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Big-Skulled Anunnaki Banksters

References in ancient Sumeria as well as the Old Testament first introduced the Anunnaki, the so-called Giants who meddled in the affairs of humankind. Said to be of large stature, with big skulls, have these giants survived to modern times? Are individuals such as the Rothschild banking family descended from this old breed?

Here, McAllister TV delves into the possible existence of longstanding secrets that have been covered up and shielded away from our view. One place where you can go to catch whiffs of the truth: The Q MegaMeme files.

McAllister TV host Linda Paris draws from these files to trace connections linking a host of neer-do-wells, from the lying leftists in the fake news to the pedophile profiteers in Hollywood and Washington DC. And these black hats aren’t simply Americans. They are a global phenomenon, with many political and business leaders, especially in Europe,  just as compromised and as complicit.

When will the Great Awakening come, so we can clear the decks and start fresh, building a safer and more solid society? Stay tuned.

Guy Brummell (aka Agent Margaritaville) holds the key to the Canadian crown government’s darkest secrets, and now feels his life could be in danger! Will Guy be able to seek amnesty from the USA, per the USMCA Agreement? All eyes on Guy Brummell! Here’s a second post Tuesday from McAllister TV.

Melania Trump: A Romanov?

Canadian truckers wake up the world! Guy Brummel, aka Agent Margaritaville, speaks out! The Canadian cops are the mob! Is The Queen dead? Rothschild Romanov slaughter! Three World War plan! Is Melania a Romanov? The best is yet to come. More from McAllister TV.

Margaritaville Eludes Poisoning!

Poisoning attempt made last night on Agent Margaritaville — Guy Brummel — now being held in a Canadian prison! In other updates, Matrix II abductee drawings! Files from Black Projects! Secret governments and aliens! Sirians! Greys! More from McAllister TV.

Deception Everywhere!

Did Cirsten Weldon really die from bacterial pneumonia last week or is she faking her death in a brazen act of deception? McAllister TV raises this new twist in a hard-hitting video released Sunday that paints Weldon as a money laundering scam who might well have good reason to want to hide.

Linda Paris, the host of McAllister, admits she made a few features with Weldon as a guest, but says she quickly came to the conclusion that Weldon was a fraud, and discontinued any association or communication with her.

In particular, Paris cites evidence presented by Guy Brummel, Agent Margaritaville, that Weldon and Timothy Charles Holmseth conspired to steal nearly $1 million from a children’s foundation that Brummel had established with Field McConnell. “I did not know that Cirsten was responsible for setting Field up (in order to get him out of the way) so that Timothy (Holmseth) could take control of that money,” Paris says.

Also, she speculates whether Weldon was a woman, or simply another Bea Arthur — a dude masquerading as a sexy woman, wearing some mighty fine and outrageous costumes.


Biden Gone By End Of July

Joe Biden will be leaving the White House before the end of July. That’s the word from Guy Brummel, aka Agent Margaritaville, who is currently incarcerated at a Canadian prison in Lindsay, Ontario. He makes the claim about Biden in a call to McAllister TV. He noted how Q said Biden would be gone in 30. People thought that meant 30 days, but Brummel says Q was more likely talking about 30 weeks, meaning the end of July.

Otherwise, this episode gets into President Donald Trump’s first big rally in Wellington, Ohio. Look for more trolling of the fake news.



Agent Margaritaville’s Ill Fate

Guy Brummel (also known as Agent Margaritaville) has been locked up in PRISON because he has a list of PEDOS living in CANADA AND the USA, who occupy KEY positions of power. Learn why PEDOPHILE illuminati puppets… all want Guy Brummel to go away! More from MCAllister TV.


They Fear What’s Coming

Their mocking of all patriots has ramped up! Make no mistake about it: It’s because they fear what’s coming! Shocking horrors will be revealed, evils so shocking they will galvanize the public to clean house.

The political thugs in Washington DC who have preyed upon innocent children soon will pay the price for their sordid crimes. For now, we take this journey together: One step at a time. More from And We Know.

Trump and the patriots needed everyone to see the truth about the economy, Trump made the economy incredible inside the [Central Banker] controlled economy. He used their weapons against them. Now people are seeing that Trump was working for the people.

Why did the patriots need people to see this, the transition. The patriots have the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media exactly where they want them. When will this go down? It has been planned by Trump and his team. This is about exposing and destroying the [DS]/MSM system.

The truth is shining bright and it is putting the light on those who have been hiding in the dark. The people are going to see the truth. The [DS]/MSM will try to stop it. The people will demand to see it. More from the X22 Report.

After intense pressure from the public regarding exposure of Election Fraud, Time Magazine now tries to spin the narrative that a “well-funded Cabal” did something good in defrauding the nation. Facial recognition shows that Neo-Nazi Ukrainians were present at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Maxine Waters defends her violent rhetoric. RedPill78 also brings us more info on the Biden ballot dump at the TCF Center, Detroit’s convention center, on Nov. 4, 2020.

Have some Cabal criminals already been executed? Will the pedophile predator network break first in Canada?

Agent Magaritaville, a YouTube QAnon follower who has been on the run since May, a wanted man,  says children’s foundations, along with a network of gay pedo lawyers and Satanists, have run child trafficking across Canada for many years. Children have been trafficked using Evergreen containers via an underground network extending across Canada and reaching down into the United States.

Canadian leaders including Justin Trudeau and Kim Campbell have known about this network, but not done a damn thing to shut it down. Here, McAllister TV explains the dirty deeds.


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