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Reverse Course On Education

The United States used to have one of the best education systems across the entire planet. Now, our public schools are in shambles. There’s no critical thinking being taught, only rote memorization usually of senseless data. Here, Styxhexhenhammer calls for a sea change in how schools operate.

First and foremost, he proposes we return to the days when local governments and states ran controlled their own schools. It’s time for the lying, dog-faced, pony socialists in the federal government to butt out! Also, he proposes new measures that actually encourage and support home schooling as opposed to trying to wipe it out or criminalize it.

A second teacher has been placed on leave this week after admitting how she deceives and badgers her students. She is Kristen Pitzen of the Newport-Mesa United School District. Here, Mark Dice captures her Tik Tok videos, where she openly brags that she’s a liar and a scam. It’s little wonder more parents are realizing our public schools are run by con artists.

Corrupt Traitor Biden

On this episode, we talk about China’s plans to use captured US military technology from Afghanistan to reverse engineer it as a part of Joe Biden’s betrayal of American security. Also, we briefly discuss censorship of US history, Antifa infiltrating classrooms, Texas enacting a ban on abortion, and much more… Bible Study Lesson: James 4: 13-17 “Our Will & His Will.” More from JustInformed Talk.

Stay encouraged. Your voice matters. We are on the winning team. Pray! More from And We Know.

Project Veritas does it again, Gaetz vindicated, insane Judge take mom’s custody over vaxx status and Afghan again… More from RedPIll78.

Woke Teachers Getting Banned

Woke teachers are getting fired from schools all across the nation. Parents have had it with Leftist schools preying on their children. More from Steve Turley.

Here is the most recent example. Gabriel Gipe, a teacher at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California, gives his secret formula for turning students into revolutionaries. He openly admits that he is practicing Communist indoctrination. Why are Leftist propagandists like Gipe working in our public schools? Take a hike, you piece of gutter trash! More from Project Veritas.

Teacher Browbeats Trump Fan

A Washington Middle School Teacher, Brendan Stanton, gets TRIGGERED after a 10-year-old student says he admires President Donald Trump and goes on a anti-Trump rant after kicking the child from the class. The recorded phone call is more PROOF that children are being indoctrinated and brainwashed by schools and leftist activists. More from Mr. Obvious.

Zoomers Take The Red Pill

Woke Teachers are MAD they can’t brainwash students anymore, Zoomers are taking the RED PILL.More from Mr. Obvious.

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The Media Did This

The mainstream media did this to America. These rat-ass liars have been stoking violence against whites for decades now. Combine them with a backward education system run by Leftists and you get senseless outbreaks like what we are witnessing this week. If anything is going to get torn down, it should be the schools run by these idiotic, lying teachers who badmouth America.

Kids will be much better off undergoing home schooling and bypassing these indoctrination camps. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Home Schooling Under Attack

Home schooling is the only form of education America’s children are now getting. But a Harvard University professor has chosen just this time to attack home schooling. She is charging that it radicalizes children. You mean: Teaches them to think more independently, as opposed to simply regurgitating the Leftist platitudes taught by most school teachers? More from Memology 101.

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Dr. Steve Turley also discusses the case of Elizabeth Bartholet, the Harvard University law professor with the hard-on against home schooling. The reality: The whole world is practicing home schooling these days. Hard to believe Bartholet heads Harvard’s Child Advocacy Program when she’s such a flagrant and prejudiced bigot.

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