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Think Irregular War Strategy

Everything is going as planned. This is about exposing the country to what dictatorship looks like. The process has begun slowly but as time moves along the [Deep State] players will need to pick up the pace. Once the [Deep State] sees how easy it is they will show the people their true agenda. Dan Scavino sends a message: Hang in there. This is the plan. Think strategy. This is irregular warfare. Trump is a wartime President. The war is being fought. More from the X22 Report.

In The End The Patriots Win

The [Deep State] are now pushing their agenda as quickly as possible. [Joe Biden] is now moving into dictatorship and people are starting to recognize this. Trump and the patriots want the [DS] to do this and more so people can see it clearly. Dan Scavino sent out a message, letting us know that where we are now is not the end. It might seem impossible/long shot to remove the [Deep State] but it can be done. In the end the patriots win. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News we reveal former CCP employees CURRENTLY working at the New York Times, it’s no wonder the MSM is in the state it is. We also have some good news about the New Hampshire forensic audit, dead voters in Pennsylvania taken off the rolls, another fate hate hoax and finally New York State lawmakers rewarding illegal aliens BIGLY. More from RedPill78.

Belarus Unites For Freedom

Belarus is seeing its largest protests in history as thousands are calling for the exit of its strongman Alexander Lukashenko. The long-time dictator won another rigged election days ago. Belarusian opposition protesters took to the streets for the eighth consecutive day of anti-government demonstrations Sunday, demanding the departure of the country’s embattled authoritarian leader. Lukashenko’s been in power since 1994 and claimed a landslide victory in a vote that gave him his sixth term in office. Russia, a traditional ally of Belarus, has said it was prepared to offer military support if needed. More from CNBC TV.

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America: Call Off The Dogs

Never in American history have politicians been more powerful than they are now. Over this coronavirus lockdown, we have seen many shocking examples of political and police oppression. So many that we barely blink our eyes anymore. But the fact remains: It will not end unless we fight back and insist our basic rights and freedoms can no longer be abused by cads and creeps.  More from Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

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Returning the Stolen

Thirty-two years after Argentina’s military dictatorship, a heartbreaking legacy emerges. Hundreds are discovering that their ‘parents’ are impostors, responsible for the kidnap and murder of their real parents.

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