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PedoHitler Incites

Joe Biden incites a Democratic lunatic to run over a Republican teenager. Let’s delve into the murder of North Dakota 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson. Implicated is Shannon Brandt, 41, facing charges of vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

Brandt’s mistake? He listened to Joe Biden, not only the worst American president in the history of the Republic, but also a flaming fascist, a pedophile and a man without the slightest shred of decency. More from The Salty Cracker.


They’re Building FEMA Camps

The sudden and massive land grab by Bill Gates and friends appears to be a precursor to establishing FEMA camps in light of what they foresee as the looming supply chain collapse. Josh Sigurdson reports that land is being scarfed up next to military bases around the country–all part of the Deep State plan for The Great Reset. He explains further.

Arizona: First Domino To Fall

The first canvas results of the Arizona audit have been released and they confirm: There were more than 270,000 fraudulent votes. That includes cases of lost votes, fraudulent votes and ghost votes. Following Arizona, we’ll hear next from Georgia and Pennsylvania. More from the ChristianPatriotNews.

In Stephen Bannon’s War Room, a round table of experts discuss the Arizona election results, including Seth Keshel, Liz Harris, Boris Epshteyn, Matt Braynard, Jason Miller and Mike Lindell. They believe election canvassing is coming to all 50 states. The reason: Cheating occurred across the board. Even in states that voted heavily Republican, like North Dakota, as many as 10 percent of votes weren’t counted or were added by fraud. This kind of cheating is flabbergasting, meaning, our elections truly are deceptive and dishonest, and many elected officials, at every level, need to be booted from office.

Bizarre Shadow Gate Saga

The Shadow Gate saga keeps getting more bizarre. Now Alex Jones is distancing himself from Millie Weaver, the InfoWars free-lancer who served as executive producer, writer and host of the Deep State documentary. Jones hasn’t dropped the film, though, like YouTube did.

Here, Lift the Veil brings us up to date on the charges filed against Weaver. None involved the release of the film. All came about from a domestic dispute that occurred in April with her mother, Felicia McCarron, a California real estate agent, who came to live for a spell at the Portage County, Ohio, home that Weaver shares with her husband, Gavin Wince, and a brother, Charlie Weaver. Those two also were arrested. While the arrests supposedly had nothing to do with the film, they occurred on the day the film was scheduled to be released, leaving one to ponder.

And simultaneously, in North Dakota, state Attorney General’s charges also were being brought to bear against Tore Says, one of the whistleblowers interviewed in the film. Apparently, her full name is Terpsehore Maras Lindeman. Again, these charges were not related to Shadow Gate, except the timing.

Given the number of charges and their timing, you could reasonably conclude that the Deep State meant to silence these individuals. To compound the mysteries, Lift the Veil also found child sexual abuse charges being brought against Tore’s husband, Barry Mervyn Lindeman. This is quite the web. How much deeper will this story go?

Has Alex Jones left Millie Weaver for Roger Stone? Jason Bermas explores the rapidly-evolving Shadow Gate fallout. Hard to say how it will end or where it might lead.

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No Blue Wave in Senate

Pundits and the media will be in for a big surprise on November 6 when Republicans make huge gains in the U.S. Senate. James Allsup projects Republicans will take a 55-45 advantage in the Senate, winning four seats now held by Democrats: in Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota. The one close shot he believes the GOP will miss: Montana, where he gives Sen. Jon Tester a narrow shot to retain his seat.

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Dick Morris expects the results of the midterms will be “right, tight, tight.” He cites polls showing 18 current House races within two cent or less. In other words, there could be a lot of contested races and recounts, meaning it might take quite a while for us to know what has actually happened.

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We are officially a week away from the midterm elections, with the polling still inconsistent, Bill O’Reilly interviews Republican Pollster Frank Luntz to get his take on the trends he is seeing as of now, as well as what he expects the outcome to be of the midterms. Plus, hear who Mr. Luntz expects to be the most motivated group of voters this election.

