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They’re Trying To Ruin Them

There’s A DARKER SIDE To The Brand And Boebert ‘Bombshells.’

This report explains what’s happening to Russell Brand and Lauren Boebert and what may or may not be coincidental. Here’s more from Luke Rudkowski on We Are Change.

Hugo Talks isn’t convinced. He sees elements of mind control in the portrayal of Russell Brand or Andrew Tate as anti-establishment players.  They would never have millions of followers if they were truly against the establishment, says Hugo Talks. So what we are seeing is an elaborate pantomime program to distract and misdirect the public.

So-Called “Independent” Media

You think there are all these individual freedom fighters making video content on ‘alternative media’? A lot of these people are under contract – but who pulls the strings?

In other words, is the alternative media really alternative? Or are many of these outlets bought and sold — same as the fake news? More from Amazing Polly.

There’s Something Strange Here

The Romanian case against the Tates – Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian — is looking more strained and fishier. Since their arrest in late December, Romanian justice officials have continued to hold the Tates locked in prison on charges of rape and human trafficking. But many of the alleged victims are saying they are not victims, and that their allegations have been fabricated and falsified by authorities.

Are the Tates guilty of any crimes, other than offending strident leftist Globalists? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Matrix Is Malfunctioning

We have lived in a socially controlled Matrix for years, but now it is starting to malfunction and showing signs of dissipating. Witness how many members of Generation Z now follow Andrew Tate and soak up his messages about greedy, rich billionaires and how their political allies prey upon all of us. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Tate “Arrest” Exaggerated

Questions are now arising about Andrew Tate and whether or not he has been arrested in Romania. Some media accounts have suggested Tate and his brother Tristan were apprehended on rape and human trafficking charges. But Andrew Tate’s attorney says no arrests occurred and he has been “detained” while authorities investigate unspecified charges.

In other words, there could have been an arrest, or we could be looking at something more fishy, possibly even a shakedown.

Conservative political activist Jack Posobiec tweeted out that a trans activist, Alejandra Caraballo, concocted the arrest story, or at least, a portion of the story involving the appearance of a Bucharest pizzeria box. We’ll have to see how the pizza crumbles over the next few days to better gauge what’s afoot. Here’s more from The Quartering.

Andrew Tate Arrested!

Ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate has been arrested after police raided his home in Pipera, Romania — an upscale village on the outskirts of Bucharest. Tate and his brother Tristan were both taken into custody by the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism.

Paparazzi at the scene said Tate and his brother were facing charges linked with the abduction.  There has yet to be an official announcement made by the Romanian police, but some media outlets later said the charges included allegations of rape and human trafficking involving at least six women.

The raid followed on the heels of a Twitter fight between Andrew Tate and the climate change leftist Greta Thunberg. More from The Quartering.

Here, Paul Joseph Watson analyzes the social media skirmish between Tate and Thunberg that has erupted over the past couple of days. Watson calls this video Small Dick Energy.

Elon Takes Control Of Twitter

Twitter Files Prequel Episode: What happens when the world’s richest man acquires the most popular social media network…should be fine, right? More from John Handem Piette. Shout-out to Luke Rudkowski who discovered and promoted this cleverly done and imaginative video.

Meanwhile, Musk is polling Twitter users on whether he should step down as CEO of the company, and promises he will abide by the wishes of the majority. So far, that majority wants him to step aside as CEO. As of late Sunday night, the voting was running about 54 to 46, with 54 percent saying he should step down and 46 percent wanting him to remain.

The Quartering, which has gained more than 100,000 new YouTube followers since devoting daily coverage to The Twitter Files, hopes Musk remains, but also believes Musk is fully prepared to step aside and might have been intending to do so anyway.

After all, he will remain owner so he can chose a CEO who follows the principles he has pushed forward — more fairness and more advocacy of free speech as opposed to the rank censorship that previously defined Twitter’s existence. Besides, Musk probably does not have the time to remain as CEO. He has a bundle of other companies he owns and must manage so they don’t go astray, notably Tesla, but also Space X, Neuralink and others.

And truth be told, he can use this poll to pinpoint more of the phony leftist bots that have been ruining Twitter for the last few years. Now that’s smart!

One aspect to bear in mind when pondering The Twitter Files. These instances of censorship and blacklisting represent only the tip of the iceberg.

The sad fact is that pretty much every Silicon Valley business has followed the same trajectory as Twitter. Under the thumb of the FBI and CIA, they have been working to stamp out and shut down conservatives, using all manner of shadowbanning and blatant censorship.

Here, Dan Bongino surveys shocking examples of this bias involving Paypal, GoFundMe, Shopify, YouTube, Google and Amazon. The list certainly doesn’t stop there, as companies like Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook) have demonstrated they are also under the thumb of the leftists.

The solution? We must continue to expose the imbalances within these outfits in an effort to force them to treat everyone more equitably. The best way to accomplish that? Form alternative, legitimate companies that espouse conservative views, embracing free speech, religious principles and old-fashioned family values.

Turbo Charge Your Discernment

Most of us recognize Russell Brand and Andrew Tate as shills working to distract us. But are Kanye West and Candace Owens cut from the same cloth? That’s the opinion of Hugo Talks, and he explains his position here.

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