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Amazon Racist Attacks Woman

An Amazon employee viciously attacked an elderly white woman, giving her multiple sucker punches over her “white privilege.” Hopefully, she will sue Amazon in court, using their anti-white training videos as evidence. Call it the Amazon Punch! More from The Salty Cracker.

BLM Harasses Young Children

Black Lives Matter is now harassing children. Mr. Reagan reacts to a video that shows a BLM militant harassing young girls as they enter a cheerleading competition in Louisville, Kentucky. The kids are attacked for exhibiting “white privilege.”  We kids you not!

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Progressive Holiday Classics

In light of the tumultuous  and alleged results of our Presidential election, PragerU’s Will Witt  takes a comical peek of what could become a  more progressive holiday season. In this special edition of the lighter side of life, Witt parodies yuletide sounds of the season.

“It’s time to bring holiday songs into the 21st century by updating them with political correctness,” he jests. Witt says you’ll hear such classics as “White Privilege Christmas,” “The Little Looter Boy” and “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.” And for our Latino friends, “Feliz Antifa.” The collection is available for three simple payments of $19.99. “But let’s be serious,” the sales ad points out, “if you don’t pay, we’re taking your money anyway.”



Evil Knocking At Church Doors

The faux racial justice movement in America, flamed by radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, is shockingly infiltrating our churches. Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck says he was stunned after receiving an emotional letter of frustration from a Roman Catholic friend after he experienced an appalling moment at Sunday morning Mass.

During the service at the Church of Saint Francis Xavier in New York City, the minister invited the congregation to stand with him and repeat biased statements about racial equality, white privilege and police brutality. The church also alerted those attending the service that it provides a website of articles to learn more about topics advocating for defunding police, fighting white privilege and more.

Beck argues that this is proof our churches are in danger and that evil is not only knocking on their doors, it’s also inside the walls, too. “If you are a believer in God, whatever your practice is, there is no time to think, ‘I should prepare.’ If you remain silent, you are complicit,” he says. Here more with Beck.

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Leftist Response to Tragedies

No matter what happens, you can always expect the Leftist media to blame the tragedy on white privilege. Muslims massacre a thousand Christians? Ah, another white extremist has gone stark raving mad. More from FreedomToons.

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Whoops! Wrong Again!

Have we witnessed the greatest social justice fail of the new year? CNN analyst Areva Martin accused radio show host David Webb of exercising white privilege. One problem. Webb is black. More from Mark Dice.

And, on Friday, the mainstream media got even crazier when they all started muttering “impeachment” after picking up on a Buzzfeed report that turned out to be completely false. The media has become so deranged about Trump that they are losing what little credibility they held with the public. We no longer believe those suckers, and we no longer like their sorry asses, either. Mark Dice has the full story about these heartbroken souls.


Illegals Aren’t Law Abiding

Tonight Steven Crowder is joined in studio by Lauren Southern, and talking all things illegal immigration, “front holes” and more! Jon Miller from CRTV’s White House Hill Brief drops in to talk about white privilege. So grab your favorite drink and your favorite mug and prepare your butts for all the laughs! More from Louder with Crowder.

White Privilege Test

Students at San Diego State University are offered extra credit if they take a quiz to determine their level of ‘white privilege’. Steven Crowder and friends decided to take the test live on air. Who’s the real racists? We find out. More on Louder with Crowder.


The Thugs Are Back

Many of us are old enough to recall the turmoil of the 1960s–the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, racist, radical left-wing activist organizations with nothing better to do than disrupt the peace. When the news broke of the racial tension at the University of Missouri, I thought to myself, History is repeating itself.

Spurred by the majority of the black student body, the faculty and supported by the predominantly black football team, the controversy hit its zenith, forcing the resignation of Missouri President Tim Wolfe. The student mob even demanded that Wolfe publicly recognize his own white privilege.

Pure rubbish! It’s the ever-expanding culture of victimization. It’s an extension of Black Lives Matter, it’s the unsightly scene of RACISM rearing its ugly head again. Here’s the breaking news from CBS News.

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