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Dr. Birx Blames Trump

Who remembers Dr. Deborah Birx? Not content to allow her 15 minutes of fame to pass, Dr. Dirx is now stretching out, granting an interview to CNN where she blames the full spread of the coronavirus on President Donald Trump. Seeing as how Dr. Birx and her colleague Dr. Anthony Fauci were in charge of stopping the pandemic, her defense now seems mighty phony. But, hey, she get on CNN, so maybe a few hundred people now believe her! More from Mark Dice.

When Do We Get America Back?

It only took a swift and devastating coronavirus attack and some sneaky maneuvering from the Deep State to drastically change our country and culture. We listened to talking heads — such as the doctors Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx and Tedros Adhanom, the “experts” from WHO and the CDC–all arms of The Swamp, and all to no avail.

Nearly six months later, the nation is still mired in shutdowns and Draconian dictums mandating masks and social distancing. So when will we get America back? Fox News’ anchor Tucker Carlson says we were first told that lower hospital admissions and the flattening of the curve would bring normalcy. Admissions decreased and the curve flattened. Not good enough. The new benchmark: things will be fine when we get vaccines. And that didn’t hold for very long. A new announcement from the World Health Organization says that a vaccine will not be the end of all this craziness. It will never end.

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden entered the fray and proclaimed he will make masks mandatory if elected, even if you’re all alone outside. So what’s happening here? “You know what’s going on,” Carlson says. “Fear works. The more afraid you are, the more you will accept. Again, a feature of human nature. The more you’re cut off from your family and your friends, the more power they have to control you.” Here’s more from Carlson.

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Trump Zeroes In On Big Pharma

The Deep State and mainstream media are panicking more than ever before. Their carefully planned events to throw the country into chaos and eventually get rid of President Trump have gone awry. Simply said, the patriots are in full control.

In the latest salvo from the good guys, President Trump is setting his sights on Big Pharma and the FDA, not only aiming to lower drug prices but hopefully to push approval of therapeutics for COVID-19 and looking into cures for other maladies, such as cancer. X22 Report is inferring that the president might go a bit further in his 6 p.m. Sunday presser and drop a bombshell, possibly announcing the FDA approval of hydroxychloroquine. X22 Report also updates the mail-in voting controversy, John Brennan’s meeting with U.S. Attorney John Durham and the fake news surrounding the violent protests across the nation.

BREAKING NEWS: In a surprise announcement Sunday at his 6 p.m. press conference, President Trump said the FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma to treat patients stricken by the coronavirus, calling it an “historic breakthrough.”

Trump said the treatment, involving blood plasma donated by recovered Covid-19 patients, will be expanded under an emergency authorization by U.S. regulators to save countless lives. “This is what I’ve been looking to do for a long time,” Trump said at the White House press conference, adding that the decision will dramatically expand access to a powerful therapy. Trump said the emergency procedure speeded up the normal approval route by two or three years.

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Dems Strangle Small Businesses

Democrats Are STRANGLING Small Business On Purpose, Ignoring Science, Birx SHOCKED Lockdown Failing. Fauci has said its time to reopen and every state has begun to do so yet still many Democrats insist on extended citywide or even statewide lockdowns.

Now Dr Birx is asking the CDC to investigate why it is that cities still under lockdown are seeing covid cases remain steady. It seems that not only is the lockdown not helping it may have even backfired.

In spite of all this new data and new studies many Democratic governors resort to targeting small businesses.

There is a clear divide between Democrats insistence on remaining closed and Republicans calls for reopening the economy. Perhaps its an instinctive reaction to Trump because he called for a reopening but come November I can guess who will take the blame. More from Tim Pool.


Judge Jeanine Grills Dr. Birx

Judge Jeanine Pirro turns up the pressure on White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, pressing her on how pandemic deaths are recorded. Pirro points out that the Center for Disease Control is mandating that deaths affected by COVID-19 but rooted in other illnesses, such as cancer, pneumonia or diabetes, be counted as virus victims. Watch closely as Dr. Birx, firmly in the hot seat, attempts to dance around her response in this episode of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Fox News.

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Coronavirus Curve Flattening

The COVID-19 White House Task Force announced that America is flattening the curve and the prognosis calls for coronavirus deaths to dramatically decrease by the end of May. And with a handful of states beginning to emerge from lockdown, it appears the worst is behind us. Task force response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx gives us the lowdown on “Watters’ World,” with host Jesse Watters.

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