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The Fed Craps Out

The Federal Reserve system is drawing to a close. The Khazarian Mafia that runs the Fed is desperately trying to cover up the damage. They would like a giant World War to break out — something to give them cover as they scamper and hide, and try to resuscitate their money-making empire.

Here’s more from Clif High in a new edition of his Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World.

The Rockefeller-Nazi Connection

Andy Dybala shares some research from eugenics to mRNA and the startling connection between the Rockefeller Foundation and the Nazis.

Dybala exposes how the Rockefeller Foundation was funding eugenics/racial hygiene research at Kaiser Wilhelm Institute into World War II. He also digs into the Nazi chemical and pharmaceutical companies being rebranded into our modern Big Pharma empire, which had its fingerprints in our mRNA vaccines. Here’s more.

Who Funds Trans Movement?

Kara Dansky is an attorney, writer, gender rights advocate, and President of the U.S. chapter of Women’s Declaration International. She is committed to protecting the rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls on the basis of sex in law and throughout society. Kara and I discuss the well-funded industries that are promoting the transgender movement, fighting for sex-based rights of women and girls, the Equality Act, Public Accommodation Laws. More from Mikhaila Peterson.

Homosexuality was a crime in Nazi Germany. Still, artist Martin Dammann found so many Nazi-era photos of Wehrmacht soldiers in drag that he published an entire book of them. What do the photos tell us about sexuality in the Wehrmacht? Why was cross-dressing so prevalent among Nazi-era soldiers? More from the DW News.

Christian 21: Putin A White Hat

Christian Sibley, aka Christian 21, says he has no doubt that Vladimir Putin is the No. 1 White Hat, one of the good guys, who’s worked with Donald J. Trump for 27 years!

Appearing on the Ryushin Malone podcast, Christian says all the nonsense that the media is reporting about Ukraine isn’t happening. “Just under four years ago, Putin went into Ukraine and, in two days, he liberated Ukraine, took out the Khazarian Mafia and the Nazi army, who were working for the [British] Crown and the bloodlines,” he says. He added that while there, they saved nearly 62,000 children from the biggest child-trafficking hub on the planet.

Christian 21 and Malone agree that humanity has been doing the bidding for Reptilians for 6,000-plus years. Christian says this species has lived among humanity for a long time, adding that the Nazi leadership during World War II were Reptilian. He gives us more detail and also discusses the true nature of our blue sky and says everything round–no matter what galaxy, what gateway, what part of the universe–is artificial. Here’s more and, as always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Time To Apply The War Paint

The [Deep State] is in the process of removing Biden. The fake news has been instructed to report on the classified docs. The Department of Justice has blocks in place to prevent the House from following the corruption and reporting it to others. Will this stop the House? This is why they are removing Biden.

Trump is ready for the next phase of the information war. He has now changed his profile. He has applied the war paint. These are the days of days. You can hear him screaming FREEDOM!!!! More from the X22 Report.

Webb: Viruses Trace To Nazis

George Webb theorizes that the wave of viruses and pandemics that have plagued the planet in the last few years, including the vaunted Covid-19, had their roots in Nazi Germany.

Appearing on Tommy’s Podcast, also featuring Peter Duke, Webb sources a book by Jim Marrs titled The Rise of the Fourth Reich, documenting how Nazi Party Chancellery chief Martin Bormann moved a group of scientists from the super-weapons program that performed nasty experiments on humans, to his subsidiaries outside of Germany.

The outposts included Crimea and The Congo, where Bormann sent his son. Ironically–or not–there was an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in both locations, which later was labeled the Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF). Says Webb, “I don’t want to say these Nazi terror viruses, from the Nazi death camps, are now being atenuated and tried on us as a fear weapon to get us to agree to a whole bunch of bio-surveillance and lockdowns, but it does kind of seem like that.” Here’s more with Webb.


Ryushin Malone: NASA A Farce

Ryushin Malone, host of The Orion Lines, says NASA’s statement that it was going to begin researching UFOs later this year is BS! “NASA was created to deceive the public, to divert attention away from UFOs,” he says.

Malone says not only are UFOs real and visits from alien civilizations happening, there also has been a U.S. Space Force all along, harnessing anti-gravity technology since the 1950s. “To think that nothing has been built for 70 years is ridiculous,” he says. Here’s his report, which includes some shocking alien revelatons.

Gene Decode Major Intel

Gene Decode tells Patriot Dave that some of what our history books taught us about Adolf Hitler and the atrocities that befell the Jewish people was basically fake news.

Decode suggests the Jews who were allegedly massacred by Germany in World War II, were mostly from the Khazarian race, who infiltrated the Holy Land after being tossed out of the steppes of Central Asia before World War II. He says the Khazarians were non-terrestrials from the planets Ariana (Arians) and Na (Nazis), in the Scionist constellation. Decode says further evidence that the Jewish massacre was exaggerated comes from a book titled Other Losses, by James Bacque, which shockingly reveals the mass graves shown in Auschwitz and Dachau at the end of World War II were actually German prisoners of war who had been kept in France.

Hitler, as we’ve recently have come to know, escaped war-torn Europe following the war with his wife, Eva Braun, and relocated to Argentina. What we didn’t know was his mode of escape, which was on one of 390 submarines that Germany hid in one of its DUMBs. Decode says the subs were seen traveling through Chile and Brazil on their way to Base 211 in Antarctica and onto Argentina. He says Hitler lived there for many years and died when hit by a car during a Mardi Gras-type festival. Here’s the rest of the story and more intel from Decode, courtesy of Gerry 67. As always, please use your own discernment when viewing the material.

The Nazification Of The West

There is a long and largely untold history of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, but the fact is, the Nazis spread widely across much of the West. Hardly anyone nowadays speaks of the major corporations, including Ford Motors, J.P. Morgan, General Motors and Standard Oil, that supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. And nearly all of NASA’s early accomplishments were the result of the work of Nazi scientists. More from Greg Reese on InfoWars.

Rise Of The Anunnaki

Before recorded history, Alien invaders developed a high civilization on Earth with technology far surpassing our own. But a Galactic war destroyed that culture leaving behind only myths and legends. Is our modern technological age leading us back to a restoration of lost Ancient Alien sciences? Masked by centuries of secret societies and occult brotherhoods, is this ancient technology returning?

This 2015 documentary is from filmmaker Jim Nichols, who previously made Archons: Space Invaders and Nibiru: Return of the Gods. The video has been reposted on the Internet by bluewater.