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[Deep State] Scared & Desperate

The [Deep State] is scared and desperate. They are now desperately trying to find out who Q is and trying to figure out the psyop program. Which means the [Deep State] is not in control.

Everything they have tried to do to destroy the country has boomeranged on them. Instead, people are waking up and fighting back. Trump has trapped them in their own agenda and now I do believe he is bringing them down a path to expose it all. More from the X22 Report.

Something Big About To Drop

The [Deep State] is panicking. The plan to make it look like Trump took classified docs is falling apart, but was this the real motivation or was it going to be used to start the riots? Mary Trump starts the narrative that Trump will resort to riots.

The [Deep State] is falling. The patriots’ path that was laid out for them. Something big is about to drop. How do you know? Attacks increase. Trump sends message. This will be a week to remember. Blackout. More from the X22 Report.

Ghoulish McCain Funeral

We joined many Americans who were disgusted by the overly politicized and ghoulish John McCain funeral. We refrained from commenting much on McCain ahead of the funeral because we were always taught it’s wrong to blaspheme the dead. But after the gross comments by Meghan McCain as well as the pitiful political display by creepy former presidents including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, we’re going to call that funeral exactly what it was: a charade and a final hurrah by a truly corrupt and evil ruling class.

None of you yahoos, Democrats or Republicans, gave two hoots about the American people or our economic well-being. You were too busy selling us out to Globalists and Illuminati scum.

Here, Lionel Nation weighs in, “Tolstoy spake: History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. Death does not cure or remove the stain of record and history. This week saw two of the most excessive, over-the-top, inappropriate politicized ghoulish processions that had to get the requisite digs in against the President. How trite and tawdry. And thoroughly expected. Too bad, because Aretha was a treasure. ”

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Signs are mounting that the Desperate Dems are growing even more desperate as now they brought Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on stage with former President Bill Clinton at the Aretha Franklin funeral. Farrakhan isn’t a black leader. He’s specifically an anti-white Islamist. Even the Washington Post ran a story on this, although they cropped nearly half of Farrakhan out of the picture. Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz blasted Clinton for having Farrakhan on stage with him. More from Bill Still.

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The M&Ms Blunder

Danger Dolan exposes the 15 worst business decisions ever because of greed, ignorance or just plain desperation. Among them was when in 1981 before the film was shot, ET director Steven Spielberg approached the Mars confectionary company to feature M&Ms as a small plot device in the film. Mars immediately declined, forcing producers of the film to go with their second choice–the Hershey Company and Reese’s Pieces. As you’ve guessed by now, Hershey profits soared in the coming months and Mars executives were left wiping egg off their faces. Checkout Danger Dolan’s compilation of 14 other poor business decisions.

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