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Save Our Children

Jamie Dlux takes part in a protest march Saturday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, aimed at stopping pedophilia and child sex trafficking. We look for more marches along these lines as more people become aware of how organized thugs have been stealing away and brutalizing our children. These thugs must be stopped, no matter how powerful they are or who is their ally. The time has come to make our streets safe again for children!

Meanwhile, Dave Icke speaks at Trafalgar Square in London at the Unite for Freedom Rally, also on Saturday. In addition, there was a massive rally in Berlin, Germany, targeting the coronavirus lockdown. Worldwide, the public has had it with the massive censorship and efforts to control our movements and strip away our freedoms. At the top of our list of grievances, we want safety for our children, and no more lies from the mainstream media to protect pedophiles or sex traffickers!


Check Out The Hooker Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls are for children. When you place them under cold water, they reveal things such as bathing suits, devil’s tails, hooker regalia, tattoos, and such. This is not OK. An adolescent should not have to be subjected to this at such a young age!

The dolls are manufactured by the MGA Entertainment, based in Chatsworth, Calif. It is the world’s largest privately owned toy company, under the direction of an Iranian-born CEO, Isaac Larian. Their product line includes the Bratz fashion dolls and Little Tikes. Until they clean up their act, we recommend boycotting all of their scuzzy products. More from Matt Hutsell.

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The New York Post ran a feature story about the derelict dolls. Titled “Parents don’t find LOL Surprise doll’s genitals very funny,” you can read it here:

Alyssa Milano: Real Degenerate

Alyssa Milano presents herself as a feminist and one with some moral chops. But in point of fact, she is little more than a dumb-ass and a degenerate. George Soros bought and paid for this shill. In her youth, she was a member of the Soda Pop Club and girlfriend of Corey Haim. But now, she does the biding of those behind the abuse of Haim.

Here, cirstenw and Melody Krell take a look at Milano as well as the crib from which she rises — Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency. Her husband, Dave Bugliari, is an agent for CAA. Here is a partial list of the Hollywood, musical and sports talent he represents: actors and actresses Christina Applegate, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Will Ferrell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jon Heder, George Lopez, Jeremy Piven, Brad Pitt, Dax Shepard, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Renee Zellweger, hockey player Sidney Crosby, basketball star LeBron James, rapper Ludacris, quarterback Peyton Manning, film director Steven Spielberg, and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

You are about to be shocked and set free. You are about to realize how wrong you were when you got upset or freaked out when you were hearing people talk about satanic pedophilia, corrupt politicians, and President Trump draining the swamp. And how wrong you were when you bitched, cursed, or hated Trump without even taking the time to think about it a bit in case it was true. Anyways I hope the non-believer can live with themself after they realize that somebody else could be right beside them. God Bless! More from gjgodbout.

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Confirmation is now coming in to verify Timothy Charles Holmseth’s charges that a pedophile ring in the Ukraine has been supplying babies to wealthy businessmen in China and Japan. Here, David Jose discusses the charges in a video feed on The High Command.

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Here, we present a contrarian view — from Craig Sawyer, founder of Veterans for Child Rescue. He disputes stories of the “mole children” being rescued in underground tunnels, as cirstenw, Timothy Charles Holmseth and Gene Decode have all asserted. He accuses these individuals of engaging in “hope porn for profit,” saying they are spreading lies as click-bait to get views.

Sawyer was involved in the big dust-up with Lewis Arthur Meyers, who purported to discover a child sex camp outside Tucson, Ariz., near the Mexican border. Meyers was subsequently arrested on charges of fabricating that camp so he could bilk supporters for money.

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Is Tom Hanks Alive Or Not?

Gene Decode says evidence is mounting to suggest Tom Hanks, and quite possibly his wife Rita Wilson, are both dead. Gene Decode cites a Tweet sent by Kirsten Dunst, the Hollywood actress now in New Zealand, that shows a doll of Woody, who was voiced by Tom Hanks in the 1995 movie Toy Story, lying on a carpet, seemingly inert. Dunst played a daughter of Hanks in the 1990 movie Bonfire of the Vanities.

Hanks had supposedly served as an “at home” host for the April 11th episode of Saturday Night Live, but some notable skeptics, including Tommy G, argued that that appearance was a sham. They cited irregularities in Hanks’ ear lobe and neck, as well as signs that someone else, most likely his brother Jim, might have supplied his vocals.

Besides the news about Hanks, Gene Decode says Pope Francis and German chancellor Angela Merkel have both been arrested, and hundreds of trillions of dollars in gold confiscated from vaults underneath the Vatican. Also, the family of Somerset Belenoff, one of the leaders of the Illuminati, has been obliterated in a nuclear blast over Antarctica.

