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Get Ready, Cuz It’s Coming!

YouTube is tightening up its censorship, banning the past two videos posted by Rand Paul, questioning the federal moves to round up and arrest anti-vaxxers. Mark Dice says this is no surprise. We can expect more draconian censorship not only from YouTube, but all of the leftist media that supports the Democrats. They have thrown out our Bill of Rights, pretty much the entire Constitution, to mandate full control. Civil disobedience might become our only option.

Notice how YouTube used to only censor political commentators like Alex Jones, but now the censorship is falling upon actual, bona fide, elected U.S. Senators that the Bolsheviks don’t like. We are in open warfare now with these Leftists. We must fight them to preserve free speech in America. If they prevail, we will all be tossed into gulags. Time for the censors to go to jail instead. More from Ramzpaul.

Myanmar Goes After Soros

The Myanmar military regime has seized control of the bank accounts of billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) and announced that it will take legal action against the foundation, which is accused of violating restrictions on the activities of such organizations.

The military-controlled MRTV announced that the military had issued arrest warrants for 11 staff members of OSF Myanmar, including its head and deputy head, on suspicion of giving financial support to the civil disobedience movement against the military junta. Here’s an update from TruthVideos1984.

Mass Disobedience Spreads

Let’s travel to Italy where 50,000 restaurants have re-opened, defying coronavirus lockdown orders. Of course, you don’t see news of this uprising on your television sets. The news is broadcast, meaning, it’s all a pack of lies. More from Computing Forever.

Tyranny Requires Compliance

Deep researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins the SGTReport to discuss the latest news, from the virus to 5G. Sofia asks, “What happened to Thoreau civil disobedience?” and reminds us that tyranny requires compliance.

The Patriot Hour presents Biological Warfare 101. It is nothing short than a wake-up call about China’s role in the spread of the coronavirus — an attempt to destabilize the world.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

Is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a Satanic pedophile? Here, Dustin Nemos analyzes the evidence, dropping upon some of the latest Q posts.

When evil is no longer considered good. Craig Mason examines the long and destructive history of abortion.

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