Black Lives Matter: Fraud!

Blacks Lives Matter purported to be working for the benefit of black people. But Candace Owens says the political action committee is nothing but a fraud.

Co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter collected millions of dollars. The money was used to buy expensive mansions for the BLM leaders, mansions located largely in white communities. These leaders live the high life, while doing nothing to benefit black people. More from Candace Owens.

Questioning American Values

Candace Owens tells London Real that the excessive adulation over the deaths of criminals George Floyd Jr. and Rayshard Brooks has her seriously questioning American values in recent years.

Take Floyd, she says, the alleged counterfeiter murdered by a Minneapolis cop, who was idolized on national TV for three days and buried in a gold casket. “My question to Black America is why do we keep sanctifying our criminals,” she says. “When Clarence Thomas dies, do you think there’s going to be a three-day telecast funeral and a gold casket. No. Something’s wrong here. Our values are wrong here and this is happening because our media acquiesces to that sort of an environment.” Here’s more from London Real.

Plantation Of Slaves

In a speech as powerful as Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Had A Dream,  Candace Owens describes the Plantation of Slaves amassed by the Democrats and Deep State grifters. These are the enemies of all mankind — not only liars, but entrenched, power-driven politicians who mean to control and abuse us, raping and pillaging every step of the way. Think Bill Clinton or, worse, the megalomaniac Hillary Clinton. As Candace warns, it’s all a trap!

Straight To The People

The [Deep State] is a house of cards and it is about to come crashing down. Trump is ready and prepared to bypass the media and Big Tech companies. The pandemic/vaccine narrative is falling apart. The fake news is now ready to cut Fauci loose. The truth will destroy the media. Candace Owens talks about a cyber pandemic. The playbook is known and once the [Deep State] cannot control the flow of information, we will see a communication blackout. Countermeasures are in place. More from the X22 Report.

No Fun Allowed

Liberals keep playing games with the coronavirus. Now, they are pushing the idea of punishing those who don’t get vaccinated.

Don Lemon of CNN believes the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to go to hospitals. And Candace Owens is taking flack from libtards who don’t even think she should be eligible to have her testing done.

But receiving the vaccines doesn’t work, either. Boxer Oscar de la Hoya got vaccinated and now he’s recuperating in a hospital with coof. More from Mark Dice.

The Orders They Never Divulge

Panic in DC. The [Deep State] knows that the people are catching on. The people no longer believe their lies. People are not following the mandate. Schiff panics wants Guantanamo prison closed now. He knows what’s coming. Devolution is moving forward. Military compartmentalized. Operators are dialed-in. They divulge the mission. Less than 10 know the plan. Only 3 are non military. Reconcile. The only way forward is the military. More from the X22 Report.

Here, TRUreporting does a deep dive, explaining devolution in its entirety. What is the actual plan and how would it be carried out by the U.S. military or its various arms, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency or DIA? Would former President Donald Trump be involved and could he return into office? What about talk of Chinese spies who have defected to the United States and brought word of the virus leaking from a lab in Wuhan? Youn can find answers to all of these and many other pertinent questions here.

Sick Evil Exposed

The mainstream media doubles down on its lies about Hunter Biden. We all are coming to understand the alleged President’s son is one sick, evil crackhead: Not only drawn to pornography but a certified child rapist who would be locked away in prison, except we now have a double-standard of justice in America. JustInformed Talk discusses the Hunter Biden particulars as well as other Deep State coverups and Big Tech’s bloodlust.

Just how despicable is Hunter Biden? Here, Candace Owens discusses his hideous antics with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Hunter Biden’s cracked, crooked teeth are commonplace among heavy crackheads. It would be bad enough for him to be traipsing around with strippers and hookers, but he also has a fiendish taste for pre-teens. Not cool at all! More from Exposing Corruption.

Digital Cross Burner

A Leftist running for the U.S. Congress tweets a KKK hood to Candace Owens. My, they keep showing their true fascist colors! More from The Salty Cracker.

Candace Blazing A Trail

Candace Owens to sue Cardi B as conservatives start to fight back. We have had enough of the Leftists, their foul mouths, their endless censorship and their dictatorial stands. Now, they get a slice of their own dirty cheese. More from The Salty Cracker.