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Head Lines Matter

Rolling Stone Magazine should stick with rock music. When they touch upon news, the magazine lacks journalistic standards.

In the latest incident, Rolling Stone attacked the covid-19 drug ivermectin by reporting on a hospital in Oklahoma where patients supposedly couldn’t get emergency treatment. The only problem: The magazine’s “source” was a doctor not on staff who hadn’t even treated anyone at the hospital for a couple of months.

So what Rolling Stone reported was closer to bullshit than fact.¬† Brings to mind the magazine’s big scandal over an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia in 2014. That story turned out to be totally fabricated and false, resulting in the magazine and the author of the article losing a massive defamation lawsuit. More from Jamie Dlux.



Bill Gates Pleads His Case

Bill Gates made a broad effort Thursday to disassociate himself from Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious child sex trafficker who Gates visited several times in New York City, Florida and possibly elsewhere. Gates appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to admit he made a mistake becoming involved with Epstein.

At the same time, Rolling Stone Magazine released an article by Vicky Ward asking¬† “What Was The Real Relationship Between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates?”

Gates’ appearance on Thursday follows a report we ran Monday from Real Raw News claiming the U.S. military, and specifically, the U.S. Marines, had apprehended Gates on July 27 at a property he owns in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was said to be charged with child sex trafficking as well as having a venal role in the coronavirus pandemic.

How could he be doing TV interviews if he’s under military arrest? One possibility. If Gates has been providing information to authorities, perhaps he’s been given permission to make select appearances for optics purposes. He could have earned clemency for his children or ex-wife, or even been granted a peaceful death for himself, at a later date.

The Rolling Stone Magazine article, labeled “an absolute sham” by Luke Rudkowski, is more damaging. Its author, Vicky Ward, is a girlfriend of Richard Cohen, the American property developer formerly married to CNN host Paula Zahn. Cohen is a close confidant and friend to Lex Wexner, the former Victoria’s Secret CEO who just so happened to give Jeffrey Epstein the mansion that Epstein used in New York City.

In other words, the editors of Rolling Stone Magazine demonstrated no integrity whatsoever in hiring a shill like Vicky Ward. You could expect more purity coming from a baboon’s bare ass.

More from Rudkowski at We Are Change.


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