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Assange Requests Pardon!

Julian Assange has officially asked for a pardon. The Michigan State Legislature has subpoenaed voting evidence in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Dominion whistleblower Melissa Carone watched the Dominion CEO testimony and states she has evidence he lied. New info and connections on SolarWinds, The Pentagon shut down their SIPRNET today. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being sued for tampering in our election and a Democrat official indicted for brandishing a knife at a pregnant Trump supporter. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are panicking. They announced that all 50 states certified the elections but [Kamala Harris] still has not resigned from the Senate. Why? The evidence is now being produced and audits are being done. The results are coming in and there is election fraud. Project Veritas released a recording of Julian Assange. The patriots have the source. Everything is now building upon each other.The American Medical Association admitted that there was no reason to keep hydroxychloroquine from the people. Class action lawsuits can be very effective. More from the X22 Report.

The trap was set in 2018. Patriots are in place at the highest levels. Now comes justice for those who have committed high treason against the United States of America. President Donald Trump said he would never let us down. And he won’t. Make no mistake, our nation is at war. Wayne Jett, author of Fruits of Graft, returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest.

Did Hillary Clinton accept an $18 million bribe in 2016 that was part of an FBI sting operation that never went anywhere? That’s what Patrick Byrne says happened. He’s the former CEO of Overstock who has been much in the news lately discussing election fraud. And now, he’s sharing details of the Clinton bribe from four years ago. McAllister TV leads with that incident in a new video that also touches upon all of the Julian Assange talk plus a Christmas decode and Watergate attorney Ken Starr’s analysis that Pennsylvania violated election laws.

Amazing courage is being displayed throughout the country! The Stealth Bomber is coming in for a landing! Trump’s campaign insists election challenges “are not over.” More from And We Know.

Spygate Scandal Keeps Growing

Watergate has nothing on this presently growing “Spygate” scandal. We’re all about to watch the amazing spectacle of key Spygate plotters commenting on their own scandal’s developments as analysts and commentators on network news show panels.

ABC News didn’t have John Dean, G. Gordon Liddy, nor John Mitchell on a nightly panel discussing the day’s Watergate news. NBC will have John Brennan and Andrew Weismann, CNN will have Andrew McCabe and James Clapper, all of them hired and deliberately given a platform from which to spin attacks against Spygate investigators.

But will this massive spin machine assembled by the fake news media accomplish the task for which it has been created? Will it be able to stop or turn back what Attorney General William Barr, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and U.S. Attorney John Durham will be rolling out? More from Declassified with The Epoch Times.

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The Crimes of U.S. Presidents

While history will paint President Richard Nixon as our most notorious post-World War II commander in chief for his Watergate exploits, he wasn’t the only one cutting corners. Noam Chomsky, the father of modern linguistics and historical scholar,  elaborates on some of the little-known crimes of post-war presidents, from Eisenhower to Bush II.

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Watergate as Romper Room

Spygate and the mobilization of the federal Deep State to entrap and ensnare President Donald Trump makes Watergate look like romper room. That’s the assessment of Dan Bongino, who calls Spygate and the activities of Robert Mueller “the biggest scam in American history.” Here, Bongino is speaking at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend 2018.

Deep State Dam to Burst

Sean Hannity says the Deep State dam is about to burst. What we’re going to see: “A massive abuse of power that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.” More from Fox News.

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Spies in Trump Campaign

Dick Morris says evidence is growing that at least one, and possibly as many as three, spies were planted in the Trump campaign by the FBI and by M16, the British government’s answer to the CIA. Morris says the infiltration was clearly “one notch past Watergate.” The  compromised US press might stay silent, but the US public should demand answers from the guilty intelligence agencies. Morris calls this news “absolutely shocking” and calls for a thorough and honest investigation.

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Michael Caputo is claiming there was definitely a second informant — another spy in the Trump campaign. Finally, the Department of Justice is beginning to investigate actions by the corrupt FBI. Just how low did this agency sink? Styxhexenhammer666 says allegations of a second spy are “huge, if true.”


Mueller Witch Hunt Illegal

Lionel Nation reviews noted jurist Steven Calabresi’s thesis that Robert Mueller’s investigation has crossed the legal line, explaining that it’s unconstitutional under Morrison vs Olson. Mueller’s investigation has crossed a constitutional line, for reasons the U.S. Supreme Court made clear in the 1988 case Morrison v. Olson. That case is best known for Justice Antonin Scalia’s powerful lone dissent arguing that the post-Watergate independent counsel statute was unconstitutional. But Chief Justice William Rehnquist’s opinion for the court, while upholding the statute, set forth limits that the Mueller investigation has exceeded.

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FBI Scandal the Worst

Dick Morris joins those who argue that the current FBI scandal is far worse than Watergate, the Iran Contra scandal or any other scandal in American history.

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FISA Fallout

Styxhexenhammer666 says as the evidence materializes, it is becoming clear that the FISAgate Scandal is bigger than Watergate. In his third video covering the fallout, he takes a look at the media’s failure at propaganda. It’s the media that’s been charging the release of information would damage the national security. How is that possible if the memo is all bullcrap?

Rosenstein Threatens Nunes

In a big government scandal – as we are in the midst of today – you never know what piece of evidence tips the scales and causes the suppression of the scandal to collapse and be fully exposed. For example, the Watergate scandal during the early 1970s revolved around very similar issues as does the ongoing scandal today – the abuse of power by President Barack Obama and his illegal use of the FBI, the CIA and the IRS to go after political opponents. Bill Still reports.

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