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Has WWIII Been Declared?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the essential declaration of war between Russia, China, Israel and India against the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Britain and NATO!

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Sigurdson says Finland, Poland and several other countries may well be in a world of hurt in light of the push by the Cabal for global war in its march toward the Great Reset. Here’s his report.

UK To Exclude Trannies

The UK government is moving to create a legal framework that will exclude trannies from single-sex spaces. The Equality in Human Rights Commission in Britain announced that the move to exclude transgender people in such instances is perfectly legal in certain scenarios if there is sufficiently good reason. The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters explain further.

The Truth About Mind Control

Josh Sigurdson reports on the breaking news from ZeroHedge that the U.S. has accused China of developing brain-control technology, leading to sanctions and trade restrictions.

Problem is, the U.S. is basically guilty of the same thing. Says Sigurdson, “There are abundant examples of brain-control technology out of the U.S.” He adds there are many institutes, operations and technologies focused on mind control in America. He breaks down the history of mind control from MK Ultra to Operation Mockingbird in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Trickle-Down Tyranny

Josh Sigurdson says what we see in China usually spreads to the rest of the world. Case in point are the recently employed mobile Covid testing units in China, whereby peopled were administered coronavirus tests. If they tested positive or did not comply, they were sent into quarantine. Pretty harsh measures, to say the least.

Truth is, says Sigurdson, we’re already witnessing these extreme similarities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. “This is no coincidence,” Sigurdson says. “China has been vastly propped up by the U.S. government over the years and used as a testing ground for tyranny.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Wasn’t This Biden’s Strength?

Wasn’t foreign policy supposed to be Joe Biden’s strength? Apparently not, following the faux pas in Afghanistan and the mess on our southern border.

Sean Spicer, former White House press secretary for President Trump, tells Sara Carter that the narrative of the last presidential election was that Biden was this mature adult and former chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, who had friends leading countries around the world and would bring a sense normalcy to our foreign policy. “And look what’s happened,” Spicer said. “You have French, British, other foreign leaders talking about what a disgrace this has become.” Here’s more of Spicer’s analysis on Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan that exposed the decades-long lie that he was a foreign policy expert.

Just Say No

Enough is enough! That’s the message being telegraphed across the planet, as we witness massive uprisings denouncing vaccine passports and insane totalitarianism.

World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that Australia is the latest country to join the outcry, flooding the streets of Victoria, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to say no to its tyrannical government. Meanwhile, France was forced to postpone its attempt at imposing a jab passport and Greece continues to see large gatherings. Sigurdson breaks down the importance of disobedience as the world says no to tyranny.

Who Was St. Patrick?

Every March 17 people around the world don their best green attire to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But chances are, there’s a lot you don’t know about Ireland’s patron saint.

For starters, St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish. He was born in fifth-century Britain, then part of the Roman Empire. He was kidnapped by Irish raiders when he was 16, spent six years in captivity, then returned to Ireland to spend the rest of his life as a missionary. Perhaps the most famous myth surrounding his legacy, St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland, which symbolizes cleansing the country of paganism. Tune in to the History Channel for more.

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