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Double-Digit Inflation Looming

Bob Kudle is the creator and owner of Trade Genius Academy. Bob begins the conversation talking about the problems in Germany. Europe is going to have a very difficult winter and the people will rise up if the criminal leaders do not help or try to solve the economic problem.

The US in 2023 will experience double digit inflation, fuel prices will be through the roof and the blame will be directed at the Fed and Biden. The people will want solutions, they will have none. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Death Of The Dollar

Josh Sigurdson reports that the mainstream media is making it appear that inflation is not so bad, masking the impending death of the dollar!

Sigurdson says the move by Saudi Arabia into the new BRICS world order and digital currency system spells bad news for the dollar. Millions of jobs are being wiped out and countless people are desperately searching for secondary means of employment to make ends meet. Add this to the supply chain and energy crises and the snowball effect will lead to one of the largest power shifts in human history. More from World Alternative Media.

Is America On Brink Of Crisis?

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joins host Jordan Sekulow to break down the current energy crisis Europe is facing and how America may be headed on the same path. 

Pompeo says Europe walked away from nuclear power, walked away from coal power and found they had no solution for affordable energy. Is America next? Here’s the story.

Exposing Biden’s Energy Lies

Sara Carter tackles Joe Biden’s latest salvo of lies surrounding the ridiculous, record-high energy crisis and shreds his string of endless excuses in an attempt to shift the blame.

She also describes how lawless Portland, Ore., is becoming a dystopian mess because crime and open drug use is rampant and the radical politicians there won’t do anything to stop it, and welcomes Dr. Kevin Kosar to discuss what the vice-president can and cannot do when counting electoral votes every four years.

Putin Is Exposing It All

Harley Schlanger is a historian and national spokesman. He has been covering the financial industry since the 80s. You can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization.

Harley begins the conversation talking about how Germany is struggling with an energy crisis and the people might see a blackout. The Ukraine war is not what the media is broadcasting, Putin is in full control.

Putin is exposing it all and the [Deep State] is panicking. The [Deep State] is trapped and the the economic system is being transitioned into a new system. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

How Did They Know?

The 1981 film Early Warning received little attention. No glamorous reviews, no awards. It seemingly dissipated into the night. Fast forward 40 years to today and people are starting to notice something strange about the flick.

Early Warning told the story of the One World Foundation, whose goal was to control the world through any means–food shortages, an energy crisis, work stoppages, economic and political mayhem and the threat of war. Sound familiar? It appears to be a recipe for what’s transgressing with the globalists of today and their dream of a New World Order.

So how did they know four decades ago about The Great Reset? Because “they,” aka the Deep State, wrote the script. Here’s the video, courtesy of End of Times Productions.



Media Rips Let’s Go Brandon

Stephen Green’s Lightning Round ambushes Bill Whittle and Scott Ott with a number of hot issues circulating the nation, including why the media are now calling the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant hate speech.

Among the other brain twisters on the menu include California high school quizzes asking students if Texans and Fox News are “a group of complete idiots,” Texas filling border barrier gaps with shipping containers to channel migrants into areas where more  patrol agents are available and the out-of-control energy crisis, among other issues. Hold on to your hats for some lively debate from the “Right Angle” crew.

Grow Your Own Food Now!

The energy crisis is quickly becoming a food crisis: China’s harvest is faltering without electricity. Dutch are unable to heat their greenhouses, which are empty and cold. The United Kingdom’s meat production is curtailed by a lack of CO2. The world’s food supply chains are deteriorating rapidly — but the tide is turning!

People are more receptive to creative ideas than ever. Build and invest in YOUR food production and local food systems NOW! More from the Ice Age Farmer.


Biden’s Paradise

Ahh… a return to normalcy… More from FreedomToons.

It’s Nonstop Chaos!

Since Joe Biden took office on Jan. 20, our world has gone topsy-turvy. The Middle East is once again up in smoke, hackers are taking down our pipelines, Americans are suffering through an energy crisis and we have border problems that are swelling to the point of being uncontrollable.

Sara Carter calls it nonstop chaos. She begins with California U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia, who says the drug problem is out of control. Huge marijuana groves have popped up in his district, which entails the Antelope Valley, and they’re being run by cartels from across the planet. Toss in the incredible volume of illicit drugs crossing the border every day and these guys are pocketing billions. Here more with Carter’s interview with Garcia.

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