Here in the United States, two more major hubs of the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) network have been cleared — one in Missouri and a second one in Los Alamos, NM. At the Missouri DUMB, more than 3,000 children were rescued, although a large number, around 1,500, were found dead. The Los Alamos DUMB served as a major linkage connecting the Rocky Mountain states with the DUMBs network further west in California and Nevada, including Area 51. The West Coast DUMBs follow a network shaped like the constellation Gemini while the Rocky Mountain DUMBs in New Mexico and Colorado are configured like the constellation Orion.

Where are the children from these DUMBs? At this point, they are being cared for at other DUMBs sites that have been cleared. Some 70 to 80 percent of those in existence have been seized by the US military. The balance remains to be done.

There were some children rescued beneath New York City who had been cross-bred with pigs. Some of those children asked to be put to death, rather than live any longer. The mass grave site on Hart Island was not laying to rest COVID-19 victims, but these pig/children crossbeeds.

Some DUMBs are now being cleared out internationally. These include many in Italy and Eastern Europe, a number in New Zealand and some in Argentina. There have not been any taken out yet in Canada, and only one small site in Australia. More from cirstenw.

cirstenw returned later Wednesday evening with the first video, set to the music of Lauren Daigle’s song Rescue, showing child victims who have been freed during this past month’s raids through the underground tunnels of the United States and elsewhere. The footage showing the children starts around the 12:45 minute-mark. It is disturbing — these children have been brutalized and their eyes are blackened, their faces swollen. While it is difficult to see, it’s time the American people understood the evils that have existed right beneath our homes and our schools, businesses and towns.

The opening 12 minutes+ delves into the many shenanigans surrounding the use of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure. Needless to say, the Democrats are eager to drag out this mess. They’ve got nothing else that will save them after people begin to realize the horror show that’s been happening for decades in these DUMBs.

Here is a German report from April 8, 2020 that covers the fire in Berlin in the underground tunnels or vaults below the Berlin Stadtschloss. This is the Berlin Palace, also known as the Berlin City Palace, a building in the center of Berlin, located on the Museum Island at Schlossplatz, opposite the Lustgarten park. From the 15th century to the early 20th century, the Berliner Schloss was a royal and imperial palace and served mostly as the main residence of the Electors of Brandenburg, the Kings of Prussia, and the German Emperors. Nowadays, it is being retrofitted to serve as the Humboldt Forum, a museum that will serve as German’s equivalent to the British Museum in London. More from Bild.

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Look For Mass Arrests Soon

Liz Crokin says to expect mass arrests soon.  She says she cannot get any confirmation, yeah or nay, of whether the arrests will involve human trafficking and the abuse of children. But she does believe mass arrests will be seen. Here, she discusses more specifics.

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Relentless Pursuit, a new biographical work on Jeffrey Epstein, has been published. Here we get details on Epstein’s relations with celebrities including Michael Jackson and David Copperfield. There is a look at Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz as well as Murray Gell-Mann, the founder of the Santa Fe Institute and winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize for his research on elementary particles. While the federal government knew that Epstein had allegedly violated some 34 confirmed minors, the charges against him avoided mentioning these crimes. It’s hinted that this was an outgrowth of his relationship with the CIA. The book is by Bradley J. Edwards, a civil trial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who represented some of Epstein’s victims. More from Jamie Dlux.

Satanism is rife within Hollywood, and it is hidden in plain sight in movies and TV shows, mocking the audience. Want examples? Here are some from the movies Home Alone, Dragnet and Bruce Almighty. More from Follow the White Rabbit.

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Is Disney really just Pedophile Inc.? Dustin Nemos offers yet another example of in-your-face pedophilia hidden in a Disney film. This is becoming so commonplace now, you have to wonder: Who was minding the store at Disney? Why did they have so many creeps working under their banner?

Secret Underground Bunkers

The war being waged now is not against the coronavirus but against a powerful elite that wanted to detonate nuclear weapons to wipe out the population of the planet. Well, they did not want to wipe out everyone — just the vast majority of people living on the surface of the planet. What they wanted to preserve was a small, elite group that would dwell in some 275 underground cities spread across the United States. The largest of these cities can house 40,000 to 60,000 people.

Here, David Wilcock describes these cities, who runs them, the technology they command, and their heinous plot, foiled by President Donald Trump. Presumably there are many other underground cities beneath other nations around the world. Much remains to be discovered in the weeks and months ahead.

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It appears the prediction of 10 days of darkness pertained to the military seizing these underground sites. Pure evil is about to be exposed to the world, says the X22 Report. Why are the hospitals being prepped? Why do we need ventilators? Why are the Mercy and Comfort in the ports? Why has the censorship been removed from Google? How do you bring the country together: Children. More from Daniel Lee at dnajilon7.

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CirstenW offers news updates, including a fire in Ft. Myers, Fla., that destroys a few hundred vehicles, the canoe death of a member of the Kennedy clan and the reported illness of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Also, support is building for an arrest of Bill Gates, whose advocacy of vaccines is tied directly to his connections with the New World Order.

