A Win For Free Speech

The Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution remain under intense attack — especially from the power-drunk leftists who run the Democratic Party. Thus, it’s heartening when there’s finally a win for free speech.

Here’s a look at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal’s groundbreaking decision to end much of the online censorship enforced by totalitarian-leaning outfits like Twitter and Facebook. More from Truthstream Media.

Forget The Dead Internet

Google and the World Economic Forum are deleting the Internet — pushing their broad censorship policies to wipe out history and, especially, conservative thought and commentators. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Nvidia: Creating A Fake World

Nvidia, one of the largest Internet companies, is fully immersed in creating a counterfeit world. Nvidia comes from the Latin word for “envy” and the Nvidia logo reflects that: A shattered eye against a green backdrop. Here, Hugo Talks explores the fake realm this outfit hopes to conjure up.


CCP Cracks Down On Internet

Chris Chappell says the Chinese Communist Party is obsessed with controlling the media. Every single TV network, radio station and newspaper is censored, he says.

And it’s not ending there. The CCP now has focused its sightson the internet, specifically livestreaming and influencers. Chappell takes a look at what precipitated this action and explains the new code of conduct for livestreaming.

Windows 10 Is Spying On You

Much like Google, Windows 10 is constantly spying on you, not only gathering your passwords but also keeping track on who you e-mail, which websites you visit and how you run your household.

If you don’t like Windows spying on you, here’s a quick and easy way to stop giving Microsoft permission to gather your personal data. It only takes about six minutes to send these nosy eavesdroppers packing! More from XLiveGNX.

Anomalies Of Our History

UnchartedX’s Ben Van Kerkwyk explores new discoveries in ancient history and examines possible forms of high technology. In the following edition of “After Skool, Van Kerkwyk dissects some of the anomalies that don’t fit into the mainstream story of our past and makes the case for rewriting some of the beginnings of our history.

Where Did The Internet Go?

As time passes, the powers-that-be are reigning in the Internet, afraid that the people can not know the truth. We are being shown Potemkin villages, mirages that can be moved at will, to hide reality and masquerade the true, more desperate state of the world. More from Truthstream Media.

Sidestep The Digital Iron Curtain

As the battle lines are drawn in the new cold war, a digital iron curtain is descending across the Internet. Governments are increasingly cracking down on the net and attempting to limit what websites you can access. Today, James Corbett walks you through some basic steps you can take to draw back the curtain and peek at the information that the censors don’t want you to see. More from The Corbett Report.



Real Fake News

How has the Internet increased the opportunities for the spread of fake news? Here, Mark Dice takes a look at the websites that specialize in making up news, following in the footsteps of the Weekly World News’ heroic Bat Boy.

On a more serious level, Chris Cuomo is now backstabbing his old employer, CNN, charging its news anchors, including Don Lemon and Jake Tapper, regularly engage in unethical practices. More from Tim Pool.

Go Around Internet Censorship

Now that DuckDuckGo has officially DuckDuckGone in the direction of censorship, what’s a free speech-loving, liberty-minded conspiracy realist to do? Never fear, #SolutionsWatch is here. In the first of a series of explorations of Alt Tech, James Corbett talks to Colin Pape of Presearch, a decentralized search engine that is seeking to offer an alternative to the Big Tech monopolization of search. More from The Corbett Report.