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Have We Reached The Precipice?

Trump and the patriots are now pushing the [Deep State] in the direction they want. They used the color revolution against them and now people realize that [Joe Biden’s] entire presidency is fake, just like the election. The hunters have truly become the hunted and the patriots are now on the hunt. Dan Scavino sends another message about the precipice. This time it shows some reaching the precipice. It looks like it is time. Everything is about to change. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.


C-Grade Actor Playing Biden

Here is a Wil Paranormal video exploring a persistent rumor. Namely, it’s said the real Joe Biden suffered a debilitating stroke in February. Ever since, he’s not been appearing in public, but instead been portrayed by a C-grade, 83-year-old Hollywood actor, Arthur Roberts, wearing a prosthetic mask.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson let the cat out of the bag, taunting Roberts as a fraud upon supposedly meeting Joe Biden. “You’re not Joe Biden?,” Johnson declared. “Who the bloody hell are you?”


Military Ready To Oust Biden

President Trump returned on Air Force 1 this week in the secrecy of night. All will be revealed to the world very soon.

Delta Force is the Elite branch of the Army that has been protecting President Donald Trump over the past few months at the new White House Mar a Lago in Florida. While the White House in Washington is slated either for demolition or turned into a Museum, things are unclear at this point.

The only thing that is clear is that the White House is permanently closed and dark. The fake President Joe Biden has been conducting his press conferences between Castle Rock Studios in L.A. and Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

IT’S ALMOST OVER FOLKS. More from Wil Paranormal.

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