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Only Tough Choices Remain

As new cases explode all over the globe, with 5 new countries reporting their first cases, health authorities continue to give out puzzlingly incomplete, contradictory and sometimes even wrong information. While our view on Thailand is provisionally shifted back to “contained” our view is that Egypt is the next unannounced hotspot.

Given where we are in the story, we’re going to have to perform triage, meaning making tough choices over where to apply woefully inadequate resources. Our analysis concludes that even though there are numerous exciting vaccine candidates en route, we cannot expect them to arrive any time soon.

A vaccine is 6 – 18 months out (best case), which means that the Honey Badger virus will not be stopped before it makes a spring peak. With luck, we’ll have a vaccine in place before the fall/winter resumption of the illness (presuming it operates like a normal flu virus, which may not be the right way to look at it. We just don’t know). More from Chris Martenson.

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The number of coronavirus cases around the world has now surpassed 91,000. Seven new nations are reporting infections: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Senegal, Latvia, Tunisia and Morocco. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

FEMA is preparing for a possible national emergency declaration over the spread of coronavirus. This comes following additional deaths in Washington state. One wag in the comments section recommended setting up FEMA camps in Detroit, saying,  “They haven’t had a tourist since 1963.” More from Tim Pool.

The Democrats, of course, are blaming Trump for the coronavirus. They don’t have to have a valid reason to blame Trump for anything. Those yahoos could wake up tomorrow and blame Trump when the night falls, ending their perfect fay! More from Zeducation.

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The Gloria Vanderbilt Necklace

In this episode of McAllisterTV, Linda Paris examines the jewelry of Gloria Vanderbilt and shows how the necklaces and other pieces embody Phoenician or Carthaginian symbols representing child sacrifice and pedophilia. These are dark pieces, fully suggestive of necrophilia, including varied red beads that could actually symbolize instances of child sacrifice. There’s also a further discussion of Tanit, the goddess whose temple was a place of sacrifice in Carthage, or contemporary Tunisia.

And, here’s a treat, a discussion on culture, the war on culture and cutting-edge Q research involving Dustin Nemos and Linda Paris. They discuss how the pedophilia and occult trappings are designed to lock people into cults, with no way out.

The Outlook in Iran

New Eastern Outlook: As it pretty much always the case, the ruling Middle Eastern elites have once again failed to stop the beginning of yet another “color” revolution, or an an attempt to trigger one. This time it was Iran that found itself staring down the barrel. This development could easily have been predicted as the wave of “color revolutions” swept across Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria but never reached Tehran. AS a matter of fact, Iran is the last Middle Eastern player that’s standing in the way of Washington’s and Riyadh’s plans to redraw the regional map, and it seems that the latter two together with Israel are getting increasingly frustrated with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Lionel Nation reports.

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Assassination in Tunisia

Thousands of angry protesters took to the street of the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid after leading opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi was assassinated in the capital Tunis. Brahmi was shot dead outside his home in Tunis on Thursday in the second such assassination this year, setting off violent protests against the Islamist-led government in the capital and elsewhere.

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Femen Go Topless in Tunisia

Three Femen protesters were arrested yesterday for staging a topless protest in front of the Justice Ministry in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. It was the first foray by Femen into the Arab world. The protesters, from France and Germany, were seeking to draw attention to Tunisia’s arrest of Femen sympathizer Armina Tyler. Tunisian authorities said the activists would be placed on trial, facing jail sentences of up to six months for public indecency.

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Tunisia Arrests Femen Activist

Tunisia’s interior ministry has said that a female activist has been arrested for painting a feminist message on the wall of a mosque and trying to expose her breasts.

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Italy Busts Terror Cell

Italian police have arrested four Islamists they suspect belonged to a militant cell planning attacks in Israel, Italy and the United States. Police said the men, mostly from Tunisia, are suspected of conspiracy to commit international terrorism and inciting racial hatred.

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Femen Activist Goes Into Hiding

The Tunisian women’s rights activist who scandalized the Muslim world and became an overnight symbol of post-Arab Spring gender issues by publishing a photo of herself topless is reportedly in hiding after suffering abuse at the hands of her family. She is said to be preparing to leave Tunisia and go into exile in France.

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Topless Jihad Launched

Amina Tyler, a Tunisian activist, has inspired the Ukrainian feminist group, FEMEN, to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women’s rights. Tyler caused controversy after posting photos of feminist slogans written across her naked chest, hoping to raise awareness of the deteriorating situation of women’s rights in the Middle East. A Muslim preacher demanded the teenager be stoned, calling her an “epidemic.” Because of Tyler’s demonstration, FEMEN has declared April 4 a day of “relentless topless jihad against Islamism.”

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Egypt Turning to the Dark Side

Egyptian poet Abd Al-Rahmin Al-Abnoudi expresses horror that both Egypt and Tunisia are becoming like Afghanistan, falling under the grip of fanatics who rule through suppression and the not-so-veiled threat of assassinations. It’s now official: The Arab Spring didn’t produce a wave of freedom. It just toppled a few long-standing despots, allowing a new set of thugs to seize power.

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