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How Was 2020 Election Stolen?

Here, Jan Halper-Hayes appears on a British newscast and begins to lay out how the 2020 was stolen. She talks about the 1871 treaty and says Joe Biden only serves as president of the United States corporation, not the nation as a whole. She also asserts that the U.S. Space Force has collected data that comprehensively proves election fraud, including false votes and ballots, were used by the Democrats to pervert the election results.

Bombard’s Body Language analyzes Halper-Hayes’ appearance. Bombard’s says the visual evidence suggests Halper-Hayes believes strongly in what she is asserting. In other words, while she could be wrong, she must certainly believes she is correct and that the eventual, emerging facts will support her.  Here’s more from Bombard’s Body Language Ghost channel.

Let’s hope in the months ahead we learn more about which specific federal units collaborated to steal the election so we can dismantle the corrupt teams and prosecute those behind the election interference.

The Military Is The Only Way

Rogan O’Handley, aka DC_Draino, is a patriot and lawyer, involved in exposing corruption. Rogan begins the conversation explaining how important the Durham report is.

Trump has now been completely exonerated. Trump has the leverage and he put everything into place for trap the [Deep State].

He tweeted the mechanism to spring the insurrection act. He used Space Force to monitor the overthrow of the government.

Once the insurrection was complete, the military intelligence took over. The military is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Military: Only Way Forward

The [Deep State] is panicking. They need to remove Trump any way they can, and the new tactic is to keep him busy with lawsuits and try to gag him with each one, so he cannot respond during the election. This is called election interference.

The Space Force was created by Trump and it was not covered by the POSSE COMITATUS until after the 2020 elections. The insurrection was triggered on Nov. 3 and the military came online to monitor everything. The [Deep State] will not prosecute their own. The military is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

World Vs. The Khazarian Mafia

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss World War 3 and the counter war that is being waged against the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Zionist Khazarian mafia. It’s not game over for humanity just yet.

Demonic Rituals Across The US

China, Asia Foundation, Satanic rituals televised, children targeted, vile affections. Pray! More from And We Know.

The Grammy Awards on Sunday night didn’t even try to hide it anymore. The music business has turned into a full-throttle Satanic sideshow.

And who should emerge as a leading sponsor for this carnival act? Pfizer, of course. More from Jamie Dlux.

Deep State Preparing Zero Day

The [Deep State] is now removing a liability. The treasonous crimes are being exposed and they lost the ability to censor because they lost Twitter and they do not have control over Truth Social and Rumble.

The [World Economic Forum] is now pushing the idea that a cyberattack is on its way. This will be an attempt to shut down communications. This will be Zero Day.

The patriots are prepared, Space Force was created plus there is Starlink. Trump and the patriots knew that this day would come and they are prepared for it.  More from the X22 Report.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

VPart Two of Christian 21 with captions! Trump and the White Hats kicked their asses right out of the looking glass!

Reptilians are possessed by demons! Gateway 10 is now controlled by the U.S. Space Force! Greys hate the Reptilians!

The Flash! The Aftermath! Our souls! Our future! The best is yet to come! More from McAllister TV.

Wake-Up Just Getting Started

Enemy warned. We have only just begun! The Wake-up is just getting started! The Space Force takes comms! Pray! More from And We Know.

Narrative Shift In Full Force

The [Deep State] is now preparing another [False Flag]. They are already letting everyone know the elections might not be decided. [Bill Gates] is pushing the civil war narrative. As the truth is brought into the public realm the [Deep State] players will try to stop it with a communication blackout.

Space Force has just taken control over the military satellites. The wireless network is ready. The [Deep State] will try to push a narrative shift but this will fail. It’s about to get really bumpy. Buckle up. More from the X22 Report.

Space Force To Play Vital Role

The [Deep State] is now floundering. Those who said that spying was lie, and that they were trying to protect America, this is going to boomerang on them and it will show that they are treasonous to the US. These are the same people that overthrew the US government.

Judgement is coming and the Space Force is very important. Trump caught them all and he has it all. Time is ticking down and the truth will expose their lies. More from the X22 Report.