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Satanist Overthrow Of America

Cloned Waffen SS Elite Soldiers still alive?!? Himmler and Rosenstein! Podesta and Mengele! Waffen SS and Nacht Waffen! What about Michael Aquino, the Satanic pedophile?!? Presidio Daycare torture! Mae Brussell! Hitler messiah! Potus announcement! More from McAllister TV.

Antarctica Alien Bases!

Antarctica Nazi Alien bases! Admiral Byrd Secret Intel! Hidden Lizard City under Los Angeles! Hybrid armies on alien bases in Antarctica! Most recent video from Antarctica! Reptilian plans! Reptilians will not eat a dead human! The Dead are here now! They won’t come up here and kill humans…as long as our government feeds them down there! More from McAllister TV.

Drowning in Lies

Here’s a fascinating report from McAllisterTV focusing on the many ways governments, corporations, political groups and others mount propaganda campaigns. Most of the techniques involve spreading lies, or using secret units to discredit opponents or campaigns or ideas. Here, we get an introduction to the techniques and a look at how these techniques have been used over the decades.

There’s an in-depth review of the disastrous Guyana tragedy in 1978, involving the murder and assassinations of more than 900 people, orchestrated by the mad man Jim Jones. You do have to wonder: How much did the CIA influence this tragedy? Have they continued to disrupt and weaken America ever since, just as they are frequently involved in toppling other countries?

In the above video, McAllisterTV’s Linda Paris mentions the radio shows of Mae Brussell, one of the first American researchers who began to red-pill us about MK Ultra programming and the CIA’s dirty propaganda campaigns. Here is part of a Brussell broadcast from Dec. 1, 1978 that dealt with the Jonestown massacre. If you listen and are intrigued, you can still find the followup broadcasts concerning Jonestown. But best, if you are interested, to download and save these broadcasts as YouTube has been known to remove them as it continues to try to restrict our knowledge of our corrupt government.

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