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Pedogate: The Deep State War

In this episode, we take a closer look at the ‘NXIVM’ sex cult and answer the question – ‘WHO IS RACHEL CHANDLER?’ The full title of the work is Pedogate, Part 2, Final Cut: The Deep State War, Episode 7. A new documentary expose from Mr. Truthbomb.

Mar-a-Lago Raid A Trump Trap

Inglorious Patriots reports from his compartmentalized source that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was a set-up, orchestrated by the still-lawful President Trump. And now that the Deep State and their cronies in the mainstream media have taken the bait, they are scrambling to change the narrative.

In a shocking addendum to the intel, Inglorious Patriots says undercover operatives revealed that President Trump was aided by his youngest son, Barron, who has operated unseen in the shadows since he was 12. In addition, Trump and the White Hats, using multi-level encrypted comms, have all the evidence needed on the shenanigans perpetrated by the Deep State, which includes: internal emails from the three-letter agencies plotting the Mar-a-Lago raid; Nancy Pelosi’s interaction with BLM, Antifa and the CCP regarding the Jan. 6 false flag attack on the Capitol; multiple back-ups of the information on Anthony Weiner’s laptop; and the entirety of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails.

Inglorious Patriots explains further, plus features a telling video of what really went down in the infamous Benghazi raid. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Reptilians Of Hollywood And DC

They all do it out in the open because every one of them is a Reptilian 33rd Degree Free Mason! Hollywood’s frantic need for adrenochrome! The DC/Hollywood child-raping culture! John Podesta tortures children! Comet Pizza Reptilian Child sacrifice! They hate kids! They love blood and chaos! They eat humans! Pizzagate was real! The journalists who reported otherwise were all blatant liars! Want proof? More from McAllister TV.

Biggest Drop In History!

Will videos of Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in horrifying crimes be aired over Times Square? That’s the question poised here by the ChristianPatriotNews.

Drawing upon Q posts, ChristianPatriotNews builds a case that this could happen. The stage is set! And no doubt about it, this would be “the biggest drop in history!” Boom!

Everything Old Is Q Again!

Several current news stories relate back to subjects and themes brought up YEARS ago by the Q posts. Let’s explore! More from Amazing Polly.

Poppy As The Beast

Decoding: “Baby, Your Time is Up” with Poppy as “The” Beast. Why are the recipients of the Pill-mark-of-the-beast wearing respirators? Did the official music video from August 2018 “predict” a pandemic and vaccine? More from The Open Scroll.

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Here is a new tract on DUMBs — Deep Underground Military Bases — from Gene Decode, as well as Blessed 2 Teach reviewing the latest Q posts. The Q posts occupy roughly the first 45 minutes, the DUMBs passages take up the balance.  Here, you’ll see the Masonic designs of Washington, D.C., the owl symbols in major Disney animated features, and the Gemini and Orion patterns for the DUMBs across the western United States. Next week, the new update will get much more heavily into the DUMBs networks internationally.

The Anthony Weiner laptop exposed, including Frazzledrip and John “Skippy” Podesta using a shower to scald a child and force the kid to call him “father.” Caution. This is not safe for children. More from Annette Cividanes.

Hundreds have been arrested, connected to a Dark Web porn site. The 337 site users arrested included individuals from 24 states and territories, as well as from an additional 11 countries, among them, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Brazil. More from Hev123Truthseeker.

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The Mark Of The Beast

Bob and Aaron on The Open Scroll talk about signs of the approaching system of the Beast and the Mark. These include:

  • “Out of Shadows” a documentary
  • Patent 060606 and “body activity data” – acronym B.A.D.
  • The continuing role of Microsoft and Bill and Melinda Gates
  • Responses to media bias and conflicts of interest
  • Dealing with conflicting info, cognitive dissonance, and confusion
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We are done being reasonable with the Enemy. Timothy Charles Holmseth receives a call from Ruth in Ireland. Her message: It’s not only a time to pray, but a time to fight the Beast.

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Here’s a look at Tom Hanks and his backstory as a pedophile. Some believe he has been apprehended and taken to GITMO. A few believe he has already been executed — in Australia — for his crimes against children. We’re not sure, but we believe it’s time that people take a stand against pedophiles, no matter how rich and famous they are, whether they are big-time actors or British royalty. More from the Weekend Warrior.

