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Rich And Poor Get Richer

Everywhere people trash capitalism. It’s become the punching bag of choice because people don’t understand it. Popular refrains are: The rich always get richer, or capitalism funnels all the money to the top one percent.

Appearing on the John Stossel podcast, economist Dan Mitchell sets the record straight and busts the ridiculous ideas about rich entrepreneurs, income inequality and monopolies. Says Mitchell, “The rich get richer in a capitalist society, but guess what? The rest of us get richer as well.” Here more with Stossel and Mitchell.

Explorers’ Guide To SciFi World

The globalists have been trying to use an array of violent tactics, including bioweapons and Antifa radicals, to destroy the American middle class and break down our resistance. But we are done bending the knee to these bastards. We are waking up and sounding our battle cry: What the fuck?

Douchebag liars like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates will never control our society. They might play games with our food supply or attempt to weaken and wreck our economy, but we no longer believe or trust them, nor do we buy into the mainstream media that covers up the truth on behalf of these liars.

This will be a hot summer of Vindication Woo! Watch for danger in June, panic in July and change to begin in August. More from Clif_High.

A New System Of Control

Wall Street veteran Gregory Mannarino says he’s warned America for more than a decade that we’re in the middle of a two-tiered society of extreme haves and have-nots and a wipeout of the middle class. He says back then he was unaware what mechanism the Deep State would use to accomplish its plan until the COVID-19 pandemic came along.

“They used the scamdemic to shut down the local economy, kill small businesses, Great Depression levels of unemployment and allow a hideous merger to occur between this new American government and these corporations,” Mannarino says. “The definition of this is fascism.” He tells Alex Jones of InfoWars that we’re in the middle of something so ugly and twisted that people can’t see it. Here’s more with Mannarino, who says evil is upon us and people have to wake up.

Steep Price Of Biden’s Taxes

Make no mistake about it: Joe Biden’s tax plans would not only be expensive, but potentially devastating for the middle class. Here, The Liberty Doll explores the cost of Bidenomics.

The Most Terrifying IQ Statistic

Clinical psychologist and commentator Jordan Peterson says the most terrifying IQ statistic in America is you can’t induct anyone into the military with an IQ under 83. Peterson says our U.S. Armed Forces has been on the forefront of intelligence since World War I, because they are onboard with the idea–especially during wartime–that you had to sort people effectively and without bias so you can build up the officer corp and, of course, so you don’t lose the war.

The motivation was equally as important during peacetime, where the military could take people out of the underclass and move them up into the working class or middle class, actually using the process to promote social mobility. So after 100 years of careful statistical analysis of the process, the results were stunning.

Says Peterson, “The Armed Forces concluded that if you had an IQ of 83 or less, there wasn’t anything you could possibly be trained to do in the military, at any level of the organization, that wasn’t positively counter-productive.” Learn more in this edition of Simulation.

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Paul Pelosi: Hunter Biden Redux

Most of you have heard about the big crooked deals that Hunter Biden had in the Ukraine and China. These are deals that brought him not thousands, but millions of dollars. For what? Hard to say, although likely these deals involved Hunter Biden lending his influence over bigger fish, say, Joe Biden.

Well, now, we’re learning that just like Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr. also had lucrative deals in place overseas. Who’s Paul Pelosi Jr., you ask?  The son of Nancy “let them eat ice cream” Pelosi!

Here, McAllister TV explains how Hunter and Paul worked, and also gets into the latest for-profit exercise in New York City hospitals: Killing people for $$$!

America’s super-rich keep on getting more wealthy while the rest of us are all losing ground. Soon there will be no middle class left — only the wealthy and the poor controlled by the wealthy. Here, We Are Change talks about what the super-rich are plotting next. They never stop!

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Think Tesla. As we rediscover the value of ultraviolet light, what other buried and forgotten technologies will arise to aid us in the future? The restructuring of our everyday life is under way. More from TRUreporting.

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Catastrophe Is The Cure

Catastrophe: Is it the only cure for inequality? Black Pigeon Speaks asks this question in delving into the great disparities in recent years. We now have more multi-billionaires than ever before, as well as more poverty. Can the middle class between these two poles even survive?

The Collapse of California

Footage and photographs from the bygone golden era of the Golden State. Near the end are just a few images of what California has become – but not does accurately portray the true mess that California is really in. The situation is very bad and will only get worse. For the Golden State, it may be too late, but for the rest of the United States it doesn’t have to be. What has happened to California should be an indicator of what is to become of the rest of the USA if it run by socialist liberals. We must protect the country and its people from those who wish to destroy everything we hold dear.

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If California is viewed as a window to America’s future, we are headed toward ugly times. The Democrats who run the state have turned it into a magnet for the poor, as they can receive much higher benefits than they get in other states. So the poor are flocking to California, and the middle class are leaving. Already it is America’s most unequal state, the place with the greatest disparities between poor and the super-rich, who remain. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The move out of California has turned into a mass exodus. Not only taxes already high and skyrocketing, but there’s an enormous increase in the cost of living. The Money GPS says the biggest beneficiary is neighboring Nevada, receiving 25,000 to 50,000 incoming Californians every year.

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Leftism Will Eat Itself

As the Left pushes its divisive Identity politics and its technocratic Globalism, more of the middle class and working class have abandoned Liberalism. We no longer respect or want Liberal or Radical politicians. We do not want to see our nations engulfed by immigrants, or our neighborhoods torn apart by all the chaos and protest. Multiculturalism has been a disaster. Now, we are fighting to preserve our homes, our neighborhoods, our nations. We want to preserve a real future for our kids. Black Pigeon Speaks explains.



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