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Calling All Lions

Help protect the innocent with Operation Underground Railroad. Awaken with JP explains the mission of this group to help eliminate the trafficking of children and women.

Adrenochroming Of Children

Hollywood star Jim Caviezel, of The Passion of the Christ fame, tells the Health and Freedom Conference that adrenochroming children is real and says kids are being pulled out of the recesses of “hell” as we speak. Caviezel, who was remotely beamed into the conference in Tulsa, Okla., joined an all-star cast of conservatives, including Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and Gen. Michael Flynn.

Caviezel’s latest role as Tim Ballard in the film Sound of Freedom, exposes the trafficking of children and the harvesting of adrenochrome. Ballard, a former special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, now heads Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-trafficking organization. Says Caviezel, “He was supposed to be in the room with me here or down there in Tulsa, but he’s saving children right now in DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and all kinds of places.”

In the following video, with host Paula C. Blades, Caviezel explains the process of harvesting adrenochrome to the crowd, calling it the worst horror he’s ever seen. “For the people who do it, there will be no mercy for them,” he says.

Smoke and Mirrors

Now that the Mueller hearing has flopped, what’s the next option available to Democrats? Is there any maneuvering they can do outside of impeachment?  In Pursuit of Truth gets into the options as well as returning to Jeffrey Epstein to look at his associate Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a British media mogul who owned the pro-Labor Party newspaper, the Daily Mirror.  He died on his yacht, which he had named the Lady Ghislaine. Ghislaine was no shrinking violet. She founded the Kit-Kat Club and befriended many rich and famous individuals, including the Clintons, earning an invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Also covered: How Sabo has turned a billboard advertising the latest Quentin Tarantino movie into an insult aimed at Hollywood’s embrace of pedophiles, including Roman Polanski.

SerialBrain2 returns to explore the secret message behind Ivanka Trump tweeting about the “United Kingston.” The long and short of it: Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump, exchange a series of tweets that underscore the coming changes in the Caribbean. The American government is not only aware of the ravishes that have occurred against the islands of Jamaica and nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but Americans are ready to apprehend those responsible for these crimes, including molesting, trafficking and killing children. Also, SerialBrain2 offers an update on chemtrails.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion catches up on the flurry of Q posts. In a jam-packed video, he also delves into the Clinton Body County, connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Disney, UFO disclosures and Area 51, as well as measles.

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Todd McMurtry, the attorney for Covington high school student Nick Sandmann, joins SGTReport and Dustin Nemos to discuss a new lawsuit – funded by Nemos – against Google and YouTube for their blatant political bias and censorship of Conservative, Libertarian and Christian free speech. More from SGTReport.

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