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We close with a review of the progress that’s occurred in the fight against pedophilia since President Donald Trump took office. Some say nothing has happened. If nothing has happened, then what were the arrests and prosecutions of Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Mark Salley and Will Hayden? How about the end of Jeffrey Epstein’s vast pedophile network? If nothing’s happening, why have 11 Democratic mayors been taken out of commission on pedophile charges? More from Hev123Truthseeker.

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Time To Save America

The patriots are now putting everything in place of the next phase of the plan. The world is watching. It is time to save America. Patriots will no longer be silent. This is a war with an invisible enemy and we will win. More from the X22 Report.

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Black Conservative Patriot recounts the first successful launch of a satellite by the new US Space Force, an arm of the Air Force. Also in this episode: How did the FBI cover up the contents of Antony Weiner’s laptop? This includes content revealed in newly declassified documents. Also, rumors are growing that Andrew Cuomo will replace Joe Biden at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

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Crrow777 joins SGTReport to discuss the end game. A $2.2 Trillion “stimulus” package on the back of yet another manufactured crisis – will the end game bring us back to a gold backed Dollar or lead us into a one world global currency?

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The Bite, Part 1

In Pursuit of Truth discusses the secret realm of adrenochrome, the magical elixir that the rich and famous have been extracting from kids that these monsters abduct, traffic, torture and kill. The adrenochrome is concentrated in the adrenal and pituitary glands as well as the bloodstreams of kids that have been tortured and scared to death. IPOT does not get into specific examples of this torture. We have been covering it for more than two years here on Stormy. Call up past posts on “adrenochrome” and you can learn what the dirty bastards don’t want you to know.

More to come.

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Hollywood, of course, is one of the places full of adrenochrome junkies. Actors, directors, a loft of these creative types have been indulging because the drug has psychedelic properties and because they believe it enhances their physical appearance. Vanity, of course, is a big deal in Hollywood. Don’t believe it’s been part of that culture? Take a look at the trailer for this 2012 TV movie, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. The blood is what these vampires feed upon. And the Chrome is shorthand for adrenochrome.

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Hollywood blood lust!! Are there now ghost prison barges off the coasts of New York and Los Angeles? How about sleeper cells? What’s shaking among the cannibal elite? Rudy Giuliani discusses the Weiner laptop. More of the true and and unvarnished news from McAllister TV.

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Of Biblical Proportions

Now it’s Lady Gaga down with the flu, Bill Maher cancelling his show indefinitely, and other headliners infected. What’s going on? Is this an adrenochrome problem? Join me for a review of where we are in the birth pains, plus scripture and prayer. More from Lori Colley.

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Corey from Corey’s Digs joins SGTReport to discuss… well, just guess. The discussion covers how Bill Gates and his various non-profits have a stranglehold over vaccine and infectious disease programs. They are not improving our scientific knowledge but working to stave off opposing views and to enforce adult vaccinations. Gates grew up in a eugenics environment and cannot be trusted to do what is good or correct or scientific. It’s time independent, and true scientific bodies re-asserted control over these spheres of knowledge and the public health domain.

Styxhexenhammer666 has some good news and some bad news. The good news? For the first time since he’s been commenting and reporting on coronavirus daily since January, the number of new cases Tuesday was actually lower than the number of new cases Monday. So perhaps we’re seeing a little bit of relief, perhaps some slowing or moderation in the spread of the virus.

The bad news? YouTube is continuing to screw over independent content creators, now using the coronavirus as an excuse to do so. These clowns never learn and never stop. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki should have had her ass fired a long time ago. What a disgraceful corporate officer who never has shown the slightest interest in upholding the public’s right to free speech and free press. And if YouTube doesn’t stand for free speech and free press, what exactly is it? A Leftist mouthpiece? Another lying and manipulative corporate mainstream media platform? We don’t know exactly yet, but we’ve seen enough of Wojcicki to last a couple of lifetimes.

Otherwise, Styx summarizes the pandemic, which now stands at 183,000 reported cases worldwide. There’s been a lot more dumb mass panic happening. And there’s been more Chinese propaganda, which is never surprising.

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Destroying the Illusion discusses the rumors, apparently fake, of a full-scale quarantine pending. Also in this edition: POTUS and his team offer an update on COVID-19. Sidney Powell has issued some stern comments on the sex trafficking of children and the disgusting contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Finally, the CEO of Lockheed Martin is resigning.

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