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Crush ‘Em In the Midterms

With Kavanaugh confirmed, it’s now time to completely crush the Democrats. Dr. Steve Turley says President Donald Trump is dreaming big and figuring out how to absolutely pulverize the Leftist opposition. We can do it, folks!

Dick Morris says the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings cost the Democrats dearly. There were four Republican-held seats the Democrats thought they might take — in Texas, Tennessee, Arizona and Nevada. Now, it’s looking like the Republicans clearly have command in Texas, Tennessee and Arizona, and have a small, but still growing edge in Nevada. Meanwhile, Morris cites five Democratic-held seats that could go to Republicans — in North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Florida and Montana. The Republicans are now solidly ahead in North Dakota and Missouri, and have modest, but defensible advantages in Florida and Indiana, with Montana a virtual tossup.

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Styxhexenhammer666 also sees the uptick for Republicans but wonder if the GOP voters will stay mad enough from Kavanaugh to carry over for the November election. History, he says, “points to maybe.”

Democrats Blow Low, Harder

As the Democrats proved with their street fight against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, they are the party you can count on to blow low and harder. In this Q-Anon episode from In Pursuit of Truth, we hear from that paragon of Democratic principals — creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

On the Kavanaugh vote, Q-Anon predicts “Red-State Ds who voted ‘no’ are in trouble.” Let’s hope so. Montana needs to boot out Jon Tester, Missouri Claire McCaskill, Indiana Joe Donnelly and North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp. Just losing those four seats would seriously erode the Democrats’ efforts to block the next Supreme Court nominee. If they can’t be civil, they need to just be whipped!

And here’s an update from In Pursuit of Truth as Boom Week gets under way. Already, it’s looking like the Russian Collusion charges that have been slung repeatedly against President Trump were all made-up, concocted, phony. What else will we learn as the week progresses?

The rats are in a state of panic. Trump will not terminate Rod Rosenstein. He will opt to resign on his own volition as the public becomes aware of the role he has played in regards the FISA warrants. Says In Pursuit of Truth, “Prepare for Sky Is Falling Week.”

The gloves are off. The Left wants to rumble? OK, let’s give it to ’em. Also in the news, FBI Attorney James Baker says former FBI Director Andrew McCabe was dead serious about attempting to remove President Donald Trump from office. More from In Pursuit of Truth.


GOP Takes the Edge

A new “shock poll” bears out what we’ve been saying for months: The Democrats are going to lose their shirts in the 2018 Mid-Term elections. Dr. Steve Turley says the new poll shows the supposed Blue Wave has completely vanished. Instead, the Republicans now have a six-point edge going into the election. In five states, the Democrats are in serious trouble and could lose Senate seats — West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and Montana.  Also, there has been a shift toward the right across the Midwest in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio, so it’s highly unlikely the Democrats will seize many House seats, or state Legislatures.

Again, we’re not surprised. The Democrats have not done any hard work since their defeat in the 2016 election. They have not come up with bright, new ideas or tried to shift their policies to conform with the public. Instead, they are turning more hardcore Leftist and pushing baloney lies, like the whole trumped-up set of charges surrounding President Trump supposedly collaborating with the Russians. Time for the Democrats to wise up: Either stop lying or get lost. We don’t want you and we don’t need you, either.

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Meanwhile, in the primaries, Democrats keep pushing more to the Left. Dick Morris calls it “Dem suicide watch” as he notes the number of hardcore leftists they are advancing to the November Mid-Term — Leftists who don’t have a chance in hell to win!

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Go Away Hillary Clinton

Republicans have been reciting this mantra for months. Now, finally, a Democrat in the US Senate, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, has become the first major elected member of the Democratic Party to pick up the same mantra, and encourage Hillary to just shut up. Styxhexenhammer666 says it’s hysterical that it took the Democrats this long.

Senate Control Within Reach

Dick Morris says the Republicans are poised to gain control of the US Senate, but probably will not enjoy much of an edge in the Upper Chamber. He offers his analyses of all the major Senate races nationwide, and forecasts wins in Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Montana that will help the GOP close its current gap with the Democrats. The final outcome, though, hinges on races in Massachusetts, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and elsewhere that are currently too close to call.

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