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You’re Not Allowed To Do This!

Hey, hey, hey, Fat Alvin Bragg.

Congratulations! You just organized the biggest fundraising event ever for former President Donald Trump!

No wonder the arrogant Rachel Maddow is so livid! Here’s more from the Liberal Hivemind.

In the latest twist to this hysterical case, Donald Trump Jr. has revealed that he signed the checks to Stormy Daniels — not his father Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. did not reveal if he had slept with Stormy Daniels.

His father, the President, has adamantly denied that he has done so.

Could the entire Stormy Daniels affair involve a wayward son, feeling his oats, after the breakup of a marriage? Stay tuned! The story is already wild, and might soon get a lot more interesting.

Deep State Strikes Again!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores how the Deep State is going all out to subvert and shut down former President Donald Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign. Don’t underestimate the chicanery that these cabalists can exert in their efforts to corral and control the nation. They will not stop until they are satisfied with their results. They do not flinch committing murder nor the deepest, darkest deceptions.

Here, Dark Journalist gives us a broad overview of these fiends, including the usual suspects we have all come to recognize for their dishonesty and evil contrivances — the intelligence agents from the CIA, FBI and other kindred federal establishments, as well as their compromised allies from the American mainstream media.

But Liszt believes it’s a mistake to focus exclusively on these branches of the Deep State. There’s also an insidious aerospace wing, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin,  encompassing the agencies that lord it over the UFO Files.

The media is humiliated as the Trump indictment implodes. They have been turned into a laughing stock by a lazy and dishonest district attorney — Alvin Bragg. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Trump speaks after his arraignments and even Trump haters are concerned about the strength of the indictment. Congress reacts and we hear about strategy from Trump’s lawyers. What is next in the case?

Proud Boys trial continues with Judge Kelly denying a key defense request, sealed proceedings, and more from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Penthouse: Key To The Storm

Remember when Stormy Daniels and her attorney, the now-jailed and disgraced Michael Avenatti, went onto The View four years ago to discuss her alleged one-night-stand with former President Donald Trump. For the occasion, Daniels wore a key pendant necklace that she had been given by Penthouse. The key was the symbol of Penthouse, and Daniels had long been associated with the adult magazine, not only appearing nude within its pages but also starring in and directing porn flicks.

Here, for the uninitiated, is the key pendant necklace:

But what if this is the key that unlocks the Perfect Storm? How fitting that Stormy Daniels lies enshrined within such a tempest, having enlarged her breasts, naming her new boobs “Thunder and Lightning.” She not only wears this key pendent, she also wears one of the NXIVM tattoos.  Interesting enough, she also attended a soiree with Roger Stone before his house arrest by FBI agents.

Q-Anon pundits have long theorized a colossal storm on the horizon. How about a storm that explains and ties together many sordid sex scandals of recent years? We’re talking NXIVM, Heidi Fleiss, Jeffrey Epstein, the whole kit and caboodle? Here’s a link to the Twitter account of Ariel, who has been trolling these same waters a lot lately.


We won’t have long to wait to find out now. In the meantime, we bring you this New York Post video recalling the girls of Heidi Fleiss and how they gave mass blowjobs under the table to the males at Hollywood parties.

Enough Is Enough

Jeffrey Epstein cases unfolding. Coverups. Marjorie Taylor Greene on 60 Minutes. Groomers. Owls: Good hunting. Enough is enough.

Also in this edition: Former President Donald Trump fights another smear from the leftists. Pray! More from And We Know.

Trump Upbeat And Defiant

Longtime political advisor Dick Morris spoke with former President Donald Trump immediately after word came down of the New York indictment. Morris says Trump was defiant and surprisingly upbeat, predicting the voters will reject this move by the Leftist Democrats to tarnish their chief political opponent. “How many points do you think this will gain me?” Trump asked Morris.

The Democrats apparently fear Trump’s candidacy, yet they took an action that will decimate any of his Republican rivals, whether Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley. “Trump has now got all of the oxygen in the room,” says Morris. “There is no place for any other candidate to stand.”

Morris adds Trump now has “a lock on the nomination.” Here’s more from Newsmax TV.

With the indictment remaining sealed, we still don’t know what charges the Manhattan District Attorney might bring against former President Donald Trump. There has been a lot of focus on his dealings with porn actress Stormy Daniels. But CNN is saying there might be as many as 32 different charges and some could pertain to falsifying old business records. Here’s Kim Iversen with more speculation. She also wonders: Will the Trump indictment backfire on Democrats?

Baphomet Stormy Daniels!

An animated Pete Santilli says the person showcased by the Deep State’s efforts to take down  President Donald J. Trump is none other than demonic Stormy Daniels.

In the following video, Santilli reveals a photo of Daniels dressed in a Baphomet suit and playing the role. “This is who’s coming against the United States of America–Ms. Baphomet Hell!” he says. “This is Stormy Daniels dressed as a demonic being, doing the most disgusting crap you’ve ever seen. Who does that? Only the evil.” Here’s more on The Pete Santilli Show.

Circus Comes To Manhattan!

The Manhattan grand jury on Thursday officially indicted former President Donald Trump. This is the first time in American history a president has faced such an indictment.

The charges against Trump were filed under seal but will be announced in the coming days. It’s presumed they involve payment of hush money many years ago to porno actress Stormy Daniels.

Rumors of the indictment had circulated for a few weeks, but Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg kept delaying the matter. The confirmation Thursday came as a surprise.

Trump’s camp issued a statement, saying, “This is not an indictment of a crime—there was no crime—instead, this news is the indictment of a failed nation. President Trump is promising to peacefully end the war in Ukraine, dismantle the deep state, and save our country by putting America first. For that, the political elites and powerbrokers have weaponized government to try and stop him. They will fail. He will be re-elected in the greatest landslide in American history, and together we will all Make America Great Again.” More from Newsmax TV.

Robert Gouveia surveys coverage of the indictment in the New York Times, CNN and other fake news outlets.

The New York Police Department ordered a full staff mobilization, fearing possible unrest and violence.  Meanwhile, word leaked late Friday that Trump will appear in New York to hear the indictment on Tuesday, April 4.


Was Stormy Daniels Bribed?

H.A. Goodman ponders whether the sudden dismissal of the Trump indictment in New York came about because the corrupt Democrat Party feared any Stormy Daniels testimony before Congress would blow their their sinister plan to derail the former president.

Goodman posits that following the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office threats to indict Trump, they received a letter from U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer, stating Daniels would testify before Congress regarding any contacts from the Democrat Party. Did the Dems offer Stormy cash or a book deal, or a primo guest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live?” He digs into the details and explains further.

Trump Goes To Jail

Presidential Candidate Thrown in Jail: Democracy SAVED! More from FreedomToons.

With Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden reporting for TDS, the trial of Donald Trump begins before Judge Letitia James, with District Attorney Alvin “hey hey hey” Bragg prosecuting and family-friendly porn star Stormy Daniels preparing to testify. What a jury panel of freaks and corrupt goons! More from The United Spot.