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Andy Dybala, of Live With Andy, dives into stories surrounding the profusion of misinformation flooding the planet.

He shares details on Apple’s new deep fake tech, how bots influence our thoughts, Chinese spies in the United States, the worldwide disinformation campaign and genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida, exposing how the globalists are using preplanned disinformation to sway public discourse.

The Storm Is Upon Us

The patriots have now set the stage for what is coming. The [Deep State] has been brought out of the darkness and they are panicking. [Hillary Rodham Clinton] is now trying to plead her case that her emails were not classified. She is panicking. Trump sends a message. The storm is coming.

Dan Scavino backs it up and then Trump truths and uses the phrase by the book. The people are ready. The storm is about to hit. The [Deep State] will do stupid things to try to counter it all. This is when it is all exposed. More from the X22 Report.

Illusion, No More!

The [Deep State] is now stripping the illusion away. Their roles that have been used for years are no longer working. Now, they are reacting out of panic and fear and people can see their true selves.

When Trump allowed the [Deep State] to move into the White House, he did it so he could see the entire board and to see who was loyal. Those who thought that they won allowed their true inner person to come out and Trump was able to see this very clearly.

Now [Joe Biden] and the puppet masters are so panicked that they have removed their roles and the people can now see their true inner evilness. More from the X22 Report.

You’re the most awake you’ve ever been and you know it! Each day provides more exposure of who [they] really worship! Educators brag about what they teach our children! j6 patriots in jail to be pardoned if Trump wins? More from And We Know.

We Will Have Our Country Back

John Durham has what he needs for the next case. Watch what happens next. Musk has Twitter where he wants them. They knowingly lied about the bot count on the site. This will not work out well for them in the end. Trump and the patriots are exposing the entire system. The [Deep State] have lost the narrative and the people and they admit to this. The [Deep State] will do anything and everything to regain power but this will fail. The 16-year plan has failed and now the people can see this. More from the X22 Report.

FBI Agents Have Flipped

FBI agents have now flipped and are working with special prosecutor John Durham to break the Deep State. Durham is ready!

Twitter has been exposed again — involved in allowing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of bots to boost Leftist politicians.

Republicans emerge victorious as Doug Mastriano wins the gubernatorial primary in Pennsylvania! Now we will get to the bottom of the Democrats’ forced covid regimes. More from And We Know.

Day 3 of the Michael Sussmann Trial. Special Prosecutors called Democratic power lawyer Marc Elias, Former FBI General Counsel James Baker and FusionGPS’s Laura Seago. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

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