discuss their contacts with members of the Q team.

Comey’s daughter works for the Southern District of New York Court. Comey is panicking and says why would you investigate the investigators. Meadows and Nunes are making criminal referrals. This is just the warm-up to show the public there are those in government that committed crimes. Judicial Watch uncovers more emails from HRC. Mueller will be ready to release the report within a week or so. Trump is using the Scaramucci model for DHS. The real mission might not be Venezuela, it might be Cuba. Pompeo indicates that IRG is a terrorist organization, the pressure is on. More from the X22 Report.

Candace Owens, testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, lays waste to the corrupt Democratic Party. You won’t hear any of her testimony on NBC, CBS or ABC because those TV networks are all in the business if fluffing up the Democrats, their allies in political crime. We also present Tim Pool’s response to Owens’ testimony. What he says is accurate: Liberals have become dummies, with Ted Lieu certainly one of the worst of them.




A Flood Of Resignations

Here, McAllister TV riffs on the many recent resignations and follows some of these tales down the rabbit hole, including a look at chef Anthony Bourdain!

Trump says healthcare will not happen until 2020. The new deal is going to be amazing. The [Deep State] is panicking. They are so afraid that they are now attending group therapy. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan want access to Michael Cohen’s transcripts. Nellie Ohr lied about her ham radio to Congress. D’s introduce a bill to allow illegals to work in government. Maduro allows RC aid into the country. The Chinese woman that was apprehended in Mar-a-Lago might be an employee of a social media giant. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth delivers his first new video of the week after a few days of silence by Q. Here, Sir Patrick Mack gets into a mainland Chinese woman, arrested at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, carrying four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing computer malware. You have to wonder: Was she trying to get near President Donald Trump or just to bug his resort?

RedPill78 has Trump wishing Creepy Uncle Joe the best of luck. The bigger news: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and her campaign chairman are being targeted with FEC campaign financing violations.  Also, Congress is fishing around for six years of President Donald Trump’s federal tax reserves and he says he likely will not provide them.

Joe Biden is in the news, and it’s just not about being creepy, connections are being made to Ukraine and China. News Unlocks. The [DS] is still trying to use the Mueller report as a weapon. The propaganda will not work this time.Venezuela is receiving aid from Russia and China. The [DS] and neocons were baited into pushing regime change in Venezuela, they are exposed. America is no longer for sale. Those days are over. Change is in the air. More from the X22 Report.

Destroying the Illusion says 6,026 sealed indictments were added in the month of March, bringing the nationwide total to 88,350. These indictments began to be tabulated in October of 2017, so we have seen a monthly average of 5,521 every since. When will they begin to be served? DTI’s Jordan Sather doesn’t offer a specific date, but surmises it could be “shortly.” In other words, the long wait might be ending soon. Also in this edition, Sather tackles NXIVM, Alex Jones, Joe Biden, and a MAGA hat attacker.

We close with McAllister TV discussing mega memes, the Lizard Queen, the dirty Pope and Satanic Hollywood.

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