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Arizona Report In Senate Hands

On Monday, the preliminary report on the Arizona Presidential election 2020 forensic audit was delivered to the State Senate and will be released to the public after a thorough review. A portion of the preliminary report has been delayed after three officials contracted Covid-19.

Though Maricopa County officials are refusing to comply with several subpoenas, they recently provided Senate auditors images of mail-in ballot envelopes. The envelopes will be analyzed after reports that signature verification measures were decreased over time, until eventually, they were accepting ballots with no signatures. Maricopa County is still in defiance of the legal and enforceable subpoenas requesting access to routers, Splunk logs, key fobs and Dominion’s systems. Kelli Ward brings us more details on One America News.


Arizona Audit Due This Week

Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, says the long-awaited results of the state’s forensic audit will be delivered to the State Senate early this week, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

Ward says the announcement has already moved the opposition to control the narrative. “These opponents are responding to the audit before the report has even been given to the State Senate,” Ward says. “Do they have a crystal ball? Can they see into the future?” Here are more details on what’s promising to become an interesting week ahead for the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona Audit Near Completion

Mark Finchem, a member of the Arizona House of Reprensentatives, says the last box of ballots in the Maricopa County forensic audit was slammed shut last Friday, completing the paper-evaluation phase of the process. He says we may see a preliminary report early this week, which details the accuracy of the number of certified ballots.

Next on the audit agenda are the forensic images and ballot findings, followed by the software and equipment review. Unfortunately, the audit team is still lacking the subpoenaed routers, logs and passwords of the Dominion voting machines, so litigation is expected in order to obtain that information. Finchem joins former Trump Administration official Peter Navarro and host Steve Bannon to discuss the audit on “Real America’s Voice,” courtesy of Just The News.

Focus On Ballot-Harvesting Case

While the official hand count of the Arizona forensic audit is in the books, with the exception of the braille ballots, GOP chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward says they are now closely monitoring an election-integrity case regarding ballot harvesting before the Supreme Court that will have a big impact on elections nationwide. A decision by the high court is expected before the end of the month.

In more forensic audit news, the progress on paper-ballot evaluations is nearing completion.The audit team is reporting that through Thursday, only 500,000 ballots, or 25 percent, remain for camera scanning. Results are also expected by month’s end. Tune in for more details, including Dr. Ward’s insight into the ballot-harvesting case.

Q: Boom! Blackout Necessary

The salient tweet from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the weekend guided Christian Patriot News to the Q posts and what the near future may hold.

In light of the mounting evidence that the coronavirus did in fact originate at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Pompeo tweeted: “The Chinese Communist Party must pay for the havoc they’ve wreaked across the world.” This, coupled with the impending Arizona forensic audit that looks bad for the Deep State and the Democrat Party, and the looming results from the Durham investigation, prompted Christion Patriot News to dig up Q post 1440 from June 3, 2018, where he warns that a blackout will be necessary to resolve matter. Shockingly, Q repeats the three-year delta on June 12, 2018, to the day of the Pompeo tweet. Here’s more with Christian Patriot News, who brings us more details on what to expect in the coming weeks.

No Ballots, No Victory!

Former Navy Seal Eric Greitens, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, says the mainstream media is ignoring the forensic audit in Arizona at its own peril. According to verified election results, Joe Biden allegedly claimed a razor-thin victory in Arizona by about 10,000 votes. But the forensic audit recently found that thousands of ballots have gone missing! But you won’t see any of this breaking news on MSM.

Greitens, appearing on “Real America’s Voice,” with host Steve Bannon, says it all breaks down really simply: “If they don’t have the ballots in Arizona, they don’t have the victory. And what follows from that is that Arizona needs to decertify their electors.” Here’s more analysis with Greitens and Bannon.

Audit Count 80% Complete

The hand-count phase of the Maricopa County, Ariz., forensic audit should be completed by the end of the week, says former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, while paper evaluations is not expected to be done until the end of the month. Through Monday, Bennett said the count was 80 percent complete.

Bennett, the Arizona Senate’s liason to the audit, says he doesn’t expect final results for several weeks. He says that following paper evaluations, the audit will look to verify thousands of signatures to make sure blank ballots didn’t slip through the mail-in process. “The signature on the envelope is the voter’s affidavit that their ballot is inside,” he says. “And we’ve heard rumors that there may have been thousands of envelopes allowed to go through and opened, and ballots counted without any signature whatsoever on the envelope.”

While the count goes smoothly, Bennett says the audit  team is still running into roadblocks securing the routers and passwords to the voting machines. Here’s more with Bennett in his interview with The Gateway Pundit, courtesy of Robert David Steele #UNRIG ELECTIONS.


Hold The Line

On the Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says people are seeing how this game is played. We are awakening in massive numbers. The Deep State plans are failing all over the place. “Some may see this, some may not,” says Radiostyle, “but it is still rolling forward. Have faith and hold the line.”

In the following segment, Radiostyle features some positive messages from President Trump and Michael Flynn, digs into the zaniness of the Arizona audit and the ongoing feud between Dan Bongino and Hiraldo Rivera, among other breaking stories.

Panic In Maricopa County!

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are definitely quaking in their boots as the noose which is the Arizona forensic audit tightens around their necks. The five-member board at a Tuesday press conference again refused to comply with court-order subpoenas to turn over passwords and routers connected to the Dominion voting machines and issued an official denial that they purposely deleted election data files.

Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward says the only reason they held the presser was to protect their backsides. “Their motivation can never be more clear,” she says. “Stop attacking them! Stop questioning their work! And above all, stop the audit.” Here’s more of Ward’s take in this special report, her second of the day.

Serious Issues Found In Audit

With about 500,000 ballots now processed in the Maricopa County, Ariz., forensic audit, the GOP-controlled Arizona Senate has found several significant discrepancies and issues related to the county’s handling of paper ballots and election data. In a sharply worded letter to Maricopa County, the Senate called for officials to address these concerns at a live-streamed meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday.

GOP chair Kelli Ward says the forensic audit is currently in pause until May 24, since the arena was previously reserved for other events. “There’s still a lot of work to be done when the audit picks back up,” she says. “At the present rate of counting, there’s probably at least another month to go.” She added not to worry, because the ballots and machines will be under 24/7 security. Here’s more with Ward on the audit, including her dismay with how the mainstream media is handling coverage of the issues.

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