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Soros Is Targeted

The [Deep State] has been waging an insurgency at we the people. They lost as soon as [Hillary Rodham Clinton] lost the election. Trump had access to everything.

The way to stop an insurgency is with a counterinsurgency and this takes time. The people need to see the truth and the people need to know the system and who the criminals are. Once the people are awake, the military will work with the people to take back the country. Soros is targeted and many others are. More from the X22 Report.

Nuclear Energy Luggage Thief!

Meet Sam Brinton – The Nuclear Energy Luggage Thief! More from Awaken with JP.

Child Traffickers Exposed

The [Deep State] is being exposed. Elon Musk exposed child trafficking, pedophilia on Twitter. The people running Twitter protected it all, which is a crime.

The information war is moving to the next phase. The majority is no longer silent and the majority will begin to make demands, using multiple bull horns.

The [Deep State] is in extreme panic and they are struggling to take back the narrative, which they can not do. The election fraud and the overthrow of the government will be exposed. More from the X22 Report.

Elon Musk Sets The Stage

Elon Musk is now setting the stage. The information is being released and the people are now seeing how the US Government (FBI,DHS, etc.) worked with Big Tech to overthrow the U.S. Government.

They made up rules to to remove the sitting President of the US off of Twitter. The fake news, corrupt politicians were all for it. Those who knowingly worked with the [Deep State] to overthrow the US government are now caught in their own lies.

Justice is coming and the stage has now been set. Elon is the opening act. Trump is the closing act. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

Biden Fires Nuclear Agent

Joe Biden has fired Sam Brinton, the “gender-fluid” nuclear agent from the U.S. Department of Energy, charged with stealing a women’s designer luggage.

Brinton served as deputy assistant secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy. Besides his dustup over luggage that he supposedly pilfered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Brinton also raised eyebrows by attending so-called “spank parties!” Looks like he was doing some basic training, as he’s now been spanked good and hard, losing his comfy job that paid him close to $200,000 annually. More from The Quartering.

Stolen Luggage

Officers Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi round up Sam Brinton, a dangerous luggage thief. More from The United Spot.

Biden Diversity Hire Backfires

The Biden Mafia apparently blundered immensely in its diversity hire of Sam Brinton. The gender-fluid nuclear “expert,” who in 2015 defended underage gay prostitution website “,” allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport on September 16, Fox News reports, citing a criminal complaint filed Oct. 16 in Minnesota.

According to court filings, surveillance footage showed Brinton taking the luggage, then removing its tag identifying the owner, before leaving the airport. Brinton was observed using the luggage during at least two other trips to Washington DC – on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9.

Biden had hired Brinton as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy. With his annual salary of $178,063, you’d think he could have bought a Vera Bradley suitcase himself, if he really wanted it that badly. More from Memology 101.

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