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Covid Preplanned By Elites

Sen. Ron Johnson suggests that the alleged Covid-19 pandemic was preplanned by an elite group of people, which includes our own government.

Appearing on “Mormings With Maria,” with host Maria Bartiromo, Johnson says, “We are going down a very dangerous path being laid out and planned by an elite group of people who want to take control over our lives.” Here’s more from Fox News.

Jail Awaits Biden Crime Family

It’s bad enough we have a  President whose son has been directly involved in a far ranging array of criminal activities. But what’s worse? When one of the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies, the FBI, has been advising the wayward Hunter Biden on how to continue to elude justice.

The FBI mole, One-Eye, should be identified and prosecuted, facing a long, long jail term. The same applies to Hunter Biden.

As for the FBI, this is an agency that needs to be cleaned out and overhauled from top to bottom. If it’s going to continue to play criminal games, and retain thugs like One-Eye within its ranks, then it’s time to just abolish the FBI, lock, stock and barrel. We do not need this form of checkered justice in the United States.

Here, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Florida, discusses the situation with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News’ program Sunday Morning Futures. The Gateway Pundit circulated the clip.

Truth Networks Coming?

Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit 36 percent — the lowest rating for any President in more than 80 years. This comes as the U.S. House Oversight Committee raises awareness of Biden’s crooked pandering. The dirtbag has literally been selling out the American people for years to the highest foreign bidders, taking millions from the Communist Chinese and other rogue regimes.

Has the Great Storm actually begun? And, if so, just how much more must we endure of the corruption and chicanery before we see some relief? Are truth networks coming? Mainstream media is now in revolt. More from And We Know.

Biden Crimes: Biggest Scandal

If you thought Watergate was a big deal, wait until you grasp the enormity of the Biden Crime family’s illegal foreign affairs.

Stephen Miller, a top aide for President Donald Trump, says the Biden financial crimes represent “the biggest corruption scandal in American history.” Miller appeared Sunday with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures Show.

War With China Coming?

China vows to retaliate if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy visits with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Will the US be marching into war with China? Kim Iversen breaks it down.

Meanwhile, according to Congressional investigators, Chinese banks are being forced to reveal how shady money transfers were made to Joe Biden and members of his family from multiple nations around the world. The payments, totaling in the millions of dollars, were carefully disguised and hidden by the Chinese banks. More from Bill Still.

Let The Unsealing Begin

Patriots around the world will succeed. But we must stay focused and peaceful. We cannot succumb to the Democrats’ push for violence and civil war.

As expected, the indictment of former President Donald Trump did not occur Tuesday As Laura Ingraham on Fox News reported, the Manhattan District Attorney, which has been threatening to indict Trump, wanted to hear from more witnesses before proceeding. So Trump has won a reprieve for at least another day.

In the meantime, we must continue to pray and heed God’s plans. More from And We Know.

Situation Critical: Lurking Fed

The Federal Reserve begins “emergency” measures to stabilize the banking system. What does this mean? They have created a problem, now they will react to the problem and follow with a solution to the problem.

In other words, their zombie banking system is falling apart, and they know that concretely. Now, they will try to corral the dumb consumers, those who have lost enough money and confidence to “beg” the Federal Reserve to go ahead and do what the Reserve wants to do anyway: Namely, implement “emergency” measures that will never be lifted again.

These will be the exact “emergency” measures that the Federal Reserve wanted to implement all along. More from Gregory Mannarino at Traderschoice.net.

The Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald argues current market conditions ‘guarantee’ a recession.  He issues what he calls a “bloodvurdling” reaction to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. More from Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News.

Blown Up: Chinese Spy Balloon

The Biden Administration finally decided to destroy the Chinese spy balloon. China responds with anger and indignation. The White House and the Media say the Trump administration had prior balloon encounters and Mike Pompeo and John Ratcliffe responded.

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price takes questions from the international press about the U.S. actions against the Chinese spy balloon. Did the US overreact and how does this impact US-China relations?

Karine Jean-Pierre takes questions from the press on the Chinese Spy Balloon and explains the decision-making timeline. Biden reminds us he ordered it on Wednesday — Dd he? The media wonders how damage has been done to the U.S.-China relationship. Did Trump really not know about prior balloon incursions?

Republican Senators fume at Biden’s incompetence in eliminating the Chinese Balloon. Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Rand Paul all weigh-in while the Capitol is secured for Biden’s State of the Union speech. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

Biden Kicked The Gong Around

Classified documents illegally taken by Joe Biden apparently were stored in Washington DC’s Chinatown district before heading to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Antony Blinken, now the Secretary of State, previously oversaw the Penn Biden Center.

He placed Kathy Chung in charge of packing and shipping the documents back in 2017. Chung served as a former employee of Rosemont Seneca, and had been recommended for the job by Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Chung claims she had no idea there were even classified materials among the boxes of documents she handled.

But with Chinatown arising as a temporary destination for the materials, this begs the question: Have these documents been kept safe, or were any of them copied or funneled to Communist China? In other words, was a colossal security mistake made? What are the odds for treason to have occurred? The more we learn, the shadier it all gets.

Maria Bartiromo shared the news on her Sunday Morning Futures program on Fox News, repackaged here for the Internet by Red Voice Media. Bartiromo says the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, originally broke the story.

Wake-Up Just Getting Started

Enemy warned. We have only just begun! The Wake-up is just getting started! The Space Force takes comms! Pray! More from And We Know.