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Musings From Dystopia

Yesterday’s youth encouraged free thinking and even open rebellion. Nowadays, youths seems to have settled into a pattern of blind obedience to authority. How did everything change? More from Computing Forever.

World Rebels Against Hollywood

The world is rebelling against Liberal Hollywood. As Hollywood loses its bearings, so does Globalism. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Environmental Rebellion Grows

All across the world, environmentalists are facing a growing rebellion. Why? Because these schmucks are fighting to wipe out the economies of most nations in the Western world. Whether they are in Europe, North America or Australia, the environmentalists are pushing radical attacks against industries and cars, all while totally ignoring the world’s most populated states, like the Communist Chinese or India. In other words, they are asking us to make sacrifices while Communist China and India skirt the rules and gain world domination. Dr. Steve Turley discusses the global sea change.

Piers Morgan: If climate change is a threat, why don’t you practice what you preach by reducing your carbon footprint?

“It’s not about my carbon footprint, it’s about YOUR carbon footprint” 🤦‍♂️ The epic hypocrisy of climate extremists 😂 More from PragerU.

Extinction Rebellion protesters receive backlash from sane, working-class folks. More from Paul Joseph Watson and InfoWars.

Iranian False Flag

The Truth Factory discusses the protests in Iran and notes: “I’m not taking sides as I can’t possibly know what is actually going on. An orchestrated Iranian coup could be easily justified if there is a real nuclear threat. It wouldn’t be hard to spark a revolution in a country where people are oppressed and are at their limits. It’s also possible that the protests are organic and I’m reading too much into this. I just thought this was an interesting topic with an interesting history that might be important to this story.”

The Iranian people aren’t giving up. They are willing to fight for their freedom with only their fists and a few rocks. This incredible video was taken on New Year’s Day, then smuggled out of the country. It shows average people surrounding and attacking a group of Revolutionary guards. They are the ones in the black helmets. Bill Still reports.

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