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A Surge In The Storm

The [Deep State] just signaled an event to go after the Dragon. The FISA court wants names for certain warrants. Durham is on the hunt. The mission is going forward. Stay vigilant. News unlocks pain is coming. All the indicators are pointing to a surge of the storm coming very soon. More from the X22 Report.

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Are we hunting and destroying global trafficking cartels? When it was said that C comes before D, did that mean that the rescue of trafficked children would occur before the Declass of the FISA documents? Let’s jump right in and see what’s happening. More from JustInformed Talk.

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As we all are aware, Dave from The X22 Report and Sean from the SGTReport do not see eye to eye on everything. In fact, there are many topics on which they disagree. But here, the two, both leading voices in the Q movement, come together to engage in a spirited but quite illuminating debate on the topic” Freedom or Slavery?

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They dun deplatformed me. Paypal and MailChimp have both moved to cut off and censor Jordan Sather and his Destroying the Illusion YouTube channel. Here, Sather reacts to the censorship. It’s something that many of us, using a wide variety of platforms and social media, have experienced in recent weeks.

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Ready To Be Part Of History?

The President wants us all to stay home. Not only to stem the spread of the coronavirus but also so we do not become targets for the deranged Deep State. Here, And We Know delves into the story behind the pandemic: the part of the story that the Leftist news media hides, namely, the fight to free the children being held in underground lairs by Satanic demons. We must pray for these children. We must hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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The [Deep State] is now pushing their 16-year plan. Ditto the United Nations. They believe they have the upperhand. They are getting what they want, but they are mistaken. This will all come back at them. The mission is underway. The military has launched and operators are going deep to route out the invisible enemy. More from the X22 Report.

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McAllister TV says dying and wounded children are being rescued worldwide. More reports are surfacing. Some of these kids are babies, yet they have been abused severely. Some to the point where they will remain permanently crippled. All the booms people are hearing: Are they earthquakes or rescue explosions? When Q said C before D, could that mean “Children” before “Declass?”

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The Planned Demonic and Things that Don’t Add Up!  Between the President’s official statements, the reports on the ground and the Cue posts, something’s happening. Let’s look at the things that don’t add up with the official story and what’s going on behind the scenes. More from Lori Colley.

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Shifty Adam Schiff is at it again. And Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases a new report: The FBI committed fraud on every one of its FISA warrants. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Go Fish

In Pursuit of Truth explores the realm of high-brow charity auctions and galas, especially those mounted by organizations that purport to look out for the needs of sexually abused children. Great cause, but when the individuals involved in the organizations are using commonly known pedophile symbols, or wearing red shoes, or otherwise immersed in a dark and disturbing world of sex traffickers, you have to wonder: Are these actual charities or more like artfully disguised predatory groups? And if they are predatory, who’s behind them and for what purposes?

Here, IPOT goes round about, opening with the strange case of a couple of wealthy “philanthropists” who died when their car careened off a ferry connecting the Florida mainline with Fisher Island. It boasts only 132 residents with the highest per capita income of any place in the United States.

The [Deep State] is trying everything. They are still pushing to get everything they didn’t get during the impeachment trial. Trump is using the event to his advantage and now the statistical numbers are being countered. Kansas sends a message, letting everyone know that Renegade will pay the price. The [DS] event is now running out of steam. They are going to make one last push and then it’s game over. They know this. They are trapped. When everything blows over, all they did was hand over another win to Trump. More from the X22 Report, including discussion of Joe Biden’s dementia and Hillary Clinton’s new documentary.

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Cryin’ Chuck Schumer made a bold statement outside the SCOTUS yesterday. Ukraine investigation produces massive document trove. Mitt Romney seems to be sweating, Warren drops out and FISA privileges are revoked for SpyGate plotter. More from RedPill78.

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Sen. Schumer threatens a whirlwind will overtake two conservative justices. What was he talking about and why is he so upset? More from Lori Colley.

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Can we successfully unite against evil? Drawing from President Donald trump’s recent Town Hall on Fox News, as well as other sources, JustInformed Talk takes a look at how President Trump is leading us in a fight to stave off evil, to bring down the [Deep State] and restore true order across America.

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Bahamian Cove

Let’s drop into Peter Nygard’s “Pamper parties” in the Bahamas, where he raped under-age girls. Nygard is a Canadian fashion mogul. More from Jamie Dlux.

Country singer Daniel Lee Martin has died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The 54-year-old Martin, who is also co-host of the Sportsman’s Channel show Brotherhood Outdoors, was found dead in his Pasco County, Florida, home. He was due to stand trial on charges that included three counts of sexual exploitation on a minor, three counts of aggravated sexual battery, two counts of committing an aggravated sexual battery and one count of solicitation of a minor to commit rape of a child.

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Birds of a Feather:

Peter Nygard and Robert DeNiro





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