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Pelosi’s Atmosphere Of Fear

Paranoid Nancy Pelosi is still clinging to her battalion of National Guard troops, although there is no longer a threat–or never was–on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy tells Sara Carter he’s figured on why she is taking this course of action. “Speaker Pelosi has taken the emotions of Jan. 6 and has tried to string those out as long as possible, to try to present an attitude of fear and trepidation as long as possible,” Murphy says.

The North Carolina Congressman says the majority of the troops would be better served protecting and assisting federal agents on the southern border. Here’s more with Murphy on the Sara Carter podcast.

Feds Kill Antifa Hitman

An ANTIFA agitator suspected of murdering a Donald Trump supporter in Portland was killed during a shootout with US Marshals. Dead in Lacey, southwest of Seattle in Washington state, is Michael Reinoehl, who killed Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in Portland last week. U.S. marshals were moving in to arrest Reinoehl when a gun battle ensued. Looks like the Feds aren’t as hesitant as the Portland, Oregon, police to take on Antifa. More from The Sun, a British newspaper.

Here’s one more covid death to add to the Democrats’ bogus tally. More from Meme the Left.


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