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Khazarian Puppets Exposed

As Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine is clearing out the rot from the Khazarian Mafia’s ancestral homeland, the Serpent-Seed enemy of humanity is panicking, lashing out madly and exposing their true nature for the world to see.

“PedoHitler” Satanic speech is just a symptom of this, instead of striking fear, these Luciferian Dirt-Bags are exposing themselves as ridiculous walking memes. It’s all tied in because it’s coming from the same anti-human source.

In Canada, the Women’s March that will be coming to Ottawa is building momentum and heading for a showdown against the Gestapo Government on September 18th. More from the Son Of Enos.

Facebook: Gateway To Hell

Facebook is a hellhole! Potus rally clues! Nuclear threat talk! Gender jokes! The Talented Mr. Ripley! Children of Cain! More from McAllister TV.

Here is Art Bell’s 1996 conversation with Malachi Martin, a priest known for performing exorcisms. Is this Nancy Pelosi as, aka ‘Eva,’ who called in from San Francisco to speak with exorcist Martin about possible harassment from demons, a pact with Satan, and the authority of Christ as a Savoir.

Juan O. Savin’s Potent Message

Juan O. Savin delivers a powerful message to Canada’s handling of the Freedom Convoy and to the Deep State’s depopulation agenda.

He says what we’re seeing in Canada and the United States is a captured operation. “Countries around the world have been captured by a Cabal that now wants to seal the deal globally, choke us off and replace us with their own thing. What Canada is doing now only makes sense to fools and monsters.” Here’s the interview, courtesy of Exposing Corruption.

Juan O., Roseanne Uncensored

Juan O. Savin and Roseanne Barr join forces to discuss all of the craziness in the world and what we can expect in the future, in conjunction with its uncanny connection to biblical references.

Perhaps Savin’s favorite Bible reference comes from the dramatic story in the Book of Esther and the great boomerang. They discuss Red October ties to the Bible, Washington D.C.’s eerie resemblance to ancient Egypt and the pharaohs, how reptilians are just code to the first son, Cain, who was given birth by Eve, but was actually the son of Lucifer. And then there’s our Red Sea moment, as we trudge through the darkness of Red October, escaping damnation from the Cabal.

Remember, Savin says, “What you believe determines what you do and how you do it.” Here’s more of this fascinating video with Savin and Barr, courtesy of the Chembuster channel.

Aliens And The Garden Of Eden

In Part I of an interview with Patriot Underground, Gene Decode lays out his scenario of what happens next in The Great Awakening, as he ponders a huge “Red Sea moment” that will turn the tables on the Cabal. He believes the devastating fire that destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was supposed to be the red-pill event that shook the world, but it wasn’t to be. The fire, of course, was a false flag perpetrated by the Alliance to thwart the arrival of Lucifer through a huge portal in the cathedral catacombs.

Decode, whose wheelhouse are the many alien species in our realm, also updates the ongoing galactic war in our universe and reveals some surprising facts about the Nazis and the Cold War. In a shocking revelation, he details the fascinating story of how the Anunnaki civilization, the seventh planet from the brown dwarf Nemesis, re-engineered the birth of Cain in the Garden of Eden in an effort to form a species that would be subservient to them. Here’s more with Patriot Underground.

It’s a Miracle! They’re Alive!

Contrary to what we’ve been told, the Hillary Clinton emails have never been lost. The FBI now confirms that these emails have been found in the Obama White House.

E.W. “Bill” Priestap, the assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, made the confirmation in response to a court-ordered discovery sought by Judicial Watch. Why the long burial of the emails?

They validate that now only did President Barack Obama have knowledge of the emails, but was an active participant in Hillary’s efforts to hide the truth from the public and swindle all of us. In other words, Renegade is implicated! More from RedPill78.

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Judicial Watch reports that [Hillary Rodham Clinton] emails were found in the White House and on Weiner’s laptop. Obama is most likely implicated in her scheme. The dossier was used for it all and it is completely fake. JW wants US Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., investigated for ethical violations. Illegal immigration used for voting and to change the electoral college. The Supreme Court investigation did not work, obstruction did not work, impeachment did not work. The [Deep State] is preparing to use the last resort, it has been activated. More from the X22 Report.

McAllisterTV focuses on the children of Cain, the lying and deceptive cabal paired with Satan against Mankind. Hidden in secret societies, driven by secret oaths, they worship Satan and get their spiritual instruction via ancient religions rooted in idolatry and massive blood sacrifices. “Deception, projection and disguise are their favorite weapons and they cover their tracks with the control of the educational system through which they rewrite history.”


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